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€42,917 pledged of €75,000 goal
€42,917 pledged of €75,000 goal

Update #3


Hey! Thank you so much for your continuous support!

We just hit 20k!

We´re still working on a lot of improvements and bug fixes. We have made the crafting recipes less complex and discussed a few ideas to punish players that kill or raid their own faction. 

We came up with this :

(we call it Troll´s island)
(we call it Troll´s island)

 Players who kill their own faction members will end in this jail and have to do repetitive tasks (like hammering ores) in order to be free again. You can try to free your mates but the island is heavily guarded. We´ll only use existing prefabs to create this. We don´t want to spend too much work on it at the moment. 

You might have seen it already. Alex has just finished the highpoly model of the transformable mech. 

transformable mech
transformable mech


Alexey is still working on the heavy VTOL. So it will take some time until this one will find the way into the game. 

We want to give a shoutout to Deimos Studio´s The Tenth Hell! Check it out:

The Tenth Hell
The Tenth Hell

Thanks for reading!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Stephen Schnare on February 20

      Er, Total Biscuit even lol

    2. Missing avatar

      Stephen Schnare on February 20

      Total Buscuit would be a good person to get ahold of.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Belch on February 19

      @G. van Middlekoop I pledged due to slipgator who is quite popular on youtube I think they are doing fine

    4. Missing avatar

      G. van Middelkoop on February 18

      This game needs to happen man, the whole concept is so cool.
      But i think they need more publicity from bigger YouTubers perhaps,
      to draw some people in for the funding.

      Anyway its looking good guys i cant wait for the end result.

    5. Drunken_Legends_Gaming on February 17

      now the real question is how much for custom mechs ;) lol keep up the great work guys ( P.S the island looks awesome, great idea)