Expeditions: Conquistador

by Logic Artists

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      Thomas on

      Looks awesome. I do have a question, it looks like all the melee attacks in this battle hit, is there a chance that a melee attack can miss or the opponent dodge it?

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      cpt_freakout on

      Looks great! Thanks for the video. One question regarding the attack of opportunity mechanic: will there be an AO whenever a character disengages from melee combat or something else like that? Or is it basically a penalty for ranged attackers? Good going :D

    3. Logic Artists Creator on

      @Thomas it's not possible to miss in the melee attacks but if their defence is much higher than your attack, you'll deal very little damage

      @cpt_freakout attack of opportunity is not only for ranged attackers, also you'll get that penalty if you try to run away from the enemy unit or in similar situations

      Thanks for the comments !

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      oasisbhrnw on

      Became a backer after seeing this video posted on rpgcodex. Looking forward to parts 2 and 3. A video that might be cool to see in a future update is one where you take a quest and show the different ways the player can solve it. Hope you guys make your goal!

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      Demeto on

      Have you think to put a gestion of munitions in your game ?
      (sorry for my poor English)