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A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
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Logic Artists

1,569 backers pledged $77,247 to help bring this project to life.

Quick Video Update

I know I told you the next update wouldn't be until we were nearing release, but I hope you don't mind that I'm breaking my promise. Here's a quick video I threw together demonstrating a handful of new features and content that we've implemented since the last Kickstarter beta release.


    1. Creator robarg on February 6, 2013

      Will opponent turns typically take that long? Are there options to speed up their movement?

    2. Creator Mukirr on January 19, 2013

      Ye. Never regretted my backing. Btw always wanted to know why the devs called their firearms "rifles". These weren't rifled.

    3. Creator Phil Jefferson on January 18, 2013

      Looking fantastic - really looking forward to this game now!

    4. Creator Brian Watzig on January 15, 2013

      Can't Wait

    5. Creator Jon Solmundson on January 14, 2013

      Still sounds incredible, and it looks really tight to boot.

    6. Creator Umsakis on January 14, 2013

      Grifman: no crossbows, you can see the weapon list on the original project page. Crossbows were pretty quickly replaced by a rifles, so you'll mostly see the Spaniards fighting with rifles in Conquistador, but some of the hunters favour bows (unless you give them Rifle Proficiency when you level them up).

    7. Creator gandalf.nho on January 14, 2013

      Looking great

    8. Creator cpt_freakout on January 14, 2013

      Looking great!

    9. Creator Grifman on January 14, 2013

      I see Spanish with bows. But do they also have crossbows? I never read of the Spanish using bows it was always crossbows in the New World.