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Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
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Huge Update

Posted by Taitale Studios (Creator)

Hey Guys!

You might have already seen it, but earlier today we finally launched our new HADES 9 website, which you can go check out over here:

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We would like to thank Graeme Mole & Julian Bouman for being awesome human beings and web designers, willing to donate their spare time in order to get it all organized and working great in no time!

Our other announcement for today is that in cooperation with Isaac Arthur, Loremaster and Technical Advisor for HADES 9, we have started on a series of videos about all kinds of aspects the development of HADES 9, such as world building and ship design.

In addition, we would like to invite you over to Isaac’s own channel, to check out his video about Interstellar Warfare. His videos are always fun and interesting to watch, so go check them out!

The four videos specifically about HADES 9 can be found on our own Youtube Channel, so don’t forget to head out over there as well!

“World Building” - we go into detail about the why and how we have developed the world in which HADES 9 exists:


“In the Beginning” - a short video we recorded back when when we had our first real look at the game with Isaac:

“Character & Roleplaying in HADES 9”
- We talk about the roleplaying game and grand strategy aspects of the game:

“Ship Development in HADES 9”
-  our first behind the scenes video of the development of HADES 9. How do we go about designing new ships and the creation of new special effects?


We hope everyone is as excited about this weeks reveals and start of our youtube series as we are! Please join us on Discord to give us feedback, and let us know what kinds of topics you want us to discuss in future episodes!


Nick, Matt, Dan, Luuk, Ryan, Jorge.

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    1. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @Chase Quinnell
      I think the vast majority who failed and gave up will win that race. and honestly, Novus Aeterno died, we did everything we could but there where core flaws which could not be designed around. so instead of just walking away and leaving the backers with nothing, we got back up.

    2. Chase Quinnell on

      You guys trying to beat Star Citizen for longest in-development Kickstarted space game?

    3. lokiracer on

      We're going to be flying actual space ships before this space ship game is finally released.