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Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest running independent comics today and with your help it will be made into an Animated Series!!!
Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest running independent comics today and with your help it will be made into an Animated Series!!!
1,174 backers pledged $188,970 to help bring this project to life.

Update #17: More Rewards & Add Ons

We've had a lot of people asking for us to open up some of the reward items to add on to their rewards packages. So we are going to try to make as many of our backers as happy as possible with these new add ons.

$5 - Limited edition Grimm Fairy Tales trading card. (limit 2).

$20 - Wonderland Pint Glass Set.

$30 - Art of the Grimm Animated Series book.

$50 - Signed edition of the Grimm Fairy Tales Hard Cover Art Book.

$50 - LE Art Print of any of the Kickstarter covers from this drive.

If you do increase your pledge amount for one of these rewards please let us know which one you want.

We are also thinking of doing a second t-shirt that features the Greg Horn Kickstarter artwork but we don't want to overload our backers. Please let us know if you want this t-shirt and if we get enough of a positive response we will. 

We still have over 40 hours left and we'd really love to add more content to so let's push to get to $225k!

We'll be listing a couple of new rewards tomorrow including a really cool digital reward and a reward for the October NY Comic Con.

Thanks to all our backers for their tremendous support of the project!


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    1. David Berck

      Has the survey been sent out yet? If so, I haven't received it.

    2. Missing avatar

      Rob Glidden on

      I added another $30 and am hoping to get that Art Book for the Animated Series. I'll be waiting as patiently as I can for the survey!

    3. Keith Robinson on

      How big is the art print?

    4. Joe Brusha 3-time creator on

      If you added money above the reward level you've chosen, you will be given a survey after the pledge period to give us the specifics on what you added the money for, and we will get everything together, packed up, and sent out once all the items are available.

    5. Christopher Bohné on

      Cool... so I've added $10 for an extra tpb, $30 for the sick t-shirt with the werewolfeseses on it, and another twump for the Alice pint glasses! Whoo! Seems like a decent trade to me! Seems like a lotta backers pulling out... hope this stays on target! I wanna see this done bad! Maybe Adult Swim would pick this up?

    6. on

      Added a few more bucks for the limited edition trading card...

    7. Missing avatar

      Maxime Buffa on

      Go for Greg Horn tshirt :-)

      (Pledged for one tshirt and one LE art in addition to my chosen rewards... didn't know if shipping cost was common or for each piece, though ?)

    8. Keith Robinson on

      I already pledged extra for the shot glasses, but it I can, I'd be VERY tempted to pledge extra money for multiple things on that list.

    9. Ralf En on

      I raised from 40 to 50 to geht the do i know IT worked ?

    10. Jonathan Tan Si-Hao on

      The Greg Horn shirt will be great!

    11. Missing avatar


      I've pledged $30 would i be getting Art of the Grimm Animated Series book with that pledge.

    12. Michael Stum on

      Awesome! How big would the prints be?

    13. CHARLES C. HILL on

      Just so I'm clear, is the Pint Glass added to my rewards package BECAUSE I've pledged $20 or do I need to pledge ANOTHER $20 to get the glass? Plus, I'm all for the Greg Horn shirt. There is no such thing as too much swag! Keep it coming...

    14. Eric Rich on

      Persoanlly I'd love the Greg Horn art on a shirt, as long as the shirt wasn't white. Also, what sizes will you be offering the shirts in? You say to let you know which extra rewards we want, but how do we do that?

    15. Christopher David Ekstrom on

      If I Could I Would Add On
      The Animated Series Blue-Ray Combo Pack in Metal Package w/ Limited Edition artwork inside and behind the scenes footage,
      Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series SIGNED Movie poster
      The Art book of the Animated Series