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Honest, irreverent and anonymous! The South's favorite podcast featuring 3 dudes and a chick who open up their lives every week. Read more

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Honest, irreverent and anonymous! The South's favorite podcast featuring 3 dudes and a chick who open up their lives every week.

About this project

AlphonseFM is a weekly podcast based in Columbia, SC, featuring 3 dudes and a chick who comment on everyday life in the South. It's honest, irreverent and anonymous. We are:

AlphonseHostAlphonse is the irrational side of an everyday Joe residing in the suburbs of the American South. He struggles to navigate through his ever increasing mid-life crisis while trying to be a good father and husband.

Freak, Co-host
Freak is the alter ego of a modern, professional businesswoman with a heart of gold. She has known Alphonse since the early 1990’s when both shared an affinity for umbros and Boone’s Farm.

Scot, Commentator, Writer & Token Foreigner
Scot hails from the old country and has the shoes to prove it. His distinctive foreign tongue and highly inappropriate sense of humor will crush both your heart and soul.

Swamp Fox, Announcer & Crappy Engineer
The Swamp Fox is the show’s resident grumpy old man. He will openly judge others and he makes no apologies for his gruff demeanor. 

The four of us are chasing our dreams. We don't golf or sew or make homemade jewelry. This is not just our hobby; it's our passion. Sad as that may be, we're pretty good at this. Let me try to explain for a second.

Our motto, “honest, irreverent and anonymous”, comes from the fact that we don't do shtick. No skits, no ticket giveaways and no seventh callers. We openly discuss the humorous real life events we encounter every day. We’ve shared personal stories about vasectomies, fetishes, Brazilian waxing and PTA meetings.

After more than 60 shows our listenership has grown from just our spouses and close friends to over 600 weekly listeners. We think we’ve tapped into something magical and Oprah-like and we want to expand and spread our show to more you.

However, this good time costs money. That's where the generosity of you fine folks and Kickstarter come into play.

$3,000 to help us move out of my guest bedroom and into a real life, grown-up studio. Having our own space will allow us to book more guests and elevate the level of our on-air craziness. (There’s only so much my wife will let me do in our guest bedroom). We don't want new mics, headphones or cords; we just need a little space we can call our own.

We tried not to make things overly complicated. Check out the right side of this page for our rewards. Read all about them and choose the one that fits you best.

If you're still not convinced, I invite you listen to our show and see for yourself. You can check it out on our website or download it for free on iTunes.

Also, just to remind you how Kickstarter works, if we don't meet the $3,000 goal, we don't get any of the pledges. It's all or nothing folks, so let’s do this thing.




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    You'll get your name along with a link to your website / project / business (subject to approval) on our Thank You page as a 'Super-Fan' of AlphonseFM.

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    All of the above stuff PLUS a radical AlphonseFM temporary tattoo you can sport on a variety of inappropriate body parts.

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    All of the above stuff PLUS your website / project / business or whatever you wish to promote (subject to approval) is announced by golden voiced Swamp Fox at the top of the show for one episode. AND a link to your website will appear in the show notes for that episode.

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    All of the above stuff PLUS you’ll be the proud owner of an AlphonseFM signature black t-shirt.

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    You will be a guest on an episode of AlphonseFM and fully participate on the show. PLUS, you and a guest will be invited to attend a post-show party with the cast and crew following the show.

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    We record an episode of AlphonseFM in your house. All four cast members will show up and bring our honesty and irreverency to you. (Must live within 100 miles of Columbia, SC.)

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