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$450 pledged of $15,000 goal
By Alan Hamilton
$450 pledged of $15,000 goal

Spicy Aprons Beta stylings are now on Amazon!

We are very pleased that we now have our full line of beta version aprons live on Amazon and we are already receiving orders through the "Big A."  We will be live on Buy .com in approximately one week, so we are moving forward with good progress.

Spicy Aprons is going to be a solid success and we are comitted to that goal. With your backing, we can make the logistics of going into full production go much smoother and so we welcome you to get behind us with your donations! We'd love to hit our $15k goal but to do that takes YOU.

We have some great reward packages for our backers, so come on in and show us the love Kicksters - you'll sleep better tonight knowing you are backing a great little company with a great future!  :-)

Thank You All,


16 days to go, show us the love!

I guess maybe our video is not Spielberg caliber, but people who are ordering them sure do love our uniquely fresh apron designs. We have time to hit our goal for this project, but to make it happen takes YOU! :)  Please hit us up with any questions or comments you may have and we will be happy to oblige!


Update for those who contacted us about not seeing our listing on Kickstarter

A quick update for those of you who alerted us to the difficulty you had, or are having in finding our project on Kickstarter...

First of all, thank you for bringing this to our attention. I have contacted Kickstarter to let them know about the issue and to see what they can do to make it easier for possible backers to find our project.

With as many projects as the staff at KS is handling, things like this can happen. We (too) have noticed that our project is nearly impossible to find. We are supposed to be listed in the Fashion category and also in the Recently Released projects category and I have emailed the staff to bring the problem to their attention. I'm confident that they will resolve the issue and in the meantime I want to thank you for hanging in there and finding us!

I am including a direct link to our Kickstarter project to insure that others who you may tell about us can easily locate our  project and I welcome you to pass it along! Your backing and assistance in reaching our goal is dearly appreciated!!

On another note...

We had a very productive meeting with manufacturing yesterday and are assured that once we give the go-ahead that production of our designs will commence immediately. We have also completed our setup on Amazon.com and so we are ready to rock!

Thank you again for your continued support and referrals. We have a big winner here and your backing is deeply appreciated.

Alan & The Team!


It feels awesome to have a brand new release sell so quickly!

Just wanted to share some fun news with everyone...

Earlier this morning we released a brand new design to the SpicyAprons.Com website. It is the Spicy Blue Blossoms apron. Our focus group feedback a few months back was very positive on this new offering and so we designed the beta version and got them into stock last week.

Once the photographer was done, we added this new design to our collection and this morning, we set it live on our site. To our delight, less than four hours after it went live, the first orders came through! It feels so great when a new style gets immediate consumer approval  - just wanted to share my adrenalin rush with you! :)

We have liftoff!

I am very excited to say that at 7 a.m. MDST today (May 1, 2012) we launched our Kickstarter project! We want this project to be as interactive as possible because in a very real sense, we consider our backers to be our partners in this project.

With that in mind, we welcome and invite you to comment and / or ask any questions that come to mind and I will be more than happy to oblige.

Your support of our project means the world to us and we look forward to taking this next big step with the help of fellow entrepreneurs who are rooting for us. Thank You!

Alan :)