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Computer program for building & visually simulating dynamic, monetary economic models. A vital tool for a new approach to economics
Computer program for building & visually simulating dynamic, monetary economic models. A vital tool for a new approach to economics
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Support the "Crash! Boom! Pop!" Graphic Novel on Kickstarter


A brilliant team of graphic artist Miguel Guerra, layout artist Suzy Dias, and writer Genevieve Tran have combined to produce what I can describe as a "cartoon version of Debunking Economics". They plan to produce up to six graphic novels around the theme of "M" (Money, Mayhem--the Financial Crisis--Method, Macro and Micro), to use visual media to take the mickey out of economics for those who don't want to wade through a 500 page book.

The cover to the first volume
The cover to the first volume

They're running a Kickstarter campaign now--starting on the 85th anniversary of Black Tuesday 1929. As a backer of Minsky, I hope this is something you'd be willing to back as well.

The product will be brilliant. Miguel's cartoons are Marvel Comic standard, and the text from gonzo-blogger Genevieve Tran will be sharp and modern. It will put the message that mainstream economics is seriously ill in a form that will get through to a much wider audience than any standard book can reach. And it will be funny and beautiful at the same time.

The campaign link is here.

For your enjoyment, here are some of Miguel's existing cartoons.

The Fed Blowing Bubbles
The Fed Blowing Bubbles
Richie Rich gets outside his 0.1% comfort zone
Richie Rich gets outside his 0.1% comfort zone

In other news, there are now Chinese, French and Spanish translations of Debunking Economics (the Spanish version will be available in a few weeks). But it's this fourth translation I'm most looking forward to.

Can you help Minsky right now?


Minsky has come a long way thanks to the funds you gave back in 2013--so far that it won SourceForge's "Project of the Month" award in January 2014.

That is also when the funding from Kickstarter ran out, but I was expecting funding from a semi-government authority to come through soon after to allow development to continue.

That funding has been delayed numerous times, and now may only turn in January 2015. I can cope with a hiatus in Minsky's development, but I don't want this hiatus to lead to the project losing one of its most valuable resources, its chief programmer Dr Russell Standish.

Russell has now gone without payment for over six months--as he put off looking for other projects in the expectation of this delayed funding, and because he was so dedicated to the project.

I am trying to raise funds informally for him so that he can continue to afford to wait, and therefore be available when I get funds to restart Minsky's development. I've put a direct link up on my blog to Russell's PayPal account, and I explain the rationale in this post "Assistance for Minsky required".

So I'm appealing to Kickstarter supporters here. If you can, please pop over to my Debtwatch blog and kick in to help keep Russell available for the project.

In other news, I have recently been appointed Head of Economics Politics & History at Kingston University in London. I am dedicated to developing a pluralist curriculum in economics there, and Minsky will become an essential tool of our education program for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

Masterclass in January


Minsky has come a long way thanks to your help: we now have a stable "Petty" branch at the Minsky Sourceforge site, which is largely bug-free:

The latest iteration in the "Mun" may have bugs--especially since some re-factoring has occurred recently--but it has a more complete interface with the first implementation of group selection, improved graphs, and a neat ability to enter variables and mathematical operators directly onto the canvas without needing to use the mouse and the palette:


I talk about some of these user interface improvements here:

All this is a prelude to saying that, making copious use of Minsky, I plan to give the Masterclass on economics in January 2014. I had hoped to do it earlier this year, but a large number of international speaking engagements had me out of Australia for 10 months out of 12, and unable to devote the time to such a class.

Thanks again for your support.

Sincerely, Steve Keen

Minsky 1.0 now available

We finally have a version of Minsky that I'm happy to regard as a 1.0 release. It will be permanently available on our SourceForge page, and the only changes that will be made to it will be bug-fixes and, when I get the time, a complete help file.

The main issue that this latest release addressed was the speed of plotting. We were using a Tcl/Tk layer for rendering plots, and it was impossibly slow. Russell has bypassed this with his own code and the speed of updating plots is now extremely high--so high that it's advisable to set the simulation speed to well below maximum unless you  have an extremely complicated model (and we now save the selected simulation speed as part of the model schema).

You can download this release from SourceForge:

I'll also try to get a "push" mailing system going for regular updates from now on.

Thanks again for your financial support, without whch we wouldn't have been able to get to this point.

Shti Happesn

Oh dear...

A supporter has just informed me that "Minsky" is spelt "Minksy" on the T-shirt!

The blame is entirely mine: I didn't even think to proof-read the text. It's an obvious case of seeing what you expect to see, rather than what is actually printed, that I missed it in the first place.

So here's my spin: if we are lucky enough to change the world of economics with Minsky, I will surely have to re-issue the T-shirts. You will then have categorical proof that you were there at the very beginning. Who knows, the original "Minksy" T-shirt could become a collectors' item.

Yours sheepishly, Steve