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A feature film based on Donald Miller's New York Times bestselling memoir, directed by Steve Taylor and starring Marshall Allman.
A feature film based on Donald Miller's New York Times bestselling memoir, directed by Steve Taylor and starring Marshall Allman.
4,495 backers pledged $345,992 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. James T Wood on

      Steve, thanks for the chance to support this project. I'm thrilled to be a part of history and it inspired me to launch my project (I won't post a link; I don't want to be spammy). Do you have any tips for how to get the word out and how to make is successful?

      Thanks again for creating a great movie that I was happy to see, review and recommend to my friends. I appreciated the phone call.

    2. Missing avatar

      adam glynn-finnegan on

      Does anyone know if there are any UK showings?

    3. Missing avatar

      PhilTomson on

      I remember reading something about a showing for backers at the Bagdad Theater in Portland coming up in April ( I think it's the 10th). Are there any more details about this? Do we just show up and tell them we're backers? What do we need to know?

    4. Tim Hamm on

      Just to add to the list, I also haven't received the signed poster. I got the phone call from Steve, but had forgotten that the poster was part of my pledge. Now seeing that others are also waiting, I thought maybe I need to let you know. Any chance there are still some available? Thanks.

    5. Michael Raburn on

      Seeing that there is a screening tour, and coming here to Raleigh on 3/5. Is this open to us backers? How does one go about getting a ticket to this?

    6. Missing avatar

      Jana Walker on

      I have wanted to become an associate producer. I am already a backer. I have already paid $50. But, when I go to that link on the e-mail that was sent to me to become a producer, it says that I am not a backer. What is the problem? I have sent you a message but got no response. :( Not feeling the love.

    7. Christina Candelaria on

      Now that there is a release date, Is there info for those of us attending the Portland screeening? I apolgize if this info has been posted somewhere. I can't find it.

    8. Steve Taylor 3-time creator on

      Amy! I'm so sorry. And I certainly hope you're the only one. Let me forward this to Zach & Jonathan and we'll get back to you to make sure we've got your correct address. Thanks, and please accept our apologies.

    9. Missing avatar

      Amy Aldy on

      I have not received my poster yet, am I the only one?

    10. Allison Mackey on

      :) just got my personal thank you email phone call from Steve - looking forward to the April release!!!!

    11. Steve Taylor 3-time creator on

      I don't know what happened, and I'm hoping you're the only one. We will send you an email to make sure we've got your correct address and get you your poster post(er) haste.
      All apologies,

    12. Jennie Dunnett on

      I still haven't received my poster... haha. Am I the only one? And have they all been shipped out?

    13. Christina Candelaria on

      Any updates for us? It's been so quiet.

    14. Paul Castiglia on

      Has anyone else noticed the teaser trailer is now up? Lookin' good to me - check it out at and share your thoughts - interested to hear what other backers think...

    15. Nicole Villacres on

      Okay, I am a goober. I was just out in my garage and found a mislaid pile of mail and guess what was in package from Zach. Thanks, you guys! And sorry for my mistake!

    16. Missing avatar

      matt flowers on

      I must agree with Mr. Rocker....I love the updates. You guys rock!

    17. Justin Ronald Thomas Rocker on

      Your update is among the coolest things I have ever read.
      Thank you! And I'm surprised you offer incentives in the first place... so there it is! TTYL, apparently!

    18. Jon Mertz on

      Thanks for the update. Also, great quote in Neue magazine. Look forward to the movie!

    19. Beth Morey on

      Thanks, Steve! Btw, your phone call made my day. Double thanks!

    20. Missing avatar

      Paul H. Ting on

      Hmm...came here for same reason - wondering about the poster, which I have not received yet. I *have* received everything else I was supposed to that is a good thing...are the posters still delayed?

    21. Missing avatar

      Brad Saunders on

      I haven't received my phone call either, and thought I'd check here to see if it was a common thing. I just figured it may have been that I'm in Australia. Looks like it's just a matter of being patient though. Still super excited to have been part of this :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Katrina T on

      Hey looks like I am not the only one who hasn't received part of my package. I did get a very nice phone call from Steve Taylor and I got a couple of stickers but I think my shirt got lost in the mail. Is there anyway to see if it got returned? Not sure what to do. Thanks for any help!!

    23. Juan Carlos Baez on

      I haven't gotten a call or the package. Good to know I'm not the only one. With the filming wrapping up I guess they'll start happening soon.

    24. Missing avatar

      sean mclean on

      Any updates on pledge items? I believe my friend received a t-shirt, but I have not received a poster? Nevertheless, I am glad the movie is inching closer to being in a theatre near you--it will be epic.

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    26. Missing avatar

      Heulwen Fowler on

      I haven't received my package or my phonecall yet. I'm in the UK - just wondered if there's any word on this thanks :)

    27. Nicole Villacres on

      I received my phone call, but not my package. Could we get a status update on the packages? I'm in the US.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Heemskerk on

      Hi Jenni, I live in Canada too and I also haven't received anything. I remember getting an email early January saying that there is a delay in mailing international. I am not sure if that is in regards to us as well.

    29. Missing avatar

      Jenni on

      Could it be that because I'm Canadian I haven't received a phone call and anything in the mail yet?

    30. Missing avatar

      Jordan-Ann Poe on

      Any word on when The Big Night will be?

    31. Gilbilly V on

      Is it just me or could Steve pass as a doppleganger for the ice truck killer?

    32. Missing avatar

      Rose on

      Is it too late to be a backer?

    33. Jen B. on


    34. Nicole Villacres on

      Scratch that. Just got my call from Steeeeeeeeeve! :) The darling even let me know why my package was delayed. I am so proud to be part of this!

    35. Nicole Villacres on

      I haven't received my stuff yet... any update or way to check on it? Thanks. :)

    36. Joey Chang on

      Thanks for the goodies- blessings in the new year and i look forward to the movie poster coming

    37. Matthias Hues & Leslie Carleton on

      Amazing project, love the book, I wish you nothing but the best !


    38. Missing avatar

      Karen Breitkreuz on

      T-shirt came today! ; 0).. pretty.

    39. Justin D. Covey on

      So I hear t-shirts have gone out but all I got were stickers. uh ... now what?

    40. Rachel Jackson on

      Has anyone received their incentives? I never received any of it and cannot figure out why. I realize they are busy, so I'm not upset, just making sure I didn't miss something. I submitted my info when it was asked.

    41. Gayle Schultz, Jason Sonvico on

      How we doin, how we doin? How's it going...almost done with my lil indie...just catching up with yous....what's da buzz bruthuas??? Talk to me...Blessings

    42. Brent R Jones on

      Amazing response. I really enjoyed reading the book. Never heard of until tonight. As a former Christian missionary to Pakistan, I wonder how new ministries in difficult areas could be helped. Even the flood of Pakistan and destruction of 10,000,000 people's homes have brought almost no response. It is the largest disaster in the past 25 years. But a flood is too slow to be newsworthy.

    43. The Art Factory on

      Congratulations!!! This is great and very hopeful!!!!

    44. Sonya Denyse on

      What do you mean it is not a Christian Film!!!!!!? Just kidding!!! Rock on!! Looking forward to its release and the power of this story.

    45. Chrysty Beverley-Fortner on

      I drove by the set last night...I pass it on my way home every day! Cannot WAIT to see the film...I would have stopped by, but after's best I just kept on my merry way! Speaking of...Merry Christmas early!

    46. Christina Candelaria on

      "That said, it does not have a “Christian” message, as much as it tells a story. The film is not trying to convert anybody to anything, so in that sense it is not an evangelical film."

      telling your story is the most proper way to evangelize. a personal story of falling in love with Christ is the greatest Christian message there is. in my opinion this is the first ever proper "Christian" film. that's just my opinion. that said, i can't wait to see what follows. ;)

    47. Missing avatar

      Lynn & Tracy Holloway on

      Love the updates! Bless you guys....

    48. Jonathan Hobbs on

      slightly ironic I suppose... but this makes me so proud to be a Christian. It's nice that we can pull together and do something. Looking forward to the movie!

    49. Thomas R. Dickens on

      Congrats to you guys! You are my heros. You inspired me to join Kickstarter and try to get my project funded! I just posted last night.

      I hope my project can get the same positive response. I've all ready shot the film, and am stuck in post, due to lack of budget to finish.…

      Best, Thomas

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