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Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
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HADES 9 March Monthly Update Summary #1

Posted by Taitale Studios (Creator)

Hey everyone!

This is our first Monthly update of all the articles, videos, and so forth we put out on our website, our youtube, facebook, and so forth. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news, just hang out, or get in touch with us, check out our HADES 9 discord:

HADES 9 development videos

We have started making videos about the development of HADES 9 again, some of which in collaboration with Isaac Arthur, our technical advisor for the game among things.

Worldbuilding in Science Fiction

We begin the HADES 9 development blog with a look at worldbuilding and story design with Isaac Arthur, host of Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur (SFIA), and the designer of the HADES 9 background story and setting technology.

Character & Roleplaying in HADES 9

We continue our look at game development for HADES 9 by exploring the roleplaying elements of the game, centered on the player's Admiral and the commanders, with Nick Nieuwoudt, Head of Legion Tech Studios.

Ship Development in HADES 9

Our look at game development for HADES 9 continues as Luuk Warringa walks us through ship design for the fleets the player will command, control, and customize.

In the Beginning

A look back at the unveiling of the basic engine with Isaac, Nick, and Luuk discussing the game with the first visuals ready.

Sneak-Peek to our active shielding system

A quick sneak-peak into the shields we are going to have in the game.

The shield effect is not quite finished yet, and there will be various types and colors of shielding, but we are already pretty happy with where it is at right now, so I wanted to show it off :).

HADES 9 Short Stories

We have also started releasing Short Stories set in the HADES 9 universe, by our lore-writer Guo Zhan Tong.

Short 1 - Demands With Menaces

Short 2 - Corporate Espionage

Short 3 - Downsizing

HADES 9 Patreon

In addition to all of the above, we have also gone live with our Patreon!
The support gained through Patreon will be invested into various development related things such as keeping the servers running, acquiring new special effects, models, and so on. More information can be found on our Patreon!

Aside from being super grateful to those of you who are willing to back us there, we will also be providing rewards of course.

No matter how much you support us for, you'll gain access to a Patreon-only channel on the HADES 9 discord, so you have a short line to us, but you will also gain access to exclusive Patreon-only Short Stories, set in the HADES 9 universe.

So far we have 2 exclusive Shorts up on Patreon, with more on the way! Besides that, we are also still looking for more good ideas as rewards from our community, so if you have any input on this front, please drop us a message here or on Discord!

Here's is the link to today's Partreon Short Story, if you are already a Patreon (Thanks!):

 Pre-Ordering and STOLOS bonds

 -- NOTE --
Kickstarter backers will have their rewards transferred 1:1 to HADES 9 where possible. Where this is not possible for whatever reason, we will offer other options to convert them over as well as some adittional rewards as a thank you for the continued support.

This month we will also be going live with some of our other online funding options, such as pre-ordering the game and the STOLOS bonds. If you are interested, we will be having pretty high discounts on both options, which will slowly go down as we get closer to full release.

  • Pre-ordering the game: gain early access to the game, and full access on game release. How early you gain early access depends on the total amount you have backed us through all available means (financial AND other ways, such as helping out with community management, certain development tasks, etc.).
  • STOLOS BONDS: Bonds you have bought give you a certain percentage of your investment in store credit each month, for six months, and then also your entire initial investment in store credit. The earlier you back, the higher the percentage gets.

To stay up to date with the latest news, you can follow us on all the social media and such listed below, but the best way to get involved is really via our Discord. We are very active on there with the community so come hang out!

The next summary update should go online next Sunday, we hope to see you guys around!

Legion Tech

- Nick, Matt, Luuk, Jorge, Ryan


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    1. Daniel Nóbrega on

      Sorry Guys, the new game looks like interessting, but it was not what i was expecting. I await new information,

    2. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @Dominique LeStrange
      I apologize if it came across passive aggressive that was not the intent, and if have been reading the way I respond in general If I am frustrated I normally go full on aggressive/defensive. Passive aggressive is never my intent and I apologize that you got that impression.

      I'll admit I did not personally write this update, I have had a lot to do and as it was just meant to be a summery update of everything that has happened I did not look over it. Any frustration that came through in my comment was more of an "oh for fuck sake the one time I do not spend 4 hours going over a 3-page update word for word is the one time everyone decides to read it and be misinformed and angry" That frustration was not meant at you.

      Maybe I should not have even included the fact we where doing any form of fundraising for development, although that would have seemed dishonest to you guys. and i figured we would have gotten way more angry people finding out we where raising money without telling them and saying we where "hiding it" from them.

      Major mistake here was copy-pasting what was written for the website into the Kickstarter update as that text was meant for people who already clicked on a button saying "help support HADES 9 development" and by pasting it into an update here it seems like that text was custom written to "sell" to you guys. which I agree seems very scummy.

      Based on the fact only about 0.2% of people have even Logged into the site to claim the rewards they already paid for, it would be idiotic of me to even assume many people from the Novus KS are even interested in the development of Hades9 let alone helping support it xD

      (I know this is a pointless amount of detail I just want to make it really clear how this was never about trying to get more money out of the KS backers.)

    3. Dominique LeStrange on

      @Taitale Studios:

      Your passive-aggressive explanation, surprisingly enough, didn’t make the Patreon feel any less scummy. In part because I had the info from the previous updates (why would I randomly start reading at update #106?), and in part due to that info not making it any less scummy to be asking for monthly payments from the backers of the failed game that you’re using to piece together something that *might* turn into a finished game. And to your point that the Patreon is optional, of course it is, but even asking us at this point is beyond gauche in my opinion.

      All of that said, I truly do wish you and your team all the best luck and success. I want to see you succeed because I know you’ve poured your heart and soul into all of this, and because I’d love to have another amazing game to my library.

    4. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Glad you like the new direction, the more we are progressing on it the more confident I feel it was the right choice, even tho it felt like the only choice at the time.

      And that is totally reasonable, this was in no way meant to make anyone feel obligated, we included it becouse well technically it was something we did do this month. next month we won't mention the patreon as it won't be something new we did next month to be included in the summery.

    5. Missing avatar

      Boulescu Petru on

      I can attest to that, i can see Backer Tier: Master Merchant when logging in to the new site. Looking forward to see anything playable guys, i'm actually happy you switched to a more "storyfied" approach, but i can't say more (or help out financially) until i actually play something. So many games, so little time, such a huge backlog.

    6. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      All KS backers already have all of their rewards in Hades 9, you can log into the site with you old Novus Aeterno sight username (you need to reset your password) and you will see all of your KS rewards for Novus.

      I stated every single one of the past 15 updates about how all KS rewards will be transferred, rewards that are not clear or do not transfer over well 1 for 1 we will provide alternatives for you to choose from, as well as throwing in some additional rewards as an added thank you.

      When this update first when live I forgot to include that information however within 10 min of it being up I did edit it in.

      Sorry for the confusion.

      This was a monthly summary of everything we have done this month, launching a patreon was one of the things we did. It is completely optional and has no effect on all of the rewards you guys will already be receiving.

      The moment the Havok vision engine was shelved I stopped all forms of funding, I closed down PayPal and everything, becouse I had no idea how I would finish the game, and everything from then on, we funded personally, now for the first time in 4 years I honestly see how we will finish this and its not that far away, so for the first time since the vision engine closer I am reopening completely optional ways of supporting development.

    7. Dominique LeStrange on

      I feel like I’m generally very understanding with regard to failed crowdfunded projects, but asking your initial backers to now give you monthly payments seems like really poor form. And by “poor form” I mean “unbelievably scummy”.