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Joe Belicek doesn't believe in vampires - good thing they believe in him.
Joe Belicek doesn't believe in vampires - good thing they believe in him.
1,485 backers pledged $88,321 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Good Times Bad Times

Hey Kickstarter Backers,  

We have progress notes, personal notes, and a fundamental, oft-forgotten message to everyone.   

Progress Notes: Discussions and sessions are set up with critical people for Blood Kiss, that kick-ass movie in the works which you backed. It is an auspicious moon rising, as we are still on the right, albeit slow, track for now.  

Personal Notes: The world-renowned neurologist Michael has seen whom, as mentioned in the last post, has come through in spades. He has had an innovative surgery with a new drug approved in the United States only three years ago and is making a remarkable, no, miraculous recovery.  

Our Message: No matter what the problem, there is a solution. If you need to invent it yourself, you can. If you need to reinvent yourself first, you can. Even if the rest of the world says, "You can't, it doesn't work that way", you can, and it works however you make it work, you get to decide. It's the explorers, the inventors, the risk-takers, the quiet, awkward person in the corner, and the ones, such as yourselves who have pushed art and civilisation forward with belief. No matter what the insurmountable, incurable, unconquerable problem at hand; know that someone, somewhere, at some time, has been in the same position and prevailed unbeaten.  

Michael was one of those people, and he is thankful to every one of you for your generosity which eventually led to him to this new therapy. You have already succeeded, in helping a man with advanced Parkinson’s. Now, on to his voice, and I thought I just heard a blood-curdling scream...  

Michael has read your messages, which he has taken to heart, and he is working on responding to those personally as soon as he is able, and thanks you again.  

Cheers, Michael and The BK Team

Vampiric Convergence


Hello Kickstarter backers, 

As promised, here's an update! 

Firstly, we're getting in touch with a great actor Michael worked with directly on Batman, someone who would be fantastic for Blood Kiss. We've been working hard forging through the long list of people Michael has worked with and are interested in being involved on Blood Kiss--and as luck would have it, we've been contacted for an interview by a Hollywood magazine. We're looking forward to it! 

As I'm sure you all know, getting all the talent and the stars aligned is quite a challenging part of making a movie. Think of all those professional working people who live all around the world, who are currently contracted to other shows or performances, who have lives and families to juggle and yet are still interested in this labor of love! Getting them all together for meetings and logistics planning is difficult, but we're trying our best. We've said this before, and we'll keep saying it--we appreciate your patience after all the unexpected difficulties we've had with our shifting production team. Hopefully we will have some big updates for you soon! 

Now, onto a personal update, and part of the reason things have been delayed: 

Michael is in the hospital again, and as always he keeps on trudging. It was almost 120 degrees in L.A. on Friday! Even so, he has made remarkable, notable improvement in the last few months. He is seeing a new doctor, a world-renowned neurologist specialising in Parkinson's, which has helped immensely. Michael has not forgotten about you all; he thinks about his movie and of you, the backers, all the time. He is excited to get this movie made, and can't wait to give more direct updates once he is ready, healthwise, to deal with them personally. 

We know it's been tough, but cheer up, damn it--this is going to be one badass flick! 

We leave you with this poem, written by his wife, in honour of the man who has over 400 screenwriting credits to his name. 

There once was a man named Reaves  

A storyteller of Bats and thieves  

Would there be a reveal  

No, development hell is real  

Creatively he’s one doctrinaire  

With a sexy beginning  

Of vampires sinning  

It has its share of dames  

It’ll ignite the flames 

In the end it will receive much acclaim 

Thank you so much for believing and we'll have more updates soon! 

New Producer


Hello Everyone.  My name is Timothy Gagliardo, I've produced a few features and I was brought on to try and get this film made.  I'd like to begin by stating what our current situation is.

When I started I learned that the previous production team had spent a large amount of the kickstarter funds on taxes, development, and attempts to raise more funds.  I do not fault them for this attempt, but their attempt was unsuccessful.

There is not enough money to even attempt to make a single scene of this film with the quality it deserves.  I've created a schedule and budget that estimates about 600K to properly make this film at the cheapest possible budget.

I will not ask for new pledges, so the best remaining plan to get the film made is to sign some star talent aboard.  Mark Hammil, for example.  If he were to sign on to join us I could go to a distribution company and a film finance company and get this film more than fully funded.  Michael (our beloved writer) worked directly with Mark some years ago, so we are pursuing that avenue.

I understand that Mark Hammil is a long shot.  So we have made a list of other potential actors that have worked with Michael and may want to sign.

Currently, Michael is not well. Without going into details, it has slowed us down.  We are hopeful that Michael will be well enough in the near future to help us attach some of our target actors.

We are forging ahead with the utmost optimism desire to make this great film. I will try to log in regularly to keep people up to date and answer any questions you all may have.

Thank you for your patience to this point.

New Blood


We’re proud to introduce you to our new producer Timothy Gagliardo, and director Scott Baker, two talented filmmakers.    

Timothy is an independent film producer and director who has worked on nearly forty feature films, with over twenty as the 1st AD. Among his feature films are The Circuit, Wheels, and recent The 5th Passenger with Scott Baker the writer and director.  

Moving forward with a new strategy for Blood Kiss, Michael, Timothy, and distribution expert Jerome Courshon met last week. Volunteering to work several additional jobs to make the best use of the Kickstarter funds we are fortunate to have both a brilliant and generous producer.

A self-taught filmmaker, Scott has already won a Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival award for best short, The Diary of Anne Frank of the Dead. Fortunate to watch The 5th Passenger, Scott's directorial debut before it has come out, Michael says it is a gutsy movie which kept him on edge while he soaked up the homages to other sci-fi films, the perfect fusion of familiarity and the unexpected.  

Consequently, we are grateful to Timothy and Scott for joining us. Determined to complete principal photography by the end of this year, we cannot wait for Blood Kiss through their prism.

Blood Kiss 2018 Update


Hey Kickstarter Backers, 

No, we have not forgotten about you, and we know you have not felt much love for a while. We have some news we hope will thrill you!   

Before that though, Michael wants you to know he appreciates all your comments, even the angry ones--he feels they are understandable given the circumstances. It has also shown the continued interest in your and his film--and yes it will be a film, and that is what kept him going.  

Michael’s Parkinson’s became a real challenge last year, with severe ramifications throughout his life. Regardless, he has never compromised a single part of your movie; from the talent to the research and development the vamp noir remains intact. His persistence in the face of the odds against him and Blood Kiss is what makes legends. You are all a part of his blood, sweat, and tears.  

He could not do the updates himself due to the shaking in his hands. For the writer who could once type 100 wpm, it was frustrating in the extreme not to be able to communicate with you. However, for you who believed in this project, he felt he owed it to you to carry the torch during those darker days. You did not know it at the time, but your faith to kick-start his dream is the reason it will be a movie this year.  

2018 is an exciting New Year with fresh blood on our journey. We are going to get this thing done! We want you with us every step of the way this time, with bi-monthly check-ins to include the previous month’s accomplishments, what the next goals will be, and when you will hear from us again.  

Thank you, Kickstarter Backers, from the bottom of our hearts.