With the regulation of exotic woods and a global paradigm shifting towards sustainability, Alquier Guitars is willing to transform the soul of the guitar. 

Along the way, we hope to also appeal to the hearts and minds of guitar enthusiasts.  

After five years of independent research which culminate in our Ethiq guitar line, Alquier Guitars introduces bamboo, titanium and the absolute use of non-exotic woods.

Bringing to the market a philosophy, an avant-garde design, alternative materials to guitar playing with the greatest of ease and absolutely spectacular tones, through a commitment to the ongoing process of creation and a culture of quality.

Alquier Guitars is building instruments based on the "French Excellence" which will serve all the desires of the guitar players community. Limited edition instruments, one-off custom guitars, or anything you would like based on our Ethiq guitar line models, our guitars will bring you a lifetime of pleasure.

Becoming a manufacturer of high-end guitars and basses which will start to be produced in March 2018 for stepping into the circle of the guitar industrial players.

In order to help us to succeed in the crucial step of the commercial start, we are sollicitating the Kickstarter community for helping us getting over this phase.  

Risks and challenges


After 20 years of solo work and research in his workshop to refine his vision of the guitar, Jean-Yves was dreaming of sharing his vision with the guitar world.

The realization came from sharing this vision with Jean-François and Nicolas which all together decided to take the challenge to create “The Factory” which will be the first high-end guitars production facility 100% eco-friendly and Made in France.

It is a tool at the service of the guitarists, at the service of the research, at the service of the future of the guitar and at the service of guitar makers.

From this vision, after one year of hard work and a fund raising came to reality a factory of 1’250 square meters based in Rivesaltes (south of France), with an ultra-modern equipment which will allow Alquier Guitars to produce 80 to 100 guitars a month the very first year.

Alquier Guitars has focused its strength on having experienced collaborators and the most appropriate production tools to say, “the dream became a reality”.

We are solicitating the Kickstarter community for helping us to finalize the first step of our adventure by allowing us to successfully start our commercial phase.

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    A COSMIC BUZZ guitar equipped with a titanium in-house tremolo + one hardshell case with Alquier Guitars logo on top. You save 30% on the future retail price.

    (Choose colors, finishes, pickups and woods after campaign conclusion)

    Flamed Maple Top, add 150 € to your contribution
    Stripes on top, add 150 € to your contribution

    Includes :
    • COSMIC BUZZ guitar
    • Hardshell case with Alquier Guitars logo
    • 5 Alquier Guitars picks
    • 2 additionnal string sets

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