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Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest running independent comics today and with your help it will be made into an Animated Series!!!
Grimm Fairy Tales is one of the longest running independent comics today and with your help it will be made into an Animated Series!!!
1,174 backers pledged $188,970 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      sgllama on

      Well, this has put me off buying any more Zenescope titles: I'll just hang on to what I've already bought, maybe pass them on to a charity shop if I've lost the taste for reading them.

    2. Missing avatar

      Els Van Landuyt on

      Have not received anything?????

    3. Adam Fink on

      When I first discovered Zenescope, I found them on my local comic book stores shelves, I was impressed by the story concepts and presentation, especially the various Wonderland titles. The cheesecake covers were very nice as well, but not the driving reason for collecting them for several years.
      ...Then this project came up and I realized that they were local to where I live -- just a couple of towns over - so I thought it would be wonderful way to show support for a company that is in my own backyard...

      Well -- as a result of our shared experience and frustration on this project, I have gone from being a fan to not wanting anything more to do with them... I have thrown all of my stuff in the trash and absolutely refuse to purchase anything more relating to this company. They may think they did nothing wrong in running this campaign, but their failure to address our concerns has lost them at least three customers as my children will also have nothing to do with them as well.

    4. Missing avatar

      Devon Nelson on

      I backed at the $50 level and I received a bundle of misc. comics, no DVD, no trade paperback...

    5. Carl King on

      Class-Action Lawsuit?

    6. James Boldock on

      I don't think that we'll ever see the final version of the digital download. It has been over 10 months since the last update. Time to resign to the fact that we'll never see this in a million years.

    7. Tobias Fleischer // PYLON.FM Productions

      I also have not yet received any of the rewards (for level $25)! No key chain, no comics, no series to watch. C'mon, what is going on? Very disappointed! :-(

    8. John Wetzler on

      UPDATE: Just got this from Joe B, in case anyone else picked the Minimates option...

      "Minimate production samples just came in yesterday. Keep an eye out for a twitter pic.

      We are getting the full shipment in by the end of the month. "

    9. John Wetzler on

      I dropped a note to Joe Brusha using the messaging system, we'll see if it gets a reply. I'm one of the $100 backers (Grimmies). I've got everything except one of the replacement options for the Grimmies. Went with the Minimates option, and see no forward momentum on that front at all.

      At this point, I'd be happy with ANY replacement option, or just a check for $30. Everything I've gotten up to this point would match the $70 reward tier anyway.

    10. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I would assume this project is dead. They haven't posted in months. I don't see Zenescope doing anything further on this. There will be no official digital copy or missing items replaced. I am grateful I got a refund. I just fell bad for everyone else that didn't get everything they were promised.

    11. Brandon Yocom on

      I never did receive my rewards package. The only thing I did receive was the bonus tpbs that they sent for early supporters. I've tried to contact them to no avail. Can anyone from Zenescope that might see this message assist? Thanks, Brandon.

    12. michael drury on

      This is copied and pasted. It doesn't mention it being the pilot only. For the pilot only, I'd have been happy to pay $3-$4. In fact, I see no mention of a pilot only option at any backing level. I feel duped into pledging for something much less than I paid for. $20 for one episode of anything is nuts!

      You selected

      Pledge $20 or more

      65 backers

      Digital copy of the Grimm Fairy Tales Animated Series!!! A Special Thank You in the credits of the series, Digital copy of our Grimm Fairy Tales issue #1, Grimm Fairy Tales Wallpaper.

      Estimated delivery: Dec 2012

      Twice it states the word series but not once the word pilot :( I've tried contacting on the link but no answer.

    13. Kevin Pass on

      @James my mistake didn't know that must have skipped that part of the update.

    14. James Boldock on

      @Kevin Pass, there is yet a final version of the digital download yet to be released, check the last update.

    15. Kevin Pass on

      @Michael @James There was a message ages back with a link to get the digital copy as I have it. Not sure why many didn't get the link. It only has the pilot episode as James explained the KS was just for the pilot.

      If you've only been sending messages to the creator through KS system then just stop as he/they don't read them. Instead email about your problem and you should get a reply.

      For myself I've finally got the cheque for the $30 add on that never got produced and have put it in the bank so I'm now done with all this. Wish it wasn't such a pain as it turned out to be. I've lost all trust in the company and any inkling of buying from them - never did in the first place so thats something.

    16. James Boldock on

      @Michael, in all honestly the Kickstarter was for only the pilot episode of the series. I have complained to the project creator and Kickstarter about getting the final version of the pilot episode and little has happened about it. I doubt that we shall see it now.

    17. michael drury on

      Has anyone had any news about the $20 level which includes the digital tv series? I backed and have had no news in ages. Thanks

    18. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Glad to hear it Kevin. I hope everyone else that backed this project came out ok

    19. Kevin Pass on

      After sending two messages via kickstarter and getting nothing I sent an email to the info address and the next day I got a message back and now thanks to Meaghan Ellis later this week they should be sending me a cheque for the $30 for the art book that didn't get produced.

      So that should mean by the end of next month I can leave this behind.

    20. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Good Luck Kevin - They never told me about the refund it just showed up.
      It sucks about the Art book. They should have told people way in advanced about not making these items.
      I hope people enjoyed the show. I didn’t watch it. I have no desire at this point.
      I wound up giving all my Kickstarter and Zenescope stuff away to my local comic book store. They take bundles of stuff to sick kids. I hope they find some older kids that will enjoy it.

      I just think they got in over their heads and then failed miserably on their customer support.

    21. Kevin Pass on

      Thats great Patrick I'm probably going to wait till april before I ask again for a refund as before they said they're not giving refunds at the time but if they've given you a refund now I guess they'll have to give me my refund for the 'art of' book.

    22. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      All I can say is wow. I did get my package.
      I opened the box and found:
      a coupon for %50 of orders that expired before I got my package. It’s nice that it says valid from 1/1 to 2/28 and I got my package in March.
      1 keychain
      1 blueray disc
      I got some comic books that I didn’t request
      I did not get the graphic novels I requested for not getting my Grimmes.

      I was ready to say “looks like they screwed up again” but then I saw an envelope.
      Zenescope gave my money back.

      I don’t know if it was my complaining, my emails to kickstarter, or comments on facebook that got me my refund but to Zenescope’s credit they refunded all my money.

      I am very grateful because I can now be done with this company. I am quite sure they are ready to be done with me.

      I wish Zenescope would have treated the KS backers better and been more honest. The delays and non produced items had to be something they were aware of.
      Zenescope continues to ignore us and not post updates on the project.

      I continue to say they don’t care about their fans because if they did they would have treated their supporters better.

      I wish the best of luck to the other backers.

    23. James Boldock on

      @Patrick, did you get it?

      @Joe, can we PLEASE have an update on the final digital download of the product. It's been almost eight weeks since your last update, that alone is inexcusable.

    24. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I did get an email with a tracking number on 3/10. Funny thing is it shows it shipped 2/18 and delivered 2/21. .
      My wife says a package showed up today they may be from Zenescope.
      I am anxious to see what it is

    25. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I am glad to hear you guys are getting stuff. 6 weeks since the last update and still nothing. I at least got the snarky email from Joe. I have some time off and look forward to trying to call him.
      Not that i expect anything to happen, but it would be nice to hear the reason why i gave them $100 and got nothing for it.

    26. Federico Franceschi on

      They replied to me in record time!!!

      "Hi Federico,
      Your package was finished today and will be shipped out tomorrow. We will send you tracking then.

      Thanks again to Vincent!!!

    27. Missing avatar

      Aglaia on

      I got my DVD and keychain in the mail today. They were already on their way when I emailed zenescope. I had to email again as part of the rewards package was still missing, but I am getting very prompt responses from the emails.

    28. Federico Franceschi on

      I have just emailed them too. Thanks Vincent!

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Vincent - Glad to hear you got your stuff

    30. Missing avatar

      Aglaia on

      Thanks, Vincent! I have done as you suggested and emailed them directly.

    31. slashmastah on

      FINAL UPDATE: So I got all the items I requested yesterday. To reiterate, I suggest if you do not have all your things the best way to contact them is by email at Based on my experience, they don't check the kickstarter even though they say they do. Good luck people!

    32. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I am glad to hear some people are getting their items and replacement items. I just get snarky emails and no product. I have emailed info@zenescope 5 times now wothout a response.

      Good times - I love this company!

    33. slashmastah on

      Aglaia, based on my experience, they NEVER check the kickstarter. Your best bet is to contact them by email at and telling them your situation. My missing items would be arriving today and I will let you guys know what happens when it gets here.

    34. Missing avatar

      Aglaia on

      It sounds like folks are beginning to get the rewards in. Did you get any notice that they were on their way without having to contact them first? Or did stuff just show up?

      I've posted here and messages privately via Kickstarter, but I've gotten no response from the company either way. I've refrained from resorting to Facebook as it seems like the company is not responding well to that, but I, like many others, would appreciate some kind of acknowledgement/response/apologyfor the inordinately long delay without much explanation.

    35. Donnie Adkins on

      Well I did receive a package today that contained the Grimm Fairy Tales Art Book. I don't know what is so "Limited Edition" about it since it is just the regular art book. Even though we were promised a Grimm Fairy Tales LE Art Book.

    36. slashmastah on

      UPDATE #2: I was provided with a tracking number yesterday and the package should be getting here tomorrow. I'll let you guys know when it gets here safe and sound.

    37. Donnie Adkins on

      Well I have been sent a tracking number for my replacement book. Now let's see if it is the one actually promised when it gets here today.

    38. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      This is what I replied back. I do look forward to getting him on the phone.

      Thank you for the response. I look forward to talking with you.
      At this point I would like to be done with your company. Please refund my money or provide me a tracking # with my items.
      Your last post said these items were shipping 1/17.

      It’s a shame that I had to post on your facebook page to get a response. You chose to ignore me and others on the Kickstarter page.
      I feel your other fans should be warned about giving you money in the hopes of getting something in return.
      I feel you misled myself and 1173 other Kickstarter backers. People should know how you conduct your business.

      As President of a company you don’t seem to care about your customers.

    39. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Hey Patrick,

      I just saw your post on Kickstarter. Maybe your anger and frustration is preventing you from understanding the situation but our company Facebook page is not the forum for you to vent or ask questions about Kickstarter. So yes we have banned you and removed your posts there.

      In terms of bravery if you would like to come out from behind your keyboard and talk about the situation my phone number is below. You can also feel free to talk with me or another Zenescope staff member at any of the numerous trade shows we do around the country.

      You have made it very clear how angry and frustrated you are about the Kickstarter situation. Trust me we understand that. You have also made numerous allegations and


      Just got distracted by your latest post with yet more allegations. Dishonest company huh? I guess you’re entitled to your opinion. Although that is the first time in nine years I’ve ever heard that one.

      Again the invitation is there to either call me or see us at a show. Not sure what show your talking about in this last post but we are doing 40 shows this year as a company. I’m sure we’ll be at one near you.



      Joe Brusha
      Zenescope Entertainment

    40. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I did get a nasty response from Joe Brusha. He confirmed that he banned me from posting on their facebook page. I dont care about that because I wish to be done with their company. At this point just give me my money back so we can be done with each other.

      It's very sad he responded to my facebook and the last KS post instead of the countless posts that backers have made.

      I didn’t lie in my posts. You promised X items when you started this project. You said items had shipped multiple times or you were going to meet certain dates. You knew well in advanced you weren’t making those items and you have missed every date.
      People asked numerous times for pictures or information and you chose to ignore us. Timely updates on missed goals would have put our minds at ease.

      This project is still a mess. You have screwed up deliveries, missing items, and no real plan on the digital content you promised. You spent more time showing a product to people at Cons and ignored the people that provided you the money to do it. Shame on you.

      I look forward to calling Joe. At least I have been provided with some way to reach them after a year + of being ignored.

      These problems could have been avoided if Zenescope had been upfront and honest through this process. Oh they promised things would change but they didn’t. Event their last post was a lie. If packages were shipped on 1/17 people would have them. If they have shipped – prove it. Provide me with a tracking #.

    41. Donnie Adkins on

      I emailed and was told,
      "Hi Donnie,
      We can send you the Art of Zenescope replacement this week. We just finished
      sending the Kickstarter rewards out and are now working on getting the
      replacements sent out to people. I will send you tracking information once
      they are sent.
      Yeah, I'll be holding my breath.

    42. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I just wish we had a solid course of action to take against Zenescope. They are a dishonest company that continues to look for ways to take people’s money. I bet the VIP members are raising hell in 1 year when they don’t get anything for their money.
      One of their artists is coming ot our convention in March. Too bad its not them. I would love to see them face to face.

    43. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I saw that Zenescope deleted messages. Real brave of them. Why answer questions when they can just delete us. I have emailed info@zenescope numerous times and I cant get a response.

    44. Donnie Adkins on

      I have been officially banned from the Zenescope FB page for letting them know about my missing item.

    45. slashmastah on

      UPDATE: Well, I emailed them at telling them my situation. A quick reply later, I was told that they would give me a tracking number soon. I hope it comes in the coming week/month.

    46. Donnie Adkins on

      Well don't go complain on their FB page they will just delete any message concerning this crappy project so that they can push their VIP program. They don't want to scare anyone away from that and just want to take their $150 for books and other items that will probably not be made fro those that pay for them.

    47. Donnie Adkins on

      Patrick they deleted any and all mention from their FB page about this debacle.

    48. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I did this comment from facebook. For all of you waiting for an answer - it seems like they only care about their VIP project
      @patrick it's ashame you feel that way. Everyone is in the process of receiving their rewards or already have. Thanks for your support nonetheless.

    49. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      I will just continue to post here, facebook, and
      Kicstarter support wont take a side in this issue.
      I am worn out with this company.

    50. Missing avatar

      Patrick McHenry on

      Vincent - Good Luck. They dont seem to respond to anyone.

      So Zenescope - Joe: When are you going to respond to everyones requests?

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