Expeditions: Conquistador

by Logic Artists

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    1. Iurii Mielkov on

      The link leads to 'Page Not Found'...

    2. Devon Mullane on

      Well, let me just tell you guys: great job. You were one of my first Kickstarters, but so far you are the only one to have delivered on exactly the product you set out to make. You made the game, you fulfilled the rewards. Very cool. Congrats! If we had more developers able to follow your example, I think crowd funding would have a much cleaner reputation.

    3. Missing avatar

      Hassat Hunter on

      "Oh Arse! 404 page not found!
      We can't magic up non-existent pages you know!"

      Can't vote as result...

    4. Cihan Deniz on

      I was torn between Conquistador and FTL as both have been the absolute highlights of the year for me but having sunk more time into Conquistador, I gave my vote to you. I wish you could release mod tools or do a new game in the same or similar style.

    5. Go on

      Congrat lads, cheers for a top game. See you on here for the next project.

    6. Avarchillion on

      well for me it is between Conquistador and Shadowrun. I really love both games.

    7. Darklord on

      Shadowrun was ok, but it didn't last nearly as long as E:C, and didn't grab me nearly as much.

    8. Pladio on

      Late to the party, but I just finished the Santo Domingo part.... Game is quite good.
      The two things it lacks in my opinion that stand out is music (ambient music while travelling, heavier music for combat, serene music in town... Or something like that) and voice acting. I'm not talking about full voice acting for every single thing by every character, but maybe the way it was handled in Fallout 1. A few speaking heads for important characters. The governor and Noriega for Hispaniola for example and maybe Esteban and Leandra.

      It would have added a lot in my opinion.

      Still looking forward to the mainland :)

      Hope the devs are planning an expansion, a new campaign would be nice, maybe with some new troop types, music, and more of everything else :)