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A feature film based on Donald Miller's New York Times bestselling memoir, directed by Steve Taylor and starring Marshall Allman.
A feature film based on Donald Miller's New York Times bestselling memoir, directed by Steve Taylor and starring Marshall Allman.
4,495 backers pledged $345,992 to help bring this project to life.

A Message From Steve Taylor

Dear Reason We're Making A Movie In Two Weeks,

I've called about 150 of you so far, and I've got a lot more calls to make. But based on those calls, I've started making certain assumptions about our typical backer:

- charming
- intelligent
- soulful
- wouldn't be offended if the director asked for prayer

This project needs your prayers. And so do I.

Four weeks ago, our movie was dead, and we were all pretty depressed. Now, thanks to you, we start shooting in two weeks.

We believe we've written a really good screenplay. Now we need to turn it into a good movie. Please pray that the right cast comes together. And the right crew. Pray that the weather doesn't cause delays. Pray that there's a great spirit on the set.

Please pray that our team's motto hold true: "Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Three"

And please pray for me, that I will lead our team well, and that God will be honored with the results.

In gratitude,

Steve Taylor

P.S. About those phone calls... I've fallen way behind due to the pace of pre-production. So I'm making another assumption: You'd rather have a good movie with a late thank-you-call than the reverse.


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    1. Sarah Newberry on October 23, 2010

      Blue Like Jazz was a huge player in restarting my conversations with God. So much has happened in my story since then, and I can't wait to see what this movie will do for others! My church will be praying for you!

    2. Mark Billington on October 19, 2010

      Hey, no need to call and thank us. So just cross us off the list! We just want that movie!!!! God bless you guys!

    3. Missing avatar

      steve nickles on October 15, 2010

      Hey Steve, Thanks for the updates. You are in my prayers. You can take me off the thank you call list. But excited about the t-shirt as a way of advertising the movie.

    4. Andrew Haas on October 15, 2010

      Dear Steve,

      I'm sure I'm not the only one who lives overseas and won't get your call (I use my in-law's number in Michigan as part of my credit card's billing address) but even though you'll be dialing some numbers that you just can't get through on please know that we appreciate the effort to call each one! If i'd had the option to ditch the phone call (to save you the hassle) without losing my name in the credits I would have. My wife and I are most eager to see the fruit of this collaboration. I trust you enjoy talking to my wonderful in-laws, Dave & Becky.


      Andrew (& Holly)

    5. Justin Ronald Thomas Rocker on October 14, 2010

      Whatever I can do to help, feel free to ask about in any phone call, email, etc. I'm sure others feel the same way. Perhaps we can pitch a hand in, literally. Not just as extras, not just in front of the camera, not just financially, but people to hold lights, cameras, mikes, coffee, people to drive stuff around even!- possibilities are endless... but not all-encompassing of course. Some may have contacts in the film industry- you never know.

    6. Daniel Ely Rankin on October 14, 2010

      We understand Steve, do your thing! If you need anything i'd intern at the drop of a hat.

    7. Gil VanOrder on October 14, 2010

      Both Don and Steve are my heroes. I'll wait for the phone call, but can I someday get my vinyl copy of I Want To Be a Clone signed too? PS: I don't recall giving my phone # when I donated, did I miss something?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kevin Cutright on October 14, 2010

      Cheering for you all in our prayers! Thanks for the great note.

    9. Missing avatar

      Heidi Wright on October 14, 2010

      OK. So I put down when I gave not to call me, but now I'm second guessing myself - this Steve guy is pretty witty - maybe I should get the call. Seriously, though appreciate so much of what Don has done through his life and love supporting the movie (even it it was just a tiny amount). Can't wait to see it! Also, my son goes to Belmont, and I love Nashville, so feel a tiny bit connected to the movie.

    10. Jon Mertz on October 14, 2010

      Thanks for the update. I can't wait to take my sons to the movie! Don't worry about calling, especially since we wouldn't want to change your assumptions about the backers! Praying for you and the team.

    11. Gayle Schultz, Jason Sonvico on October 14, 2010

      Steve I totally a first time director and writer...I most certainlly will pray...We too begin shooting our 10 min indie short in just two weeks and do not have anywhere near the support your film has...our project may not get fully funded...but I will not let that stop me...WHY because God has put behind me...a cast of 7 professional actors and a crew of 35 who totally believe in me and our lil miracle film "Graciella's Gift" a story of love, hope and faith...through the eyes of a 6year old child...I believe in positive film making...I believe in out of the box...I believe in the God who has given me this opportunity...and I believe in what you are doing...(cue happy theme music) To live your dream takes great faith and courage when others can't see the vison or just say must say YES!!! yes I can...and I will bring others with me...and so will you!!! Our team will smother you with prayer...Can't wait to see this on the big screen and to know I had a small part of making some else's dream come the words of the Captain of Galaxy quest " on teb on"...I dunno I get random don't have to call me...but if you get around to 757-822-9301...Right on Brutha...Strength and honor...let the good times roll...okay i'm stopping...blessings -Gayle

    12. Ben Gaw 高敏 on October 14, 2010

      I don't care much about the thank you phone call . . . personally, I thought it'd be automated anyway, I didn't realize you plan to call each and every pledger one by one . . .

    13. Missing avatar

      Karen Breitkreuz on October 14, 2010

      p.s. - praying that God will be honored.........+
      The set - the filming, the editing, the production, the crew, the support teams....... - will know HIS presence, HIS peace, HIS joy, HIS grace, HIS strength, and have everything you need........ but must - that you will be finding meaning and fulfillment in all HE has for each of you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Karen Breitkreuz on October 14, 2010

      pray - done..........
      Anything else ;-)....?

    15. Warren Lain on October 14, 2010

      Your assumptions are all 100% correct, Steve... haha. Praying for this movie.

    16. Missing avatar

      Dave Wesley on October 14, 2010

      Yes, make a great movie. One little question though: my daughter was the one who gave me Blue Like Jazz which led me to all of Don's other books. By donating I was hoping to help you as well as get a movie poster that I could give her for Christmas as a way of saying "thanks." I'm not worried about the timing of the phone call, but will I be able to receive the poster in time for Christmas? It's a little thing but I'm hoping.

    17. Melanie Erickson on October 14, 2010

      Can't wait to see the movie. You and the crew are in my prayers!

    18. Jess MacCallum on October 14, 2010

      Praying you'll go a million miles in a thousand years!

    19. Lindsey Baker-Whitney on October 14, 2010

      Agreed. I am so excited about the movie!

    20. lisa biggs on October 14, 2010

      This is soooo exciting!! Praying for you guys everyday!!! You're such a blessing!!

      We'll keep on praying & you keep on truckin',

      Lisa Biggs

    21. Missing avatar

      Melissa Wade on October 14, 2010

      Hi Steve! Super excited about the movie! No need to call me- just say a prayer for me instead :) I am praying for you; looking forward to the poster and the movie!!!

      Melissa Wade

    22. KeithFrancis on October 14, 2010

      Three comments:
      1. Praying
      2. Awesome motto.
      3. You are safely correct in your assumption!

      "'s not a paragraph and death I think is no parenthesis"

    23. Missing avatar

      Sharon Leah on October 14, 2010

      Thank you for the updates. I've glad to be part of this event, and I appreciate your commitment to making all of those phone calls, but I say go to work on the movie; I'm good with the updates. And just being part of making this happen is enough for me.

    24. Laural Armster on October 14, 2010

      Steve, thanks for the call, for your time. Let us know if there is more we can do to help... and we are praying!

    25. Missing avatar

      Penny Carothers on October 14, 2010

      Thanks for asking, Steve. So glad to be able to be a part of this project in this way.

    26. Larissa on October 14, 2010

      Priviledged to get to back this movie in more ways then financially. Prayers coming!

      I love how the money that has been raised is not because of a few large gifts, but rather from the more then 1,600 who were able to give $100 or less. That is some serious support!

    27. Nicole Villacres on October 14, 2010

      I'm so excited for you guys! :) I'm a good actress and would offer my skills for free but, alas, I am waaaaaaaaaay far away from Nashville. So I pray for the best people to come your way. God bless, good sir!

    28. Missing avatar

      Jason Wert on October 14, 2010

      Steve, is there a way that those of us who live around the Nashville area can help out during the shoots? I could barely afford to help financially but might be able to volunteer time in the evenings and weekends to help move gear or some other kind of sweat equity to contribute more.

    29. Trena Roudebush on October 14, 2010

      Ask and you shall receive, right? It's amazing to see this community coming together around such a worthy project.

      BTW, no need to call me. Just glad to help!
      Trena Roush

    30. amyb on October 14, 2010

      Cheers to a good movie!