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This is the result of the work of a professional`s team, a combination of an excellent idea and a quality implementation.
In 40 mm scale. Made of resin. Highly detailed. Not painted. Limited edition.
In 40 mm scale. Made of resin. Highly detailed. Not painted. Limited edition.
197 backers pledged €17,426 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. wendys miniatures 2-time creator on

      For any questions, please write to the mail:

    2. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Martin Backo
      Thank you for feedback!
      We are glad that you appreciated the high quality of our miniatures.

    3. Missing avatar

      Martin Backo on

      Miniatures arrived, they are absolutely stunning pieces of art, best hand sculpts I seen in a years, full of character. Definitely will buy more of this range when it is available.
      Thank you very much, absolutely worth the money.
      I hope to see more of this range soon :)

    4. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Jan Högermeyer

      We will respond you by e-mail

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan Högermeyer

      Got my miniatures and I absolutely love them!
      But unfortunately am I missing parts of two miniatures :( How can I get theses parts to complete them? :)

    6. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Darren Parker-Mead
      Thank you for feedback!
      We are going to maintain the high quality of our miniatures.

    7. Missing avatar

      Darren Parker-Mead on

      I received mine this morning and I'm bsolutely delighted with the figures. I had all eight and will definitely add the lion to my collection. The minis are well cast and presented, packaging is strong and secure. A really happy customer. Congratulations on a really great Kickstarter guys.

    8. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Thank you for feedback!
      We are glad that you appreciated the high quality of our miniatures.

    9. Missing avatar

      craigwelsh on

      Mine (7 minis) arrived in the UK this morning from St Petersburg.

      Quality is absolutely superb on the Eagle, Viking Bear and Minotaur i've looked at so far as those have the plain boxes not the shrinkwrapped specific retail boxes. The texture on the Minotaur cloak is very good as is the superb feathers on the eagle and fur on the bear. Will try to complete the full 10 one day.

    10. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Martin Backo
      We sent the parcel directly because we worried about the delivery time. The information on taxes is on your email. Do not worry, we'll solve it.

    11. Missing avatar

      Martin Backo on

      Hello, backer #131 here. Why did I receive tracking with russian tracking number, when I am in EU and these orders according to your general information should be distributed by your partner Wendy´s Miniatures, so the customs are avoided? Now on top of my 160 euro pledge, I can pay additional 20% customs debt, if you specified the real value.

    12. Paul Graves

      Received mine on Friday - wow!
      many thanks

    13. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Tom Dushkewich
      I wrote to you, we will solve the problem!
      For any questions, please write to the mail:

    14. Missing avatar

      Tom Dushkewich

      I have not received my package. Received an email with tracking but the tracking number was no good. Sent an email. Pending response

    15. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Ed B
      Thanks for the feedback!
      For any questions, please write to the mail:

    16. Ed B on

      Arrived today in the UK, thanks guys. They look the nuts!
      Now I need to spend 5 years honing my painting skills so i can do them justice ;)

    17. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Michael Timmers
      Hello, we respond to all messages! I see from you the first mail this morning.
      Your parcel has already been sent, today we will send you the tracking code, sorry for the worry.
      We already wrote that the first pledges left with a delay, but now everything is on schedule.
      For any questions, please write to the mail:

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael Timmers on

      just wondering if and when i might receive communication regarding the minis i ordered? quite disappointed that i see that people are getting theirs and no word that mine have even shipped. what is going on?

    19. NeonJazz

      Just received my miniatures in the mail! I love them, the casting quality is amazing! The details are incredible and there is virtually no cleaning necessary. Can't wait to put these together and start painting them. Thank you for an amazing product! Worth every cent and more!

    20. Jim Hansen on

      Exact same situation as Tomaz - disregard my survey and let me know if you need anything else.

    21. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Tomaz Sussi
      All ok, no problem!

    22. Tomaz Sussi

      Hello, just wanted to inform you that I have just sent the survey (about a minute ago) ALTHOUGH we have already discussed and settled everything - the reason is that the message "Please fill in the survey" continued appearing on the top of the KS page, and I couldn't find a better way to make it disappear than filling it in. Please disregard it, we have already agreed on everything a while ago. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks

    23. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      For any questions, please write to the mail:

    24. Missing avatar

      Strugglewithin on

      The Lion looks amazing. Will we be able to buy at retail sooner or later?

      Wish I had added him now!

    25. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Today we ship parcels and close all September pledges.
      Debts for October will be sent out next week.
      Sorry for delay!

    26. Missing avatar

      Lee Andrews on

      Hi any idea when €80 backers will receive are miniatures??

    27. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      annexation and Jure Cukar
      Thank you! We are glad that you like it!)

    28. Jure Cukar on

      My Panda and Kong arrived today. I must say this for the sake of all backers and future buyers. My miniatures are A-mazing!!
      The amount and quality of details is insane. I am so in love with them.
      Keep up the good work I'll keep an eye on your future stuff. A-mazing...


    29. annexation on

      Recieved my Panda here in the US today - better than I imagined! Really fantastic.

    30. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Lance Allen
      I sent you the tracking number of the parcel.
      Markus Öhrling
      Thanks for the support!)

    31. Missing avatar

      Markus Öhrling on

      Got my Kong today. Oh my god how nicely casted, details are crisp and pieces fit perfectly. Thank you Cartoon Miniatures and Team Wendy.

    32. Missing avatar

      Lance Allen on

      Hello, can you please confirm when we can expect the Panda to be sent out for delivery? I was hoping to have had him by now & still waiting.


    33. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @War Wolf
      We are glad that you liked it!
      When It will be painted send us photos, please!

    34. War Wolf

      Hi guys the mini turned up absolutely awesome thanks guys

    35. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @joel jones
      I wrote you a mail.

    36. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Simon Mark de Wolfe
      Everything is fine so far you can change the Pledge, I wrote you a mail.
      We have the English version of the site:

    37. Missing avatar

      joel jones on

      Anyone know how to do an address change?

    38. Missing avatar

      Simon Mark de Wolfe

      since the original campaign you have added new figures (I do really like the eagle) is there a way to add to the order or will we have to wait until they are added to your home page and if so can you get a English version as the site is only in dutch which makes ordering very tricky for those few (like me) who cannot read it- would be worth adding a link to make life easier

    39. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Hello, Your parcel is now on the way to Wendys, after our colleagues from the Netherlands will send it to your home and we will send you the track number.

    40. Missing avatar

      Lance Allen on

      Hello, I've completed the survey I believe. All I want is the panda. When will that be shipped to me please?

    41. Nikolas Obrenović

      OK I sent an e-mail as well

    42. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Nikolas Obrenović
      Caleb Kokura
      We will try to answer all gradually, sorry for waiting.
      Please write to the mail:

    43. Caleb Kokura

      I sent several private messages and did not get a response. Please look at those messages?

    44. Nikolas Obrenović

      Sent you a couple of private messages.

    45. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      Yes, you understood correctly. If you want mail delivery, the answer SMC in the survey is "No".

    46. Ekipage

      Just want to make sure, but if I want the miniatures delivered in the mail, then the correct answer in the survey was "No"? I just want to make sure I didn't mess up that part of the survey, as I won't be going to Scale Model Challenge.

    47. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Edward Janson
      Sorry, this is a mistake and Kikstarter does not allow to make corrections. Choose please 7 and about the eighth we will specify in the letter by mail.

    48. Missing avatar

      Edward Janson on

      I just got the survey and to my surprise I can enter only 7 choices instead of the 8 I backed for. Could you please give advice on how to select the last miniature as well?

    49. Kirill Agapov Collaborator on

      @Jeroen Pelgrom
      It's okay, I recorded your answer!
      @David Clearman
      This is an exhibition, details on the link.
      We have offered such a delivery option to those who will be at the exhibition and will be able to pick up the miniatures.
      @Tomaz Sussi
      Yes! It is our mail

    50. Tomaz Sussi

      Hello, before submitting the survey: if I wanted to add the new one at this stage, before the package is sent, would it be possible?

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