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Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
3,900 backers pledged $268,875 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Soren Saggio 2 days ago

      Well... I still want to see this game come into fruition. I'm HIGHLY disappointed that we were all given an estimated release time frame of April 2014... that was back in January of 2014. So at this point we are looking at 16 months of design time. How in the world was a 3 month completion time frame turned into (what looks to be) a multiple year time frame??? I've backed other kickstarters that were producing items and yes, some of them have been way off. Usually due to a factory in china getting it wrong and massive production delays. A software company has everything it needs in house.... and in this case 1/4 of a million dollars.... I still cannot understand how Taitale Studios could have EVER finished this game by April 2014. I honestly feel LIED to. Once again, I really DO want to see this game become a reality that is playable as promised..... I'm just crazy disappointed at this point.

    2. Creator Seth Orton on May 3

      Will this ever be on steam?

    3. Creator Taitale Studios on April 12

      The Kickstarter pledges are basically donations / investments into a work-in-progress project, and as such you have all the risks that come with it, and are unable to provide refunds. We are currently most certainly still in development however, with some big changes coming up!

    4. Creator Alex Jutte on April 11

      Am I able to get a refund too?

    5. Creator Taitale Studios on April 4


    6. Creator Taitale Studios on April 4

      If you have special characters in your username try changing it to one without.

    7. Creator Basel Moussa on April 3

      i cant log in to my account it keep giving a wrong password or user name even i am sure its correct

    8. Creator Zgicc on March 26

      Is it possible for ask for a refund? I have tried looking for places to post this without much visibility but it was either here or the forums. I backed the project a bit more than a year ago. I have avoided claiming my Steam Key.

    9. Creator Taitale Studios on March 12


      we have been trying to help you get in game, like we said in the PM. We need more information like email or login name to help out. If you send us those, we should be able to get you ingame in no-time. Servers have been up without issue for a pretty long time, without any resets.

      When you have PM'd us that information, we can continue!

    10. Creator Erik Mittring on March 11

      This project is clearly a scam.

      Supposedly backers are able to login, which I am not, despite numerous requests for help I always get the message the servers are down.

      Also I have seen no evidence of any progress made in the last year in the 'updates' here on KS. Sure there are plenty of 'exciting' plans and claims they are making progress, but proof of said progress?


      Therefore I can only conclude this project was a big money grab...

    11. Creator Taitale Studios on February 25

      I have sent an email to you Arc.

    12. Creator Arc on February 25

      Hi I've waited a long, long time for this. Could I please have a refund of my backing?

    13. Creator Taitale Studios on February 4

      There is currently no ETA on when the soundtrack will be available.

    14. Creator Lucius H. Moxon on February 3

      Any news on what's happening with the soundtrack. If I'm honest my main reason for backing was to get my hands on Denny Schneidemesser's incredible soundtrack for the game, and so any updates on when it will actually be available would be appreciated. Thanks.

    15. Creator Michael Caldwell on January 21

      Well in his defense, it's available...but not really playable. For me, the excitement passed way back in April when we were supposed to have access. My interest moved elsewhere. I am content to wait until there is a full release. I tried to play the game twice, but it was such a chore just to access the game (menu interface was atrocious), and once in there was zero direction/instruction. I shouldn't have to "hunt" for what to do; which is why I will wait until the game is more polished. I'm sure it will be great by then :)

    16. Creator Andris Baumanis on January 19

      @Taitale Studios
      People are too lazy(or not smart enough) to read or to do a simple search so you should know that there will be always people who won't know anything concerning the thing they want to know about even though the information is easily accessible and that is why there will be always stupid question and bitching.

    17. Creator Taitale Studios on January 19

      It's been open to all backs for a while now.
      We announced it in several updates, forum posts, facebook posts, and twitter tweets.

      If you need specific instructions, you can find them here:…

    18. Creator Giovanni Varriale on January 19

      So since i pledge 35$ like an year ago for a game that still doesn't exist on my pc (it was supposed to be on my pc around april), can i get my money back and go play other existant games or i have to wait my future son that will born in an unpredictable date of my life for give him my non-infiltrator key?

    19. Creator Taitale Studios on December 30


      You can play right now.
      Head on over to and redeem your Steam key.

    20. Creator lokiracer on December 30

      When will my pledge ship? I was supposed to receive it in April.

    21. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 20

      CJ: scroll down and read the comments, or double-check the updates. They specifically address steam keys.

    22. Creator CJ on December 19

      Sorry if this has been asked before... once we claim the steam key, where is it? Or, have they not been issued yet? Thanks in advance!

    23. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 18

      So, anybody enjoying the alpha/beta yet? Thoughts?

      I logged in but could not accomplish/figure out anything. I'll leave it be for awhile. Just curious if someone has enjoyed it yet.

    24. Creator Taitale Studios on December 13

      Anyone who had a Steam Key in their package currently have access to the game.

      There are no Steam Keys to be given out right now, but you redeem it in your account and then you are given immediate access to the game servers.

    25. Creator Jaden Brooks on December 13

      I'm really confused, have non-infiltator gotten keys yet? If so I haven't received a key yet. If not, well I don't know I'm just really confused. :S

    26. Creator Taitale Studios on December 11

      The updates will now be done by a different person.

    27. Creator Taitale Studios on December 11

      We know.

      The UI will be redone at a later point.

    28. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 11

      For the record:

      If I have to read instructions just to understand how to interface with the menu...there might be a problem.

    29. Creator Michael Caldwell on December 11

      No steam access yet, if I understand the latest update. But then again, I find the updates in general rather confusing. (Shrug)

    30. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on December 8

      Yes. We are waiting for our dev blog poster to come on.…

    31. Creator TheTard100 on December 8

      So have the steam keys been given out? I feel very out of the loop.

      (Not meant to bring the developers down, you're doing a great job!)

    32. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on December 5

      If you have the $75 tier, then you have had access since Feb 10, 2014. (14 days after the Kickstarter ended)

      Send a mail to AetherBlade or PerfectDeath on the forums and they will sort you out.

    33. Creator Arc on December 5

      anyway to get my 75 bucks back? It's been like 2 years

    34. Creator Big-IN on December 2

      Last week before the non Infiltrator access. HURRAYYYYYY. (at least i hope so).

    35. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on November 13, 2014

      $20+ pledges will be given access to the live server in 3 weeks.
      This is what buying it on Steam will do.
      After it comes out on Steam everyone with a $20+ pledge will receive a key.

    36. Creator Big-IN on November 13, 2014

      You should have an Infiltrator access. That's the access to the alpha. Steam keys will come later.

    37. Creator Scott Alex on November 13, 2014

      So people pledging $20+ have Steam keys? I pledged $75 and do not have a key.

    38. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on November 7, 2014

      3-4 weeks.
      I am Sypheria.

    39. Creator Big-IN on November 7, 2014

      According to the post on the forum, people with Steam key will get access to the game before the end of the year. But It will not be on Steam yet. Source: Sypheria on Novus AEterno forum.

    40. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on November 6, 2014

      It's 3-4 weeks.

    41. Creator Soren Saggio on November 6, 2014

      so I'm hearing anyone that pledged $20 or more via Kickstarter should be getting access within the next 7 weeks (assuming we are talking the Gregorian Calendar, not the Chinese Calendar)

      Not holding my breath....

    42. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on November 2, 2014

      KS backers with the Steam keys will be getting access very soon. Not in the soon™ sense either.

      While there is no firm date; it will be before the end of the year.

    43. Creator Soren Saggio on October 30, 2014

      still awaiting an ETA - but I'm not holding my breath. But "WOW" is all I can say --
      "WOW" to what looks to be an incredibly impressive game
      "WOW" to what was said to be a 3 month wait to launch
      "WOW" to all the problems, memory leaks, tweaks and adjustments made/fixed since April
      "WOW" to the thousands of backers who sit here awaiting any semblance of a release ETA
      "WOW" to the 6 (almost 7) months we have heard about all the problems and updates, and new add ins that still leave most of us sitting here waiting for news of a release date.
      and lastly "WOW" I as I think the "Largest Strategy game ever" has no release strategy
      step 1 - tell everybody the game is almost done
      step 2 - get their money
      step 3 - work on game with no finishing point ever established
      step 4 - listen to backers whine
      step 5 - occasionally give updates as to "what is going on"
      step 6 - rinse, wash, repeat

    44. Creator Michael Caldwell on October 27, 2014

      Well, the end of the year is coming, and still no access for the beta. This goes back to the promised early access, supposedly in April, almost 7 months ago. That's what I get for gaming with KS.

    45. Creator lokiracer on October 27, 2014

      What's the release date?

    46. Creator Matthew Ibbotson on October 19, 2014

      Nick means the rest of the devs are in the forums. Devs can't post updates here, only the project creator, so the forums are faster for questions.

    47. Creator Michael Caldwell on October 7, 2014


      Also, while it is great that you are updating folks in the forums, i find it important that you update on KS as well; while I wouldn't expect an exhaustive update here, a small one will achieve the desired end of keeping your money-givers abreast of what's up with the project. I am not going to delve into the forums for every single project that I give money too; I would never get any real-life work done.

    48. Creator Taitale Studios on October 6, 2014

      @Michael Caldwell:

      Sorry I am away for a week in Athens for some family issues, my grandmother just passed away.

      I have minimum internet here I'll answer everyone's questions once I'm back in the office.

      Also I do recommend people ask questions in out forums as we are all there more often then here.

    49. Creator Michael Caldwell on October 6, 2014

      ...still around?

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