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A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
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World Map Gameplay Demo

Posted by Logic Artists (Creator)

It's been a busy week in the office since we came back from Gamescom. We've implemented partial cover (pictured below), an Interrupt tactic that allows you to set your people up to attack any enemy that moves into a certain area, a retreat button if you wish to forfeit the battle, we've replaced all the textures on our buildings, we've finished the Scout and Scholar models, and we're working on coding up their abilities now.

A lot of backers have been asking whether there's a way to get a digital version of the leather map and the diary if you pledge less than $100. We've decided to give the map in a digital format to anybody who pledges $30 or more, and if you pledge at least $50 you'll get the diary as well. We hope this may help to convince you to increase your pledge! :-) 

Speaking of convincing you to pledge, yesterday we recorded a video demonstrating the world map part of our game. Calling it a "world map" does it a disservice, to be honest – this is no simple fast travel mechanic, something like half the game takes place here. Recording this video was a little painful, knowing that so much is going to be changed and improved over the next couple of weeks, but of course you deserve to see how that part of the game plays:

Other than the impending changes and additions listed in the video (the removal of hexes, changing the way you interact with events and objects, adding terrain modifiers to movement, adding a camp management screen, adding roaming enemies, adding more points of interest and things to find and pick up), we're also going to make some substantial changes to the terrain to bring it more in line with how the battles look, and to make it easier to see where you can and can't move once the hexes are gone. We also want to introduce a bit more structure to the jungles so you can't move everywhere. 

One thing we forgot to show was how treatment of injured followers works. Every time you're in a battle, there's a chance that those of your troops who became incapacitated in the fight will sustain an injury which persists into the world map. Every time you camp, if you have an injured follower, this screen will pop up: 

Each doctor can only be assigned to treat one person, but you can treat the same person with multiple doctors each night (this is a relatively recent option we added, and whether we'll keep it is not yet set in stone). The medicine cost of treatment depends on the type and severity of the injury, and if you run out of doctors or medicine, you will be unable to treat a follower – any follower left untreated for one day has a chance of getting worse, once again depending on the type and severity of the injury. If a follower's condition is allowed to deteriorate enough, the follower will die. Permanently. 

We hope you enjoyed the new video, and we hope that this new information has either reaffirmed you in your pledge or convinced you to back our project. One last thing: we really do appreciate how much help you guys have been in helping us to spread the word about our Kickstarter. We know PR is not our greatest strength, we'd much rather just work on the game, but we really do try. Thank you so much for your support, and please keep checking in for more updates!


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    1. Missing avatar

      David Mann on

      Good to hear. Thanks for the response.

    2. Logic Artists Creator on

      David: the GUI is not finished, the final version will scale correctly to different resolutions :-)

    3. Missing avatar

      David Mann on

      Looks great. One request, though: options for larger font sizes. Looks like you have nice big windows. Would it be so hard to allow the font size to be increased with a scroll bar on the right, if needed?

    4. Voronwer on

      Oooh, okay. I completely misread that bit! Thanks for clearing that up.

    5. Logic Artists Creator on

      Voronwer: The quest will be available for everyone, the diary will simply give you more background information on the questline :-)

      Bob, Michael: Thanks! :D

      GreatEmerald: Most battles have several different variations and versions that you get depending on your choices in the preceding event, so there will still be quite a lot of replayability. Additionally there's the branching storylines and the open world map.

      Victor Au: Thanks!

    6. Missing avatar

      Victor Au on

      OK you just convinced me to up my pledge to $50. Good luck!

    7. GreatEmerald on

      That's too bad for the replayability of the game, but I can understand the technical difficulties associated with that. Well, here's hope either could make it into an expansion or a sequel :)

    8. Michael on

      Fine, I'll throw more money at you...

    9. Missing avatar

      Bob on

      Thanks for the peak at the game world, and the tutorial. Removing the hexes will give the game a polished look, though personally I don't mind them that much. I'm looking forward to seeing the completed map now that I've caught a glimpse of it.

    10. Voronwer on

      This is looking very promising. You might want to make an overview of the awards so new pledgers can keep track of them without going through the updates. Does the digital diary at $50 include the quest?

      About the video, did I understand it right and will you be able to upgrade units no matter if they had experience or not? And if a unit dies, can they be replaced later on?

    11. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hey GreatEmerald, no every battlefield will be specifically designed, which secures more interesting tactics and greater variation. We can't release a map editor because we're using Unity. We're hoping to release our dialog editor though, so you can put your own scenario into our existing world :-)

    12. GreatEmerald on

      This makes me wonder, will the game have something like a random map generator and/or a map editor?

    13. Logic Artists Creator on

      Only doctors can treat, but the player character counts as a doctor, so you'll always have at least one treatment per day :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      keenriser on

      Is the treatment option limited to doctors, or would it be possible for a non-doctor to treat someone at the cost of say ... 3x the medicine?

    15. Logic Artists Creator on

      Yes the battle system will not undergo any major changes :-)

    16. Darklord on

      Sounds great, you are still keeping hexes for the battles though right?