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A joint Korean/American production about a man who has lost his memory. Join the Korean independent film movement.
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Yoon Jung Lee

272 backers pledged $32,293 to help bring this project to life.

Seven Days To Go Beyond The Dream!

Dear backers and would-be backers,

We have exactly a week to run our campaign and $4629 away from our goal. Thank you so much for contributing to REMEMBER O GODDESS and spreading the word. Let's keep rolling the snowball together till it grows bigger than we ever imagined. Do you remember how small the ball was three weeks ago? I was never sure that we would be able to reach this high. But we need to run faster in order not to make our snowball melt away.

  • Today I'd like to introduce our new co-producer Herb White. He's been a great supporter from the early stage of the campaign and finally became a co-producer by raising his pledge to $1,000 level.

1.       Tell us about yourself in a way you like to describe yourself. 

My name is Herb White and I live in Philadelphia. I am a finance executive in a very large healthcare company. One might wonder why I would be involved in this project. I am a film fan and have been all my life. As a child in the 1970’s I watched a vast number of American made movies and read about the industry. I was able to watch a few Japanese classics and of course Hong Kong films. I did not see any Korean movies and new little about Korea. Later as an adult, with the internet and later Netflix, I discovered Asian movies and independent movies. These opened up a whole new world to explore. I discovered an entire new channel of classics and contemporary films. Korean films have been the most proliferous, seemingly exploding in growth and directions since the early 1980’s. Most of all, through these films I have come to discover the wonderful cultures and values of Korea.

2.       How long have you been involved in Kickstarter? How did you come about Remember O Goddess?

I discovered the film project first through a posting by the Philadelphia Asian American Film Festival (PAAFF). I first became intrigued by the film’s video introduction by Yoon Jung Lee. As I reviewed the 25 minute short film and her previous work, I felt this was a worthy project and Director to support. I was also attracted by the fact that she had already won the support of well-known actors who are committed to her project. Since then I have tried to promote this project through facebook and friends who live here and in Korea.

3. What attracted you to become a co-producer of Remember O Goddess?

At first, around day six, I was at the $200 level. I had never given anything to a project like this before, but I felt that it was worthy of my support. A few days later I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Yoon Jung at a PAAFF event. Her discussion of the movie, her commitment to the project, and her integrity gave me the inspiration to move to the co-producer level. 

---Thank you for introducing yourself and sharing your story with us, Herb!

  • Also, our dear backer from the UK, Jason sent us a video message asking to show your support for REMEMBER O GODDESS. I hope that more backers will join the video messenger group. I'd love to meet you all and share your voice.