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€42,917 pledged of €75,000 goal
€42,917 pledged of €75,000 goal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jose Merino on April 8

      @Brain Stone GmbH We're in April already, I thought you said on march it'll be back up :/

    2. Missing avatar

      Austins29 on March 24

      You guys should add some melee
      weapons and cars.

    3. Missing avatar

      Austins29 on March 24

      Thanks for the info keep up your great works!

    4. Missing avatar

      Keith on March 15


    5. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 15

      Thanks a lot you guys! We´re currently re-working the Kickstarter. It takes some time. But we´ll launch it this month for sure.

    6. Missing avatar

      Nate Taylor on March 15

      Me and a few friends are very interested in this game and glad to hear that it'll be rebooted. Please keep us informed so that we can jump in again!

    7. Missing avatar

      Connor Flinn on March 13

      I am still willing to contribute if ya restart hope u do

    8. Missing avatar

      Keith on March 13

      Happy to contribute if you restart this one.

    9. Steven Schmidt on March 13

      restart... will drop some cash in on it again! DO IT!

    10. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 13

      Sorry meant another comment @Attila

    11. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 13

      @Attila - it would be helpful if you point out where exactly you think we have been misscommunicating.

    12. Missing avatar

      Attila Lipcsei on March 13

      Please restart the campaign ASAP, so who already pledged wont forget to do it again. Seems to be a great game in the making btw guys. Keep up the good work, cant wait to put my hands on a key.

    13. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 13

      Thanks @Greg!

      Yes @Austin

    14. Missing avatar

      Austins29 on March 13

      So when the pantropy is avalible again (when lower the fund) do you have to click buy again or not?

    15. Missing avatar

      Greg Trone on March 13

      I saw thge passion you guys had for the game in the kickstarter video. However, I had to go through YouTube dev blogs, discord, and twitch videos just how far you have developed the game. Maybe try and show off all the features and in engine R&D footage to back up your bullet points to show how well you put your words onto action.

    16. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 13

      Thanks so much @Judy!

    17. Judy Lynn
      on March 12

      I'm happy to hear you will reboot! I increased my pledge to try to help some but was super sad when I saw how far we still had to go today. So that's great news that we will have another chance at this!!

    18. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 12

      Thanks so much guys! We´ll reboot the KS with a lower goal.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jason Peterson on March 12

      This game has a ton of potential and some of the most community involved devs I have ever seen. The are very active on their discord with the general community and they are in regular communication with their current group of alpha testers. The game is going to be awesome, so if you are on the fence about supporting this project, just go for it. You will not be disappointed.

    20. Blue Gear Games LLC
      on March 10

      This looks like a wonderful idea of a game! I truly hope this funds! Great concept and amazing talents from what I see!

    21. Al WaysUltra on March 8

      Thx to youtubers, great game already, can't wait to get a key..unfortunatly another month,I guess....weiter so,devs, lebt euren Traum !

    22. drakrochma on March 8

      Thanks, thats good to read.
      Is there anything else I could do that giving you money and spreading the word?

    23. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 8

      Hi Drakrochma,

      of course we´re going to do this game! No matter what! We´ll try to publish more updates with the reboot of the Kickstarter. We learned a lot from this campaign and will hopefully make many things better on the 2nd try :) Thanks for your support!

    24. drakrochma on March 8

      I trust in your ability to make this game and not only to make this but also to make this game a gread game.
      Anyway I would have hoped for more updates .
      Only 3 updates is far to less, at least thats my opinion.
      With more updates, I would have expected more money to be spent here.
      So, if you do a reboot, let me know and I will back again and maybe even more.
      But, please, more updates next time.

      Das Spiel hätte es echt verdient irgendwann gespielt zu werden, hätte auch genug Kumpels, die total heiß sind drauf.
      Aber so wirds ja wohl leider nix. :(

    25. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 7

      Hi Morten, actually you didn´t pay anything. You´ll only pay if the Kickstarter is successful. And keys can only be sent out once the KS is finished successfully. No one has been charged so far and we didn´t receive any email contact from the backers.

    26. Missing avatar

      Morten Brain Krog on March 7

      Kinda wonder why i havent gotten a mail or anything since it says im a backer. xD.
      did pay just wonder where my mail is

    27. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 7

      We´re not allowed to sell the game on our website while it´s not released on Steam. Kickstarter is the only option. We´ll reboot the campaign if it fails.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeffrey Schuller tot Peursum on March 7

      6 days left. It seems it will be hard to reach the final goal.
      After these 6 days will you start a option to back the game on your own website? So we the players who are looking forward to this will get access in March.

    29. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 7

      Thanks Emery!

    30. Emery Collins on March 5

      Game looks like its coming along nicely ! I hope I get a key next time around ! =) I really enjoy supporting games like this and working in the alpha and beta testing parts !

    31. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 5

      @Thomas it is all working fine. It is a lottery and keys will be sent out again in July

    32. Missing avatar

      Thomas Andersson on March 5

      You shuld update your homepage its out of date.
      No Closed Alpha Keys to get i heard so eather remove it or make a lottery with 1-2 keys a day maybe . And the devblog nothing happend sence january? update make more hype.. ;)

    33. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 5

      That´s correct @Alex Nguyen - Thanks! We´re already on Steam but not released. @Psystec Kickstarter doesn´t feature flexible goals. It´s always all or nothing.

    34. Missing avatar

      Chandler on March 4

      @Alex Nguyen Thanks for the info

    35. Missing avatar

      Alex Nguyen on March 4

      If this Kickstarter fails there is a new one planed with a lower goal that will be posted. When the Kickstarter succeeds you will get an email with the code in which you redeemed on steam to access the game.

    36. Missing avatar

      Chandler on March 4

      If the game does get launched how will we get the pre-alpha game? Sorry if this obvious this is my first time on Kickstarter.

    37. Missing avatar

      Thomas Ferguson on March 4

      Awesome!! This game got it all :) Asking all my friends to pledge too.

    38. Psystec on March 4

      You can relaunch the campaign with the same target and just make it flexible. I'm sure that the people will know whats up. I'm just sad because now i have to wait again to get a key :(

    39. Missing avatar

      Douglas Williams on March 3

      Just backed this cause I love some space survival games. Thanks to youtuber Game4kickz for getting me excited about this. When we be able to download the game if we donated enough for the pre-release?

    40. Missing avatar

      Snoopy on March 2

      So if we don't hit the target, what happens? Will development continue or is that it? I really like the looks of the game and it'd really be a shame if we can't get to play it :(

    41. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on March 2

      Thanks a lot! :)

    42. Missing avatar

      HulksGaming on March 2

      cant wait to play around 13th , share the page , fb page , twitter , this backer pages to all my social media sites , this game needs to be known all over :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Lee Suttling on March 2

      and i have just posted pantropys kickstarter page to my 4000+ friends on facebook, hope there might be a bite or two from that

    44. Missing avatar

      Lee Suttling on March 2

      my first ever kick start backing and heck i can't wait to play this, best decision i have ever made, keep up the great work guys, looks amazing

    45. Missing avatar

      Durieu on February 28

      Oh i just saw the previous answer ^^

    46. Missing avatar

      Durieu on February 28

      In the case that we don't reach 75 000€ will you do an other campaign ?

      Or will you do something to actual backers ?

      Or an other thing ?

      Have a nice day !

    47. Brain Stone GmbH 2-time creator on February 27

      Thanks! Here´s the discord :

    48. Missing avatar

      NOEL COX on February 26

      First time I have ever pledged and I really hope you guys make it. The game looks awesome. Cant wait to play, just watched Kage848 play tru and got bitten by the bug...pun intended.

    49. Missing avatar

      Alexander on February 25

      i hope this projekt succeeds with the actual goal, you guys seem to put so much passion in it and work so close together with the community. but i already spammed all ppl i know who enjoy this type of game to pledge :/

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