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These are custom dice designed to work for Horror themed board games that take place in Arkham, or any Eldritch Cthulhu games you play!
These are custom dice designed to work for Horror themed board games that take place in Arkham, or any Eldritch Cthulhu games you play!
885 backers pledged $24,214 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Balexia6 on

      An Aussie backer here just checking in on where Australian shipments stand? Still yet to see my new dice... I'm hoping they are still yet to be sent and not lost :| :)

    2. Missing avatar

      notanumber on

      Good to hear folks are still getting their dice, and that some are making their way to Canada. @Ryan Mulatz I've actually offered to cover shipping on a few separate occasions, but I've never heard back so have no idea how much to send, or even where to send it so I'm still waiting.

    3. Ryan Mulatz on

      @notanumber: I'm in Saskatchewan and I received my dice a few months ago. They are fantastic and you will not be disappointed. I just messaged Tom about paying extra for the shipping and it still took some time to hear from him, I had the dice maybe a week after sending him the money for shipping. Honestly, I would highly recommend others do the same if they don't want to wait. It's not much more and the price of the original KS was so low that it's still a huge bargain compared to buying other similar dice. I have to hand it to Tom for sticking with this project for so long, and toughing it out when I'm confident other's would have walked away long ago. So while it's been a long time, I have a lot of respect for Tom for seeing it through.

    4. Missing avatar

      Rick B on

      For backers still awaiting fulfillment, I am still awaiting delivery in IL. You are not alone.

    5. Andreas Kotschote on

      Any news for the german backers?

    6. Fredrik Lindström on

      @Tom: Can help send to swedish backers, just let me know ;)

    7. Expletius on

      Again, I would offer help for spreading out dice in germany... as I think there are some more ppl here waiting as well...

    8. Missing avatar

      Duane Turner on

      One more Saskatoon backer still waiting.

    9. Jeff Richards

      My belief is high. So many other creators would have given up or disappeared. The fact that Tom is still here (as proved by both comments and by people receiving their dice) is a testimony to his character.

      @Tom, I see your comment regarding the death in the family. My deepest condolences.

    10. Erick Christgau

      US backer still waiting (TN)

    11. Missing avatar

      Imperator Nero on

      Another Canadian backer still waiting (QC) is not high but still there ;)

    12. Ryan Callbeck on

      @Tom: I am sorry to hear that. As always, do what you have to do - that's definitely a priority that everyone here understands! Once your back at it please feel free to drop a line - I am willing to help any way you require.

    13. Tom Wilfong Creator on

      @Ryan: It's still in the works. I had a death in the family that I've been dealing with, but hopefully next week my schedule will clear up again to get another bulk shipment out.

    14. Ryan Callbeck on

      @Daniel Ripley - At one point I approached Tom to ask about sending a bulk shipment so that I could help and disperse around. Last I had heard he said he was interested. And then it went forward to Germany. So I am not sure if its not as feasible maybe - But I know there are a few of us around and in Saskatoon from the comments left through the years. Still I haven't lost faith in Tom. He said its going to happen and I believe him. He has made it this far and proven he is of a higher caliber then many. At least the way I see it.

    15. Missing avatar

      notanumber on

      Canadian backer in BC, here. Was just wondering if any other Canadian backers had received theirs yet myself.

      I really wish there was a bit more transparency in this whole process. I don't mind the delays so much as the fact that we have no idea how many of us are still waiting.

    16. Daniel Ripley on

      @Evan de Sousa: Thanks!
      @Ryan Callbeck: ha ha, two Saskatoon backers no less. Thanks!

    17. Ryan Callbeck on

      @Daniel Ripley - I am still left here in Saskatoon too - Canada. I have faith though!

    18. aaron heil on

      Still waiting in Maryland,,, was hoping when another local got theirs 2 months ago that maybe... but still nothing!

    19. Evan de Sousa

      @Daniel Ripley: I'm a Canadian backer who's still waiting as well, so you aren't alone.

    20. Daniel Ripley on

      Any Canadian backers left? I'd feel better if there were others, rather than just assuming Canada Post lost my order...

    21. Missing avatar

      Zed Lopez

      Hey, got my dice today in California. Thanks, Tom.

    22. Akule

      Touching base again.

    23. Missing avatar

      Richard Austen on

      Wow just got my dice. They are really lovely. All the best Tom and hope it's drawing to a conclusion for you.

    24. Tasker on

      Meant to add...

      Thanks for the hard work. :-)

      Sorry it turned into such a nightmare for you. :-(

    25. Tasker on

      Hello from the UK.

      Received mine a couple of days ago.

      Totally forgot all about them untill they turned up. Lol

    26. Missing avatar

      Martin Lampitt

      Received in the UK but wondered what happened to Mythos Mania?

    27. Missing avatar

      Adam Marsen on

      Dice received. Thanks for sticking with this.

    28. Missing avatar

      Dan Brown on

      Got dice and bag today in the UK. Thanks so much to Paul and especially Tom for staying with it so long!

    29. Nigel Buckle

      Another happy UK backer with their dice and bags thanks Tom for sticking with it and Paul for doing the distribution.

    30. Gregory Smith on

      I got dice today too. In the UK.

    31. Paul Gothard

      Hey, just got my dice too here in the UK. Thanks Tom. They are great and I can't wait to use them.

    32. Nathan Daniel Smith on

      Hiya, another UK backer who received today. Many thanks to Tom and everyone for persevering with the project! x

    33. Colin Baillie on

      UK backer here as well - got my dice and dice bags today. Thanks Tom, and Paul.

    34. Missing avatar

      Anthony Williams on

      Another UK backer - just got my dice today - they are great, I'm chuffed to bits.

    35. Stelio Passaris on

      UK backer here who has just received his package. All dice and dice bags present, and their quality has exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

    36. Paul Round

      Hi all UK backers. Just wanted to let you know that I received the UK shipment from Tom yesterday. I have posted all 30 packages today so everyone should receive them within the next few days.

      Thanks to Tom for sticking this out when many others would have just walked away!

      (Re-posting here in case people don’t check the comments under the last update).

    37. Akule

      Just touching base in order to see where we stand.

    38. Aaron M Williams

      @Marco Donghi: What USD did you pledge?

    39. Missing avatar

      Maida Farrar

      Domestic order. I have no idea what address you have for me anymore. Any way to check that?

    40. Marco Donghi on

      Any chance I can get my money back?

    41. Missing avatar

      Antti Rautiainen on

      Hi, nice seeing everything being worked out little by little. However as the shipping has been delayed quite a lot. Is there anyway to keep your shipping information updated ? As some like myself may have moved during this time. Is there a backerkit or similar to update ones shipping info or do I just leave a private message ?

    42. Paul Goddard on

      Hey Tom! Do you have a list of people that you have yet to have their package sent out? As this project has been going for so long I have been so paranoid that you have sent it and it was lost or never reached me. Can you let me know if you have sent it out to me yet? I can provide any info you may need! Still Thanks for working on this. Honestly the amount of work you have put in to get this to us is amazing! Most kickstarters would have given up by now (and I have backed a few that DID give up) you are a rare breed among this site.

    43. Missing avatar

      Karl Frank on

      Hi Tom,
      as I said before - if it helps I can switch my Austrian address for one located in Germany and I could also forward
      any dice sent to that German address to destinations in Austria

    44. Michael Surbrook

      My dice have arrived!

    45. JP Fairchild on

      Just wanted to send a note of encouragement. I did get mine after a long wait. Tom is trying. Keep going Tom!

    46. Jonas "Drakurius" Runkel on

      Still waiting in Germany. Maybe with the next batch.

    47. Carl,Crimson Hand Master of Brimestone on

      Still waiting patiently for mine Tom. Any chance of getting an ETA?

    48. Tom Wilfong Creator on

      I am working on large batch orders for Germany and the UK right now. I will let you all know when those have gone out!

    49. Andreas Kotschote on

      Hi Tom, Andy news for the german backers? Could you send a batch to someone so he could distribute them to us?

    50. Expletius on

      Thanks to everyone who reports in, when they receive their dice!

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