Expeditions: Conquistador

by Logic Artists

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    1. Darklord on

      Awesome, good work guys! Can't wait to hear the news regarding your next project! :-D

    2. Darklord on

      Well your website says,

      "we continue to grow and are currently working on our second PC title: to be released in 2014."

      That isn't that far away!

    3. ThomasN on

      Great wrap up!
      About lesson 2): I have learned to not back projects offering any kind of ingame exclusive for higher tiers than the lowest with the game. As you write, this brings only forth the worst in human behaviour and corrupts the very reason I'm into games: To experience a world WITHOUT everyone having different starting conditions just like in the real world. Logically, I'll not buy or support games with microtransactions.

    4. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      Kudos to you guys too. Your were on the bottom end of the bell curve of games I've backed (I reckon $250k is very little to put any game of substance together), but you've delivered way above what you promised and put a lot of the bigger names out there to shame by comparison. Do tell us what you're up to - can't wait for your next project.

    5. Voronwer on

      Congratulations on all your achievements. I'm proud to have backed this game. This is by far the best run Kickstarter I've seen by far. You guys delivered on all your promises and exceeded my expectations by far. Never once did I doubt this project would succeed or that I wouldn't like the end result. I've had my doubts about a lot of the projects I've backed and stopped caring about some as they take too time, but not this game. You guys made me feel like I was along for the ride and that made this game that much more special. This is by far the best Kickstarter I've backed and I'm glad that it's worked well for you too. I'm looking forward to whatever game comes next.

    6. Drew McParlan

      I really enjoyed the game. It was my favourite kickstarted game so far. I'm very happy with how this turned out! Congrats on having such great success!

    7. Ryan Carey on

      You guys did an incredible job!
      The game is great to play, you learned a lot and you were on time with excellent communication. Congrats!

      I will try to back any of your future games or projects!


    8. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      I agree about the excellent communication. You guys kept us in the loop with good and bad news.
      I'm definitely looking forward to what LA comes up with next.

    9. Missing avatar

      Corey Simmons on

      Out of curiosity, did hooking up with BitComposer help or hinder the process? If it isn't too invasive to ask, did you guys make any money? Passion for games is why we are all here, but you guys do this for your living.

    10. Go on

      Hate to say this guys but I have to disagree with the exclusive content aspect of this. The reward for people throwing money at an unfinished game is no small risk considering how many kickstarter games just dry up through mismanagement and such. But that's the point, backers take the risk and fund you despite having no real names back you and in return get extra stuff. Otherwise we might as well wait until its a sure thing and just buy it later (therefore risking the campaign succeeding full stop)

      Just do what pre-purchase stuff do. As a backer you get it apart of the pledge and later on normal games can purchase the extra content separately as a mini content expansion

    11. Peter Jacob on

      @Con Disagree. I prefer to take a pro consumer stand against exclusive anything in general. It is a divisive psychological ploy to build hype, artificial value and encourages the worse aspects of consumerism. Exclusives should be discouraged entirely.

    12. Joshua Rodman on

      Name-in-the-game is pretty powerful, and a form of 'exclusive' that doesn't feel exclusive to non-backing buyers. There's probably other things like this that are possible.