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MINOR - a Canadian Feature Film's video poster

Paradise Pictures presents MINOR a rock n' roll road movie and love letter to the teenage dream! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on October 12, 2013.

Paradise Pictures presents MINOR a rock n' roll road movie and love letter to the teenage dream!

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"Hey, Sam. your project looks wonderful. You have a truly charismatic actress. Is that song going to appear in the film? It should." - Guy Maddin

HOLY WOW! Big thanks to our 102 backers:

Vegar Samuelsen, Kaitlin Beamish, Herbert Eder, Quinn McCutcheon, AJ Frick, Eli Shwanz, Jeff Morrow, Afrade, Marc Coulavin, Nathan Cyprys, Ryan Hacker, Even Jerred, Johnny Kalangis, Kathryn Farewell, Andreas Erne, Alysha Alex, Terri Noble, Charles Magyar, Nick Taylor, Guy Incognito, Fred Robinson, Alexandra Louge, Hostess Cupcake, Guy Maddin, Margaret Godoy, Henno Rundva, Mark, Peter Gleeson, Kevin Catalfamo, Sofi Papamarko, Pete Carmichael, Madeline Twiss, Cliff Caines, Laura Kelly, Jack Martin, Sophie, Deena Canale, Silver Dollar Fundraiser, Anne Marshall, Chantale Nadeau, Ricky Rowland, Nick Flanagan, Mark Milne, Gillian Montgomery, Carol Deeney, The New Narrative Co, Thomas Shaw, Caroline Barret, Dorta Pankowska, Adam Cohoon, Wick/48, Pascaline Lbs, Laura Colero, Chris Tammaro, Anelynda, Lenora Taylor, Joshua Herron, Andrew Edmonds, Adam Kereliuk, Brittany Quinn, Brendan George Ko, Alicia Giammaria, Kelly Bashak, Matt Helfand, Dane Clark, Patricia Tuff, Shallyn Goodhead, Heather Appleby, Addison Mehr, Vlad Shevchenko, Simon Rakoff, Joe, Andrew Zalameda, Olivia Matheson, Megan Catalfamo, Theodora Smit, Kyle Prince-Cox, Emma, Hugh Little, Lily Alilovic, Cia Mellegers, Brianna Patille, Taraleigh, Georgia Colero, Ken Stern, Jayson Catalfamo, Jake Holden, Russell Holley, Jade Wong, Antoinette Catalfamo, Stephanie Rosinski, Victoria Bianchi, Bob Byrden, Maria Patille, Fiona Smyth, Aniko Fenyvesi, Joe Catalfamo, Tara Bartolini, Stew, Anna Wiesen, Jack Fleming, Chris Hamilton, David Earthy 

Thank You! If a backer wants to remain anonymous please contact 

Yesterday some friends approached us to jam on Queen St. to promote MINOR. We said sure and love the support! Thanks to Aniko and Pete for making the video and The Green Ray for playing! You guys rock!

Cast & Crew

Cast: Elissa Meilke Director: Sam Catalfamo Producer: Christian Hamilton Director of Photography: Matthew Tammaro Camera: Thomas van der Zaag Associate Producers: Quinn McCutcheon, AJ Frick, Johnny Lee Marketing: Anna Wiesen Graphic Design: Russell Holley Agent: Tara Bartolini

The Story

We have all gone through rough times in life. Whether it be through trying to make the grade, experiencing terrible tragedy or just searching for who we are. Like myself, and as with so many others, the media has influenced our consciousness into thinking that sex and drugs are a requisite part of this. I now believe that kind of energy is better spent pursuing passions rather than through substance abuse and sub-par sex. This story is about the young of heart, exploring what it's like to struggle while you follow what you love and what it's like to be impregnated with a dream. We should always pursue what we love because the rewards can be greater than anyone of us can imagine.

- Sam Catalfamo, TIFF Student Film Winner & Director of MINOR

The Synopsis

Farrah and Dana are two adolescent-aged girls who start a musical duo and set out playing local venues in their small community of “The Falls."

During a show at a local bar, they are promised a country-wide tour with a headlining band. Farrah is quickly enraptured by the lead singer of the band and they hook up in the back of the bar.

After not hearing from the group, and a trying wait, Farrah and Dana take their musical destiny into their own hands by stealing a limousine and creating their own mini tour across the country. They have no concrete plans except to see the Pacific Ocean and play one big show.

The two meet with little success at the few lacklustre gigs they manage to get. After days of frustration on the road, Farrah's best friend Dana disappears. Farrah is forced to drive the rest of the way, learn to play shows by herself and ultimately make a decision that will change the course of her young life forever.

the girl from "The Falls" credit: Thomas Van Der Zaag
the girl from "The Falls" credit: Thomas Van Der Zaag

The Plan

Our plan is to work with the talented Elissa Mielke and Tess Parks on guerrilla style scenes as we travel from Niagara Falls to Big Sur, California over two weeks playing small bars, honky-tonks and venues along the way. There will be natural improvisation which will adhere to a very strict outline, focusing on the vital story of love, passion and entertainment.

Filming: November 1st 2013, Budget of $10,000 is the bare minimum to start filming, We are applying for additional art council grants but this is a kick-start!!

What your Contributions goes to:

- Minimal gear: Lights, Camera, Action!

- Something to nibble on along the way! (hopefully healthy)

- Motels and Camping!

- Vehicle, Insurance and Gasoline to get us there!

- Post Production: Color Correction, Sound Design & Audio Mix!

- Film Festivals!

the Limo: $2000.00 Year 2000
the Limo: $2000.00 Year 2000

...And that's pretty much all we need to make a cool, marketable, and meaningful guerrilla film!!!

New limited edition minor caps! Check out the $20 perk!
New limited edition minor caps! Check out the $20 perk!

The Route

Niagra Falls - New Mexico - Oregon - San Francisco - Los Angeles - CANADA ( Home )
Niagra Falls - New Mexico - Oregon - San Francisco - Los Angeles - CANADA ( Home )

Short Films From Paradise Pictures Co.

Two people in their early teens escape from a party. They end up lost in the woods and decide to live there indefinitely, before they are confronted with the inevitable fate that is being a suburban teenager. Teen Getaway is a fantasy for the average kid who might not be so lucky at getting away.

Run: 10 min

This summer the city is as hot as fire and the only true relief is the local swimming pool. A new immigrant shakes his nerves and takes a dip.

Run: 4:30 min

Meet The Team:


Sam Catalfamo
Sam Catalfamo

Sam Catalfamo studied photography at the Ontario College of Art & Design University making his first short film "Teen Getaway" in 2010 which was awarded best live action film at the Toronto International Film Festival Student Showcase and awarded 1st prize from the Directors Guild of Canada. Catalfamo is best known for his surreal, dream adventure movies.

Lead Actress

Ellisa Mielke
Ellisa Mielke

Elissa Mielke is a singer/songwriter & actor who will be playing the lead in "Minor". Lately she's inspired by Joni Mitchell, Dive Bars, Tracey Chapman, Patti Smith, being alone in forests, Ian Curtis, and the german hymns she grew up with. She loves the idea of a song that is both secular and spiritual. Elissa is currently working on her first full length album and feature film debut. To prepare for her role in "Minor", she's watching films that feature multidimensional female characters, reading her old diaries, and revisiting her hometown to remember what being a teenager in a small town feels like. She is excited to write the songs her character, Farrah, will sing in "Minor."

Director of Photography

Matthew Tammaro
Matthew Tammaro

Matthew Tammaro is a photographer and cinematographer from Toronto, Canada. After receiving his BFA in Photography at Ryerson University, he moved to Los Angeles, where he is currently living and working. He has photographed for the likes of Nylon, Lord and Taylor, Aritzia, Esquire Russia, and His personal work delves into an intimate world that explores the lines of fantasy and reality.

The Producer

Christian Hamilton 

Christian Hamilton is a graduate of the University of Toronto’s Theatre and Performance Studies program. She has also worked extensively as a fundraiser and event producer. While holding the post of Advertising Director for Exclaim Media, Hamilton was responsible for organizing events for both indie audiences and corporate clients as well as producing commercial spots. Hamilton’s myriad interests and skills also comprise rare record collecting and DJing on 89.5 fm radio.

1st Assistant Camera & B Cam

 Thomas van der Zaag

Thomas van der Zaag is an internationally published photographer who has displayed work at the AGO and was a recipient of Toronto's emerging artist award. Along with directing and shooting his own independent short films, he has gained invaluable experience from working behind the scenes on major productions such as Total Recall, Resident Evil 5 and Pacific Rim. The intimacy and thoughtfulness he brings to his work will offer a unique and refreshing perspective to Minor.



She Does The City

The Guardian

Risks and challenges

As a team we have made three successful shorts in this style. We have pool hopped for PUBLIC SWIM. We have shot motorcycle scenes through the woods with lights attached to an ATV for TEEN GETAWAY and we have built a small town out of human bodies in a cemetery for INNOCENT THINGS.

We are capable of overcoming any obstacle in our way because in indie film with the budgets you're given, you just have to! And we have proven this time and time again.

***We would love to reach the $15,000 mark to make Minor but in the event we don't reach our goal of $10,000 in 30 days your card will not be charged and Minor will have to be shot on a cellphone in grandmas backyard!

Thank you for helping us make this microscopic story about macroscopic possibilities in this small, small world we all live in.

"Be kind and try to love everyone"

- minor

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