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A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
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Expeditions: Viking Coming Soon!


Hello Backers,

Well it's been years since we started this project, but the time has gone by so quickly. And now it's time to celebrate as Expeditions: Viking releases today! That's all thanks to you. 

Without you, brave souls that took the chance with us to make Conquistador, the sequel would not have been. And so we thank you again (it will likely not be the last time). 

Have a look at the new release trailer for Expeditions: Viking, and come raid (or trade) with us! We beckon you once again to step into the pages of history, how will it remember you?

Pick it up on Steam Now! 


Get Expeditions Series Latest News!

Danish Winter.
Danish Winter.

Greetings to you glorious humans! 

 The Expeditions Series all started with Expeditions: Conquistador right here on Kickstarter. We are so grateful now and forever to you our most favorite folks for having our back all this time. So it seemed only right that we come to Kickstarter to share the latest news with you and show you where you can go to get the latest updates on the Expeditions Series. 

 As you may be aware already, we announced Expeditions: Viking last year, and we're just about ready to start showing what we've been up to. 

Here is where we’ll be showing it: 


That's right folks, we gone and done it. We've started a newsletter. The first of which is scheduled for release in the next couple of weeks. This is where you will find the most recent and up to date info! Be among the first to know what's next in the Expeditions Series with Expeditions: Viking! 

Special giveaways and raffles for closed beta access will be held exclusively for Newsletter members. Be among the first to try the Beta this Spring! We hope that you will join us! 

You can sign up here: 

Social Media 

If you’re into social mediation, we’ve started: 

Expeditions Series Website

Though the website will be under development for a few months, the Newsletter Signup, announcement trailer, and links to our social media accounts can all be found here:



Hey y'all  so it is official now, The next game will be Expeditions: Viking!

here is a youtube trailer for you to check out,

If you want to get in on the chit chat or follow us on this next leg of our Expeditions Series Journey might we suggest these reputable sites:

RPG Codex subforum: 

RPGWatch subforum:



we have a website but is under construction at the moment but for future reference:

Much love,

Logic Artists



We’re going on a new Expedition! It has been two glorious years since the release of our Historical RPG Expeditions: Conquistador and to you, our wonderful community of Kickstarter backers and players we are pleased to announce a Sequel! 

Yes friends, it’s time again to gather a party of allies and explore new lands in search of riches, fame, and adventure. The question on the forefront of your minds might be, but where? Or more appropriately, when?!? Our official announcement will come next week, but until then, you are invited to have some fun with us and GUESS THE NEXT EXPEDITIONS on Facebook and Twitter! 

 For your efforts you will be rewarded handsomely with an exclusive invitation to our closed BETA! Please limit your guess to 1 per person. 

 To participate: 

 On Twitter: follow us @LogicArtists and RT our post with your guess and the hashtag #expeditionsnext

 On Facebook: On Facebook like our new Expeditions Series page and comment on the GUESS THE NEXT EXPEDITIONS Post:

Modding and Expeditions: Conquistador. And also staying in touch!


Hello Backers!  

So, this is pretty much it.  We made the game, we've sent the rewards, and we are the most epic runners up in various game awards.  High fives all around!  So this pretty much wraps it up.  Kickstarter was such a great experience, the feedback you folks have given has been awesome, and the support amazing. 

Modding with the Fabula Event Editor

We now have available the Fabula Event Editor Tool.  You can use this to mod the game in lots of different ways, from changing the rewards and punishments of the existing events, creating your own story threads, creating additional choices and consequences, even setting up battles (within reason, you do have to use existing game assets).  But it's all there, available for you to go nuts.  Now we have provided a few help documents with the Fabula download but if they are a bit confusing at first, we went ahead and made a quick 'getting started' tutorial video on youtube.  We have heard that the sound quality is lacking, and if we make more vids like it, we will be sure to use a better microphone.  

Here is a link to the Fabula Editor:

And here is a link to the getting started video:

We are currently looking into setting up a steam workshop space for people to share their mods and if you eager-types get done before that, or you're one of our backers that don't dig Steam, we suggest .  

Stay in Touch!

We think you folks are rad!  And we're hoping you like us too, so much so that you'd like to stay in touch.  Apparently it is a real faux pas to use the Conquistador page for non-Conquistador related materials, so here are some ways you can keep in contact with us and we with you:

Twitter: @LogicArtists

Join here for all news about the team and the games


for Conquistador-centric stuff:

for Logic Artists in general:


we just started this one today and already have a couple of snapshots up.  We will be adding to it regularly with pics from inside the office as well as when we are on various adventures to conferences and whatnot.  If you are more into visual media this might be the thing for you!

account:  logicartsts

Now go and enjoy your weekend! 

Much Love,

the Logic Artists team