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pledged of $93,056 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Brain Stone GmbH
pledged of $93,056 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ben Newton just now

      I really can't wait for this game to come out. My first time ever using kickstarter.. hope everything works out for this game.

    2. Missing avatar

      Tommi Mäkinen about 6 hours ago

      How can you even make a youtube video playing solo

    3. Missing avatar

      Tommi Mäkinen about 6 hours ago

      I was playing pantropy at my friend cuz i love the game and he was lucky enough to get one of the keys. Why wont these keys work for like 2-3 times that friends could play/test with you? It's all about that though.

    4. Brain Stone GmbH Creator about 10 hours ago

      Thanks Sean and Gryndhol!

    5. Missing avatar

      Sean Patrick Kinney about 13 hours ago

      Damn you Sir!! Because of you, your staff and this amazing game I just had to kickstart.. My first Kickstart.. What have you done?!? ;) best of luck and I can not wait start playing!

    6. Gryndhol 2 days ago

      Backed. These types of games are my favorite!

    7. Brain Stone GmbH Creator 3 days ago

      Thanks so much! @Neil we´re working hard on it :)

    8. Neil Braybrook 3 days ago

      Backed it so pumped for this game looks killer! Love that there are things to do and active NPC to spice it up!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alexander 3 days ago

      transformable mechs?!?! waiting for the alpha becomes now even worse than waiting for christmas eve as a kid :D

    10. Brain Stone GmbH Creator 4 days ago

      Thanks a lot! We used to play a lot of Neocron in our youth.

    11. Lord_Grax 4 days ago

      This looks great!
      All the best with the Kickstarter :)

    12. Missing avatar

      Jayden Bolzon 4 days ago

      Backed it up, looks really good.

    13. Missing avatar

      Julian Heim 4 days ago

      This game looks a lot like Neocron in its nature. :)

      Glorious old times...

    14. Brain Stone GmbH Creator 4 days ago

      Thanks for your support!

    15. Missing avatar

      Marvin Claußen 5 days ago

      Just backed it. It looks dann impressive nice.

    16. Missing avatar

      GasTheFanz 5 days ago

      Call me Lieutenant Gas!
      Just backed the game. Pretty excited about the March beta! Hoping the game gets a lot of backers, Ill be spreading the word! Thanks Kage848 for the awesome streams man! Love your chan!

    17. Brain Stone GmbH Creator 6 days ago

      Thanks guys! There´s no Mac release planned.

    18. Missing avatar

      Omega_07 6 days ago

      Will it be released on Mac?

    19. Missing avatar

      monsh 6 days ago

      Backed after catching Shadowfrax spotlight. Upped my pledge after watching "Let's play" from Kage848. Pantropy might be my new fix! Let's get the word out!

    20. Missing avatar

      jarett riemer 6 days ago

      so how do i get access to the game now if what i bought was the key for march i mean i dont mind waiting i was curious because i thought thats how id get the game now

    21. Brain Stone GmbH Creator 7 days ago

      Thanks for your support! @Auroch - it´s not a f2p game.
      Danke Andreas! :)

    22. Missing avatar

      Tommi Mäkinen 7 days ago

      Huh when how where did you join the lottery, i didnt get the chance :(

    23. Missing avatar

      Imre Sarkozi on February 10

      Mechs, building, crafting, hunting and a lot else (just the Mech already) bought me. I can't wait for this to release. To taste it, see what it knows!
      With regards

    24. Auroch Digital on February 10

      Is the base game a free to play one? Thanks,love the art!

    25. Missing avatar

      Ian Burley on February 10

      Backed after watching a bunch of my favorite Youtubers Kage848, BaronVonGames and Games4Kickz really hope you guys reach all of your goals.

    26. Missing avatar

      Andreas Sellmer on February 10

      Euer spiel hat echt was. Bin schon ein richtiger fan ^^ und sehr gespannt was daraus wird. Hoffe ihr schafft euer Limit ansonsten helfe ich noch etwas mehr aus :)

    27. Brain Stone GmbH Creator on February 10

      @Menvy - your key will be vaild even after the testing

    28. Brain Stone GmbH Creator on February 10

      Thanks so much for your support guys!

    29. Missing avatar

      jarett riemer on February 9

      is the steam early access key the ones i have to wait for or is that alpha keys

    30. 6EyesStudio
      on February 9

      Looking awesome, can't wait for this to release :)

    31. Christian Pohle on February 9

      Schöne Grüße aus Teltow ans Team ^^

    32. Menvy on February 9

      I won a steam key today in a lottery and this game seemed to be great.
      After installing it, I discovered a very good game.
      The actual version is very early so there are a lot of bug, but there are many improvements with daily updates.
      A good game!
      Good technic of building, the system of mining is interesting. Have a robot with us is always a good way to go...
      Really a good game !
      Don’t be afraid to put money inside, you will not be disappointed.

      In my case, will my testing pass be revoked when the alpha will be out (summer)?

    33. Drunken_Legends_Gaming on February 8

      This looks amazing! Can't wait to Stream this game and make some awesome Mechs!

    34. River
      on February 8

      Woo, been following y'all on Twitter for ages now so glad to finally see the Kickstarter live :D

    35. Brain Stone GmbH Creator on February 8

      One of our guys has a 4k system and it runs on 60 fps :)

    36. Missing avatar

      kevin on February 8

      I already love the game, I'm curious to see how it will run on a 4k setup 😁
      I'm so going to 3d print one of the mecs when the game comes out. 😊

    37. Brain Stone GmbH Creator on February 8

      Thank you so much for your support!

    38. DaTexasLoser on February 8

      Looking forward to this intriguing and remarkable survival/sci-fi based game.
      Best of luck for your campaign!~

    39. Missing avatar

      Jassim Alsooj on February 8

      looks like an amazing game i love you
      i would like to play a version of it and stream it for you guys

    40. Missing avatar

      Steven Kendzerski on February 7

      ThatGermanGuy streamed playing this game and it looked amazing. I am glad to help and cant wait to play.

    41. Missing avatar

      Kevin on February 7

      I'm not a big PC gamer but this one looks like a lot of fun

    42. Psystec on February 7

      SHADOWFRAX brought me here. First time I back and i'm so excited i backed 50 euros. Good luck to you guys and can't wait to play this game!

    43. Kage848 on February 7

      I was very surprised with how much is already in the game. Now shaddup and take my money!

    44. Jamie Lee Williamson on February 7

      Just checked out SHADOWFRAX video on the game, I've backed 35 euros

    45. The Dreyer Bothers
      on February 7

      These ideas are exactly what games need to improve. Kickstarter funded as well. . . Yes to all of this. Best of luck to you.

    46. Brain Stone GmbH Creator on February 6

      Thanks a lot guys!

    47. Taelon on February 6

      Your campaign has a big problem - video is too long. I wanned back it after 30sec, but couldn't stop watching to see mooooore :D

    48. Ceres Games
      on February 6

      All the best for your campaign! Your game looks amazing.

    49. Games4Kickz
      on February 6

      Good Luck and hope you guys get to make the game you want to :)