Expeditions: Conquistador

by Logic Artists

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    1. Per Kristian Brastad

      If you start another kickstarter, be sure to let us know thru a update on this one. ;) and good luck forwards.

      PS, why is calrsberg called calr's berg (berg meaning mountain in danish) when its just a small hill that brewery is on? sorry, I just could not resist.. ;)

    2. Daniel M

      Thanks for the awesome game. Good luck.

    3. Drew McParlan

      Yay, congrats on the great game. I wish more people were talking about it. It's one of the top 5 games I played last year!

    4. Lee Wilson on

      Thanks for running one of the least problem-filled and smoothest kickstarters I've participated in. Your game was great! Now...go make more :)

    5. Darklord on

      Very cool! This was my top game of last year, and I voted for you to!

    6. Missing avatar

      Lukas Daniel Klausner

      Yeah, please let us know in an update here when you start your next project.

    7. GreatEmerald on

      Sure, ModDB is a fine place for that, especially since it's run by Desura :)
      In the mean while, if someone wants to do something with modding, do check out the game's forums.

      @Per Kristian Brastad: "Berg" is also German. So it's generally "mountain" in Germanic languages (English is an exception). As for why when it's a small hill, well, my country is all flat land (so much that the highest point actually looks completely flat), and we still call some of the hills "mountains" :)

    8. ThomasN on

      Man, you're so cool. Other devs with a game under the belt would have amnesia for anything without steam, but you even mention a place for all people (using just a web browser) to be able to share mods.

    9. Devon Mullane on

      EC has been the best Kickstarter I backed, and not just because your game is good. You guys delivered on your promises, did it in a timely fashion and respected your backers. Truly a pipeline to follow for any indie developers planning on making use of this model.

      And you deserve to hear that from each and every one of us. I hope it means as much to you to hear it as it does for me to tell you.

    10. GreatEmerald on

      @ThomasN Yeap, it's pretty cool. Also, let's just say there has been sufficient interest in non-Steam technologies from the players to help them remember, too ;)

    11. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Thanks for being so proactive through the whole experience, here and on the LA site. It's something a first time backer like myself really appreciates.

    12. Avarchillion on

      And thank you for making a great game that I had great joy in playing. :-)