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A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
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More Digital Rewards Delivered

Posted by Logic Artists (Creator)

Hi there backers, we hope that you have been enjoying your copies of Expeditions: Conquistador thus far.  This update is a relatively brief one, it is to let you know that we sent, via the Kickstarter message service, links and passwords to the following digital rewards this afternoon, please check your inboxes for them:

For our 30 dollar and up backers we sent a link to the digital copy of the Mexico Map.

For everyone in the 50 dollars bracket and beyond you also were sent today links and passwords for the Game Design Document, the character Diary, and the Art Book.

If you are a part of these rewards brackets and do not have these in your Kickstarter inBox, please message us so we can remedy the issue.  

The Making-Of movie is still being edited by the filmmaker and when he is finished with it we will upload it and send it out to the appropriate backer brackets as well.  

If any of you still are interested in a STEAM key, all you have to do is PM us on Kickstarter and request one and we will have one generated for you, it's a gift from us to you, so let us know if you want one. 

Thanks everyone for the continued support especially on the Social media sites and forums, you are our greatest champions and we salute you!  

Id Con Dios!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Yes thanks Alex. The day after my initial attempts it downloaded ten times faster and completely. I gotta add it's lovely penmanship (on the map) by the artist btw.

    2. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hi @Bob, @Bradley Mclain, have you managed to download all the files now?

      Alex @Logic Artists

    3. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      @Zar Ramos: I have 7z but thanks for trying to help. I found the problem was in an incomplete download after reading your post. The file to be downloaded is 27+ Megabytes and my dl'd one was 24 Megabytes.

    4. robarg

      Speaking of rewards, was the heirloom gift for the 15$ bracket a commentary on the futility of putting your hope in trinkets? At this point I've used it dozens of time in combat, mostly out of morbid curiosity after the first two or three, and I've yet to see any effect.

      Great work on the game, of course, I've really enjoyed my time with it and I look forward to all of the expanded content and revisions you've talked about elsewhere.

    5. Zar Ramos on

      I also had the problem with the diary, it would stop after a few minutes and would show as incomplete and corrupted in the downloads folder. I finally gave up and went to bed. This morning I was doing something else when I got a notification that a download had finished and when I checked it was the diary file. Looks like the file starts, stalls and then continues to trickle slowly over several hours.

      Aside to Bob: The password option doesn't seem to show up with regular unzipping. You have to use something like 7z or possibly WinRar.

    6. Bradley Mclain on

      Can't seem to download the diary keeps stopping part way through and zip file won't open as it says its corrupt.

    7. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      I tried to extract the Mexico map but the option to type in the password didn't show so I can't unpack it.