Expeditions: Conquistador

by Logic Artists

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    1. Michael on

      Awesome :) Looking forward to that evil female replay I've been meaning to do. Any idea if Steam will delete the estaban and amulet files when updating?

    2. Phil Jefferson on

      Awesome, thanks guys!

    3. Maxim Bardin on

      It seems you forgot to fix the Linux "start battle" "bug" in which you have to wait for 5 minutes till the battle screen loads for the 1st time :(

    4. Voronwer on

      This is my favourite feature: That enough difficulty for you? Huh? Happy now? Careful what you wish for, amigo!

      @Michael: I don't think it will delete them.

    5. Catherine Wiener on

      All of these improvements look amazing. Thanks for all your hard work.

      I do have one concern and that's with the Critical Hits ALWAYS destroying 1 piece of equipment. That seems extreme. When I think of all the critical hits I receive in battle, I can easily see my team losing 5 or 6 pieces of equipment or even more EACH BATTLE. That's A LOT of equipment to replace especially since we can't make equipment ourselves.

      Maybe if there was a 25% chance or 50% chance or, even better, if that was just an option we could flat out disable if we desire. That would work too.

      Again, thanks so much for this game. It's amazing! I'm on my second playthrough and I'm sure I'll have many, many more.

    6. Devon Mullane on

      Nothing for camping in town?

    7. Darklord on

      Well done guys, great to see you supporting and improving game more and more!

    8. Missing avatar

      sunburnedpenguin on

      @Michael - The keys remain untouched.

    9. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      "Added an indication to the troop selection menu for battles of whether or not there will be a preparation phase". Thanks for that. At least we who aren't tactically gifted can choose squad members that suit the terrain/battleground when there's no prep phase in which we can lay traps.

      Will saves be compatible with the previous version?

    10. Egamruf on

      I know it's been raised before, but any chance you're willing to reveal some sales data - I know it's something that more than one of us wants (because I saw someone else ask for it a while ago, and I know I'm interested too)... it would be super-interesting to see how the sales compare to the kickstarter funding.

    11. Michael on

      Cheers for the answers :)

    12. Avarchillion on

      wow, thats an update that I like. :-)

    13. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Weird : my Desura version doesn't launch any more.

    14. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hi backers, Alex @Logic Artists here on the replies:

      @Maxim Bardin we have been working on this slow load Linus thing, but it seems to be related to the way the Unity and Linux systems work with each other. We have yet to engineer a reasonable fix for it, but we will keep trying.

      @Catherine Weiner, try it out friend! I think you will see it is not too bad and prevents players from maxing out on equipment too early. This has a trickle effect of helping to avoid stockpiles of equipment which then just become another form of currency and make the game significantly easier.

      @Devon Mullane, nope. No camping in town.

      @Bob, yes saves are totally compatible.

      Hope you all are enjoying the new and improved Exp:Con!

    15. Alexandre MANGIN on

      But my Steam version is functioning.

    16. Logic Artists Creator on

      @Alexandre MANGIN, That makes sense. If you have been playing on Steam it updates only the Steam version to the latest version of the game. However, your Desura version (the old version) will share the same local folder as the Steam version. To provide the new content we had to update both the config file and the players save files. This means that you can use your old files to play on a new version (because they will be updated automatically) but your new files won't play on the old version. If you want to play your Desura version again with your old saves then you will have to wait for the new version to be approved by the folks over at Desura, once they do that, you can download the new version on their site. If you want to start fresh on your old version on Desura (as in not load any of your now updated saved games) make sure you don't have the game running and then you can just delete the local folder (in Windows it is My Documents\My Games\Expeditions: Conquistador) and follow that by starting up the Desura version of the game. Dont forget to back up your save games to a different folder before you wipe the local folder or you will lose them all.

    17. Petrell on

      Furthermore, pre-placed light sources (torches, campfires, --->car headlights<---) and lantern fire now also illuminate nearby characters.

      So where in Expeditions can I find the CAR these headlights belong to?

    18. Missing avatar

      mwalimu on

      Desura shows the download available (Expeditions_Conquistador_110.tar.gz - 1206.61mb) but it has size 0 bytes when I try to download it. The Windows and Mac versions are there. Is that just a placeholder for Linux or is something wrong?

    19. Missing avatar

      jnik on

      mwalimu: I had that problem too and eventually I did get a download (random?)

      However, I don't see a 1.4 Linux build on Desura yet. The penguins would appreciate the upgrade :)

    20. Missing avatar

      jnik on

      The 1.4 Linux build appears to be up on Desura; downloading now. Thanks!