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A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
A story-driven tactical roleplaying game with a touch of strategic resource management and a pinch of choose-your-own-adventure.
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    1. Jason on

      I just wanted to pop in and thank you guys for delivering the game you promised on time. This was one of the first projects I ever backed and I didnt realize back then how unusual that would be.

    2. Hoder Jensen on

      Congrats on the nomination, to bad you didn't get it, but you were up against a tough crowd.

      Also please do check out this kickstarter - It's a documentary series on gaming, done by some really talented guys who has done lots of other quality content, eg. the making of The Last of Us and the history of Street Fighter for Capcom.

    3. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hey all! Thanks for all the votes! We also are up for an award at the Danish Game Awards party! The link is here:


      Alex @LogicArtists

    4. Cihan Deniz on

      Happy new year, Logic Artists. May 2014 bring you good prospects in game development and a seed to take root in your minds for another game of Expeditions eventually.

    5. ThomasN on

      Saw behind the scenes.
      - Hopefully the exclusivity of this will cease in a month or so, because IMHO this is what needs to be uploaded on your youtube channel.
      - I think you need this technique for your next game, so your animator is not going crazy:…
      - I'll see your face on Kickstarter when you're really famous ;-)

    6. Sardu on

      Thanks very much for this great Game!
      And also for my physical and digital (GOG Key) rewards..Super Service...
      Waiting for Expeditions: Conquistador Part 2 (-:

    7. zlives on

      @Alex @Logic Artists
      its been a month since your last comment, have not seen update 31 or any indications for the shipping of physical product.
      please update.

    8. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hello @Chad Hazel-Kepler, the packages for the physical rewards are still missing stuff, most important of which is the behind-the-scenes video which we are still waiting for final cut of. We'd thought we would have most of the manufactured items and the video be done in August, but actually the manufactured items delivery took longer than we expected, that gave our film maker more time to work on the video, which in turn means that we need to screen it to make sure you guys get something interesting.

      Once that final cut of the video is delivered to the studio we can put the packages together for you all and mail them out. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm when that would be, but my best guess would be that we will be ready to ship around the end of September. We are very eager to get your rewards out to you, but more important to us than speed is delivery of the complete package, so you and the other backers get all the rewards you pledged for at the same time. Hope this helps, when we have all the goodies in the office we will be making an Update #31 with pictures and all. Cheers,

      Alex @Logic Artists

    9. Chad Hazel-Kepler on

      I last asked back in July about boxed versions being sent out and was told it was looking like things would be shipping out in August. Since August has come and went I was wondering if you guys have any further updates on when we could expect our physical items.

    10. Logic Artists Creator on

      @daquack, it does indeed mean that we collect less during the sale, but with the upside of getting better exposure!

      @Praudmur, thanks, that is a good idea for the future!


      Alex @Logic Artists

    11. Missing avatar

      daquack on

      I see that its 50 percent off on steam for next 38 hours. During this 'steam' deals..does this mean that Logic Artists is making less profit per game? just curious how that works.

    12. Missing avatar

      Praudmur on

      Why not to make KS update about Voting on STEAM for 75% off? I think that if your game will win it will bring many new players!

    13. Logic Artists Creator on

      @Chad Hazel-Kepler, Hi there Chad, the boxed versions and other physical rewards are almost ready to be shipped, while we can't guarantee when all of the components will arrive to us from the manufacturers, it's looking like we will be shipping in August, and arriving to you shortly after. Have a great day!

      Alex @Logic Artists

    14. Chad Hazel-Kepler on

      Hey guys any further news when those of use that backed for a boxed version of the game might be getting ours? I know you guys are still updating the game which is great but was just curious if you had an further updates.

    15. Logic Artists Creator on

      Our 1.4 Content Update is live now not just on Steam but on GamersGate and We are now aware that there is an issue with the uploads on Desura and are working with the admins there to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

    16. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hey there backers! Steam Summer Sale is on so if you have some mates that thought a 20 was too steep for the game, it a 10er until the 22nd of July!

      Alex @Logic Artists

    17. Michael Caldwell on

      Game is pretty challenging! Food is terribly expensive and there is rarely enough from hunting. I like it, though. Next play through though will not be ironman lol

    18. Logic Artists Creator on

      @Pavel Samsonov, it is not possible to customize the followers names.


      Alex @Logic Artists

    19. Missing avatar

      Pavel Samsonov on

      Does anyone know if it's possible to customize non-plot follower names? I think this game would be fun to stream if you could name your guys after people and then watch them trip over snakes and into Carib spears.

    20. Brian Watzig on

      just finished the first go through (well second cause I starved everyone the first time) and I have to say, out of all the games that I've backed and received/played this one has exceeded all my expectations and is by far the best of the lot of them

    21. Brian Watzig on

      scholars are a bit useful against a larger group, specially if they are range attackers, gives you a better chance of not getting hit with one of its abilities, also when scholars should, regardless if they do damage they "show" weakness in the enemy making them take more damage. so I thing there useful though I don't use them to often.

    22. TheChosenOne on

      Haven't played yet, heard a few things about scholars not being all to usefull (during combat)?
      Just hoping it all be patched/tweaked right when I start to play in a lil while. :D
      Hearing good things so far.

    23. Brian Watzig on

      just realized I put in 2 hours yesterday, and 12.5 hours today into the game, lol....

    24. Brian Watzig on

      really enjoying the game.. got mutinied the first play through cause I didn't have it auto feeding my troops and they starved, lol... hmm question, is that medallion suppose to do anything? I sometimes try using it in battle but nothing happens its just, shiny, lol .

    25. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hi backers, Alex @Logic Artists here on the reply.

      @Alex Cooksey, great stuff, glad you are enjoying yourself! maybe you can appease your partner with a bit of hot-seat?

      @Jeff Pinard, Esteban's personality traits are: agressive, courageous, adventurous. And he begins at recruit level in your party (though he does get the 'hardened' passive).

      @Marko Susimetsä great article! thanks for sharing on the facebook page as well!

    26. Missing avatar

      Jeff Pinard on

      What are Esteban's stats? I'm wondering if I should have gone $15 more to get him?

    27. Missing avatar

      Alex Cooksey on

      Hi Guys
      Just wanted to let you know I'm loving the game.
      Great tactics, great dialogue, great fun.
      My wife - not so happy.
      All the best

    28. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hi backers, Alex here on the reply-

      @Manuel Otero Moreira, thanks for your bug notes, can you please post them to the forums with a bit more detail such as your Operating System, hardware specs, and a copy of your saved games? Then one of our tech team can converse with you further to get to the bottom of it. If you haven't seen in the updates, the link is:

      @Jon Solmundson, Study hard! the game is turn based so nothing will happen until you come back to it! Glad to hear you are enjoying yourself.

    29. Manuel Otero Moreira on

      the mexico campaign has a lot of bugs
      1º when load the first time the campaign.go to windows.
      2º when you found a native enemy. the game dont go to the tactical screen. goes to windows.

    30. Jon Solmundson on

      I just wanted to say:

      Screw you guys, my exams start tomorrow and I can't stop playing.

      Thanks guys, this is everything I could've possibly hoped for from a kickstarter game. The animation might not be hollywood, the glitches might be infuriating, and the tutorials could've been a little more interactive...

      But it plays like cocaine, and the writing is actually engaging enough to make me walk away from the computer when faced with a tough decision so I have time to think about it. Totally didn't expect that part and I'm loving it.

      Just one more battle, then I'll start studying.

    31. Logic Artists Creator on

      Hello @Icetiger, I have sent you a PM, check your KS inbox. cheers,

      Alex @Logic Artists

    32. Missing avatar

      Icetiger on

      i have not yet retrieved the game from desura as i originaly rquested, can i change to steam please? I had wanted desura so that i could get linux version, but steam now carries linux, so i would prefer that please

    33. Johnathan Tan on

      @Logic Artists: I see, thanks for the info, I'll try that.

    34. Logic Artists Creator on

      @Jonathan Tan, I know some players have already completed Hispaniola and Mexico, And the game is designed to unlock mexico once you complete Hispaniola. but you don't need to restart, you need to go click on your ship at the docks in Santa Domingo. Thanks for the message but I would like to direct you in the future to discuss these things on our forum here:…

      Thanks again for the message and I hope this helped,

      Alex @Logic Artists

    35. Johnathan Tan on

      I completed the campaign but when I tried to start a new game, mexico is still locked and I have to start from hispaniola. How do I unlock mexico? Do I have to complete the game on a higher difficulty?

    36. Manuel Otero Moreira on

      maybe next expansion make cities, fortress, improve the city. obtain resources from the city.
      shipyard, blacksmith... are very importan to have a operating base and supplies.

    37. Manuel Otero Moreira on

      im from spain and the game lacks in some points.... slaves are forbidden in all land of the realm of spain before the discover of america. Nobody can make slave a citizen of the lands of spain, but you
      can buy a slave to a english,Portuguese or arabic trader.
      When columbus (Colon) return with slaves to spain .... the discover of america go to jail. yes jail.
      there is no women in the first travels to the new world.
      Thats why us, sleep with every woman .... in the new world and thats a reason why conquer the
      new world was not only with the sword, the marriage was very important.
      Hernan Cortes without the help of his wife (native) and his tribe. he wont win in mexico.

      The character how you made dont have xp to level up. only his troops.
      if the troops learn the boss of the army also he has to upgrade and learn.

      the point of view is too limited. and only see around the horse nothing more.

      learn from the natives? to make poisons potions hunt. ore.

    38. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on


      I forgot to mention, I also had to start a new game before the item appeared.

      @Logic Artists

      I have had many hours of play now, and my first impression has been confirmed: this game is excellent. :) In a way, it feels like I've returned to the golden age of computer games, when original concepts were still being made, and before it was all about huge budgets, dumbing down for mass market appeal and DRM. In reality however, I think we are actually at the start of a new golden age, and it is all about indie development. I think Expeditions:Conquistador is a great example of what is happening.

    39. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      This game is really easy to get into. It plays well on my mediocre laptop, and is pretty enjoyable. I wasn't sure I'd get into the setting, but it's definitely fun. Good job guys!

    40. Missing avatar

      David on

      Loving the game so far.

      I haven't had that much time to play it yet, but what i have played has been great. I still have tons of stuff to do in the game being early in it, but i'd certainly buy any cool DLC released!

    41. Damian Ludwicki on

      Hey there! I just want to say that despite my initial great disappointment about game getting pushed now I can say I enjoy the game great deal. It is still a bit buggy, but it's much fun and well worth waiting! So I was right to be mad about getting the game later after all. ;)

    42. Michael Caldwell on

      Hey all just wanted to say the game looks great so far. 2 hours in and I'm enjoying myself quite a bit. It would be nice if there were more useful passive abilities, or perhaps just more of them; but that's my only real complaint so far, and it's a weak complaint! Well done.

    43. DoughnutDoney on

      That could be it......will try again. Thanks :)

    44. Missing avatar

      Kay Are Ulvestad on


      Maybe you made the same mistake as me. I put the .key file in the installation folder, as per the instructions, but did not get the heirloom. Then I moved it to the "Expeditions Conquistador_Data" sub-folder, which worked far better. :)

    45. DoughnutDoney on

      Well what can I say....I waited until getting full game access (so didnt go into alpha/beta) as wanted to be surprised by the game and its actually very good :) The only snag is it appears my bonus items have not appeared in game. Placed the .key files in the folder and nothing is happening? Unless I'm missing what these bonus items are maybe? Great game anyway...congrats :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Praudmur on

      Thank you for great game!
      When Inca DLC "Blue sky " will be announced? Will you start new KS camping or now when main game is released you have money to start making it only for preorders?

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