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Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
3,900 backers pledged $268,875 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jan Matuszek just now

      Please if you end this project, told it.... or make some comment..1year of no action its tooooooo long

    2. Missing avatar

      2 days ago

      Yeah, by now its just a bad joke - no update since September and some half-arsed Comments in the comments-section. I gave up waiting for the game - by now I'm only waiting for them to change the product so much, that I'm eligable for a refund by german law.

    3. william stephens on May 23

      How about an estimate on the beta? Any information at this point would help...

    4. Michael Caldwell on May 16

      3 years, guys, and no substantial updates in quite some time.

    5. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on May 13

      Are you sure you are not violating Kickstarter terms of service? As far as I know you are supposed to provide informative updates ...

    6. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on May 13

      @chavhunter we were making some changes on the server, which took the site down for a bit. Should be good now.

      And about the NDA, sorry that I am not able to say more yet right this moment. All I can say that we are still working our collective assess off to get this game done to the best of our ability. We appreciate that you all want more information, and as soon as we are able to we will let you all know what's up and what our plans are.

    7. DarkRefreshment on May 12

      It's been a month since the last statement on here. Can we at least get a time frame estimate of when the NDA lifts?

    8. Michael Caldwell on May 11

      Yeah, so...what's up?

    9. chavhunter1986 on April 28

      why is your website now down

    10. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on April 6

      No update since September last year, first mention of an NDA in January (I think) ... I would not easily call that a "temporary situation".

    11. Michael Caldwell on April 6

      Really confused. There's an NDA on a project that has taken thousands from backers on a KS project. What is being done with said money can't even be discussed?

      While I do have some faith that you are being as honest as you can be with us, I find this NDA quite disturbing. I realize it's temporary, but it's also just plain wrong to do this to your backers.

    12. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on April 3

      Hey Weresheep,

      This should be a temporary situation, since we are not yet sure if we are actually going to be able to go ahead with them. (See the post on March 14th)

      Once we know how we are able to proceed, we will let you know what's up and how we are moving forwards.

    13. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on April 2

      The main problem for me is that you have gone and are about to take / have already taken money from somebody who prohibits you from providing information to those people who gave you money in the first place ... and made this project even possible.

    14. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on April 2

      Hey DarkRefreshment,

      As we said before, your typical low budget MMO costs $5 million to develop. We are, however, not your typical MMO. Compared to traditional MMO development project, we have been (and will be) keeping our team small and lean. We are doing much more with the funds we have because we do not require office building(s) or a large amount of middle management, which saves a lot on the fund required, for example.

      Because of the NDA we are currently still under, I can’t expand much on what we have already said about the backing we are hoping to secure. I can say that so far we have been happy about our cooperation, they have been giving us some good feedback, for example, which has already improved the game quite significantly.

      I think that if we can make this happen, it will be good for everyone. Once the NDA lifts, we will be able to elaborate and show some more about this subject.


    15. DarkRefreshment on March 30

      If you were aware, as you stated, that it could take a minimum of 5 million dollars to do an MMO then why on earth did you set the funding goal to $75,000? Even with the hopes of getting a MVP out, that is a huge disparity between the numbers. It sounds like this might be a management issue and those are something that can lead to the death of a project unless a publisher steps in and takes control. That of course goes against what most of us backed in the first place as we wanted to support a team's dream not a big corporation. I think I might side with the refund crowd at this point as I get the feeling this is in over it's head.

    16. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 29


      The physical rewards (and all the others) are not forgotten! We will ships them out after we have the game back on track and everything seems to go as we originally planned again.


    17. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 29

      Hey John.

      We have been putting updates out to the public about the reasons for our delay, but if you would like to read more about the reason for our current radio silence, please check our comment from March 14th and the 13th, as it should contain the information you are looking for.

      - Aether.

    18. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 29

      Hey John.

      We have been putting updates out to the public about the reasons for our delay, but if you would like to read more about the reason for our current radio silence, please check our comment from March 14th and the 13th, as it should contain the information you are looking for.

      - Aether.

    19. claytondora on March 28

      3 1/4 years later and I still don't have even my Genesis High Command T-Shirt.

      Any updates whatsoever on the physical rewards?

    20. Missing avatar

      John Sponheimer on March 27

      I am not the typical person that micro manages, team members or employees.
      I am also a person that is more than ok giving developers that time they need to do their thing.

      I believe that this was "scheduled in 2014" or so....
      If their are delays, tell us, most of us who are willing to see a game, are happy to see the honesty and openess, and it also allows us to feel more part of the game.

      Get us some good updates! We are long past dead spots in development and its time to shed some lights on things...

    21. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 20

      Hey guys,

      We do really appreciate you all sticking with us, it really means a great deal. We will of course keep working as hard as possible on the game, and the results are VERY promising.

      We can’t wait to get back into the game with all of you, and to show off all the progress we have made lately.

      Again, thanks for the support,
      - Aether

    22. Phillip Parry on March 19

      I have donated 400$ and I still monitor this page and hope that it works out because I am still so eager to be apart of the Novus Aeterno Universe. Keep up the work!

    23. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on March 14

      And you think the fact that backers have to wheedle out that Story in the comment section puts you in a better light? It would have merited an update the moment you mentioned an NDA here - in January if I remember correctly.
      There is no surefire way of avoiding angry demands and questions ... but being honest is one of the best strategies to limit the number. You could have put the same caveat (the deal may fall through) into the update ... an update is overdue after all (it's been about six months!) and I still think you should post that information (again, even with that caveat) in an update.

      And it might not matter to you what happened on the way to the product (I find that's an interesting stance ... for a better word) ... but it matters to me. And as I've said: I now have lost all interest in this game and it is NOT because of the wait.

    24. Michael Caldwell on March 14

      Well said. I look forward to the end result.

    25. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 14

      Michael and Stefan, the reason we did not post it as an update is because at any time the deal may fall through, at which point business would continue as normal. Also, updating people that you are unable to update them, seems like a surefire start of a catch 22 where everyone gets very angry and demands answers which cannot be given.

      Which is why I believed the lesser of the 2 evils would be to not make a big deal about it until I see where it leads. I do understand how this lack of communication may frustrate people and also lead them to lose interest in the game. That said, I believe that at the end of the day, if we are able to finish and launch this as a great game (and we live up to all Kickstarter commitments), nothing that happened before really matters.

      Michael, at the moment there is no big change other than better funding for a indeterminate period of time. We still hold by our commitment to live up to all Kickstarter pledges and rewards despite being behind schedule.

      I do really appreciate everyone's understanding, and I hope that when you all finally get your hands on this game, you will agree that is was worth the wait.

    26. Michael Caldwell on March 14

      Thank you for the information, but you should really consider posting that as an update. I echo most of what Stefan said; this game is getting a bad rep because of the poor communication. A labor of love, as you have indicated that it is, can easily die from bad press.

      Although I, like Stefan, have limited interest in this game at this point, I do have concerns. How does this big change impact our pledges? Some of us pledged for extras.

    27. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on March 13

      And you don't think that kind of information would have merited an update?
      I don't have the time to scan KS rules at the moment but I'm pretty sure that they not only require an attempt to make the project come true, but also communication with the backers.
      I think a lot of people support games on KS in order to enable small studios to become independent from the big companies. I totally understand that independence sometimes does not work that well, but if a project I supported suddenly is no longer under full control of those people I pledged my money to and - even "worse" - those people cannot freely answer the BACKERS' questions any more, I think that at least an update would have been appropriate (and an update is not a post in the comment section as that only reaches the people who still read it).
      I have no problem at all with waiting. I even have no problem if a project - despite all the effort - fails. But I'd like to be kept informed.
      I totally understand that a refund is not possible (that is not the way KS works and it's also clear that you spent the money on the development of the game - so no hard feelings here) ... but I don't think I'm any longer interested in this game.

    28. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 12

      Hey Stefan,

      Low budget MMOs typically still cost minimum of $5mil to make, although the average is 15 to 30.

      We had a plan to get to a very early access launch with the funds from Kickstarter, and then build from there. Unfortunately, we ran into a massive issue which was totally out of our control, which was that the client engine we were using stopped being supported by its developers. This meant that we had to switch over to a new engine (Unity) and start rebuilding the client. This process meant an additional cost of 1mil+ which we were not able to fund, since the Kickstarter was mostly already spent as it only held us over for 6 months and early access launch.

      So for the past 2 years we have been self-funding, everyone has sold their cars, houses, thrown in every cent we have into this, but honestly it was still not enough. As I have said before, this is not just a job for us, each one of the core team individually has put in more of their own money or their family’s money than all Kickstarter backers combined.

      However, 2 months ago, we got a very interesting proposal which COULD lead to proper funding for the game as well as full support on launch. Unfortunately, it comes with a NDA, not because they don't want the public to see the game, but because it means adding some races to the game which would give away whom our possible partners are and it’s not a done deal.

      About the requirements, for people who post their projects on Kickstarter it states you must do your best job possible to bring your project to fruition. I have never stopped doing that, unfortunately at this moment I cannot post screenshots, or answer SOME questions (I can answer others).

      I am grateful for everyone’s patience, and it’s frustrating because now is actually the best development progress we have ever had. The team went from 5 guys, months behind on rent, to 2 full teams of about 30 total - who actually pay rent on time! - for the first time in probably a year+. Yet I can’t show you guys!

      One thing to keep in mind, as soon as we found out that we had to rebuild the engine, I closed all PayPal donations and I stopped accepting anyone's money. I never wanted everyone to need to wait so long for what they paid for honestly it wrenches my gut but I'm doing the best I can with what I have.

      I can answer more questions than you think, even though there is a NDA. I just can’t show screenshots because I guarantee 95% of our backers would intently recognize our backers from it.

    29. Missing avatar

      wilddemoncat on March 12

      Lol, so after ages I track a Kickstarter I paid $75 is now under NDA and can't say anything? is it too late for a refund?

    30. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on March 10

      So ... how can you be under an NDA? Where does that (more or less suddenly) come from? You went to KS, you got the money, you are making the game. Except ... you are now working for a publisher or were bought by another company - which also means that other people now can influence what this game will look like. If you informed backers about now working for another company / being part of another company, I missed that. If you did not inform the backers ... you should have done so.

      Btw ... one of the things KS requires from project founders is communication and keeping backers informed. If your NDA does not allow that ... you might be violating KS rules?

    31. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on March 2

      Hey Williams,

      We actually totally agree with all you have said, and would really like to do it too. The problem is that we are currently working under an NDA and as such are unable to write about the project for the game we are working on.

      Once this NDA has been lifted we will write a monster update on every thing that we have done and changed in the game (a lot!) and then hopefully start doing regular updates again.

      We really do appreciate the patience William, and we're sure you'll like what you see once the NDA is lifted and we can unveil our work to you!

      - Aether

    32. william stephens on March 1

      I am kind of confused as to why you are being so stingy with updates. They are the easiest way to communicate with all those that helped finance your game. you switched to the new engine and gave a few updates to say the game is still going, but it has been 5 months since your last update. maybe you could give us something so we know whats going on. I believe most of us are being very patient but this can only go so far. once a month could not be that hard?

    33. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on February 14

      Hey Sebastian,

      I can't really say for sure when, and I prefer not to guess at this point. However, our next update won't just be posted here, but will also be sent out by mail and posted on our Facebook and forum so you shouldn't miss it.


    34. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Tivig on February 13

      @Creator: any idea when you'll be able to update us? Like in March, April or May? Then I know when to check back here.

    35. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on January 22

      Hey Cru!

      We really like that idea! It is currently out of our hands because of the NDA, but we will check with our partners if we can do something like this.

      When we are able to make another update for you guys we will have some awesome stuff to show and tell, we have had some of the best progress and news in years so we can't wait to do so!

      We really do appreciate that all of you have been sticking with us, it is going to be worth the wait in a big way!


    36. Chris Pacey on January 22

      Hey, posted this suggestion on the forums but decided to put it here so other backers can consider it.

      Another kickstarter (Fleet Commander Genesis) I backed has been releasing reasonably regular updates that have progress bars attached, covering various headings (Development, Writing, Artwork, Production and Fulfillment) each with various sub-sections. It's a good system because it lets backers track the progress of a project they have invested money in, while allowing the developers avoid committing to dates and promises that could cause issues. Might be a good thing for this project since Devs have entered into a contract which seems to prohibit providing frequent and detailed updates to backers?

      Whether or not my suggestion is picked up, I am still keen on both the game and more updates.


    37. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on December 17, 2016

      Hey William,

      We are working on the next big upgrade for our game at the moment. When that is finished I expect we will make an update again. I'm not sure when that will be exactly though. The next open alpha/beta is not going to be this year anymore, but hopefully not too far into the next.

    38. william stephens on December 16, 2016

      Do you have the new update coming anytime soon? And when are we going to start beta testing again?

    39. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on November 27, 2016

      Hey Weresheep,

      We are aware. Unfortunately, the engine we were using at the time got basically destroyed by its developers when they refocussed on the mobile industry. This meant that we had to restart the client pretty much from the ground back up in Unity.

      This delay sucks for everyone of course, but the fact that we had to restart in Unity does mean that we can take everything we learned the first time around and improve on it in every possible way, with the added benefit that Unity makes general development much easier too.

      So as unfortunate as this is, you will get a better product in return for it later on.

    40. Weresheep of Sin AKA Stefan
      on November 27, 2016

      But you do realize that the original estimated delivery was April 2014? I don't really know how long I want to read "we are making progress, but it takes a while and we are not ready to show you what we have".

    41. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on November 27, 2016

      Hey Adélla!

      It's going really well actually, we are currently working on a big new update for the game that is taking a little while. It is, however, not yet in a stage where we want to show it off. Once we are a bit further along we'll write up a blog about what it is and what it will do :), it going to be pretty great if I may say so myself xD.

    42. Adélia on November 25, 2016

      Hey, how is it doing guys ? =)

    43. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on October 6, 2016

      Hey Michael,

      We are currently focussing on getting the game ready as well and speedily as we can, after which we are going to focus on those rewards again. We don't have an ETA in mind right now, but we haven't forgotten!

    44. Michael Smith on October 2, 2016

      is there an ETA on the game OST and other backer rewards?

    45. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ibbotson on August 27, 2016

      Everything is accessible from the main console.
      The other consoles are to help new users learn and associate various GUIs with their tasks.

    46. william stephens on August 26, 2016

      It seems in your videos that you have to run around to get to different parts, such as research and ship design, this seems kind of clunky. is this something that has to be in the final game? also I would like to say how disappointing it is that this has taken so long. while I am not asking for a refund the game seems less like something that I would want to play.

    47. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on August 26, 2016

      Hey Benjamin,

      We are actually currently working on some cool new effects such as ships models that can fragment as they take damage, new explosions, engines, and a bunch of other effects!

      We'll show them off in the next update here. By then we hopefully will be able to show some more information about the planetside part of the game!

    48. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Dooley
      on August 25, 2016

      Novus is looking great running on Unity, can't wait to be able to explore space and have massive battles whilst looking out of the bridge windows at all the planets, ships and explosions. Also cool to see some of the planet side mechanics at work, keep it up everyone, Looking forward to the next infiltrator access so we can try it all out first hand.

    49. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on August 3, 2016

      Hey Serth, we don't have a date in mind yet, we have some features we want to be in and mostly finished before we open the game up again. We will let everyone know when that is about to happen though!

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