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Hand forged metal art backed by lcd fire that moves.

Also see my updates to see other plans to merge this art into a multi media project and to hear my own orginal harmonica music I will use.

I have created a new art form in metal work I have coined it cold forging and merged it with video fire and real fire. I plan to develop other styles visually these original art pieces stop people in amazement. I try to make good size pieces and work in most metals. The process can be compared to blacksmithing and a special hammer and backings are used. The metal is hit so hard and long in one area the atoms split and it cracks organically. My goal is to have a ten piece show in various metals done by September 2012 possibly sooner. I will be making this portable so it can be shown anywhere. I hope to do a  outdoor display at the water fire festival in Rhode Island and other creative venues. I will also  use the funds to set up a website and online store .The process also can be combined with light boards and translucent paintings. Sound can be added to frames as a option and frames often are framed in a burnt wood frames that smell like a camp fire and look like a old barn door all cracked and old looking. all senses are touched sight , hearing,smell, touch . For now the offerings will be offered as visual artifact. Successful completion of kickstarter will also help me claim credit for inventing cold forging and will allow me to pass this artform to others to enjoy making. I have done cold forging in silver ,stainless,aluminum  and copper.

Any persons offering to buy gold sheet for a project will get the project done for cost of materials limited to one customer plus a small fee for labor. Offer good for any project at least 12X12 materials for such a project would be extremely expensive.  The free press for my art would be a great help.Please see my updates page to see other concepts and plans to  merge my music with this art.  A sample of my Harmonica can be heard.


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    16x 20 photo of cold forging signed limted adition. 860

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    12x 12 orginal art sculpture backed with blue flames

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    receive a 29x16 orginal mixed media moving art sculpture. Signed with bio how it was made. Each one is a orginal backed by a hd digital frame

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