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Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
Negotiate, Trade, Dominate, Deceive in a Persistent Universe with thousands of players.
3,900 backers pledged $268,875 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      I sure hope I'm not pulling the same stunt again becouse this stunt of not giving up when the Vision Engine was discontinued cost me my house, savings, and health.

      Studio name: For legal reasons as we kept getting confused with Telltale, and also a majority of the founders of Taitale had left becouse they just couldn't continue working with no money for years on end, so when our publisher canceled, we thought to use it as a fresh start, becouse despite our best efforts Taitales only game had failed, and majority of the people who founded Taitale had left. and then when I saw that was not in use we thought why not.

      Game name: We didn't change names, we changed games, Novus Aeterno failed, it is no more, we did our best but it was not enough. we took what we learned, and our server architecture we built for Novus, and started work on Hades9, as this new design avoided the main pitfalls Novus had, pitfalls we could not get around. (discussed in the long journey update)

      Crowdfunding: We do not bring up Novus becouse it takes a lot of explaining to understand what happened, its clear by your writing you didn't even read all of the information on what happened to us, and you put money in so technically you should be the most motivated to know what happened and even you didn't read it all, so why would some randomer? We do descue NA often on both the discord and facebook, I am always willing to explain everything that happened to be people if they are willing to listen. We will also be replacing the with a full post mortum shortly, im just still in the process of writing it.

      Why would anyone give me money?:
      I dont know, you need to ask them, but personaly i think the fact i stoped exepting money the moment things went to shit with Vision, becouse the future was unclear, sold everything i had and got almost a million dollers in debit all becouse i refused to say "Sorry its over, I tried" which i had every legal right to do when Vision engine was closed. After all of that im still here, came up with a plan C, to get everyone a game which is quite similar in some elements, and for those who do not like it im more than happy to refund them (something with is also totally no nesisary)

      Im not saying you should give me money, or that I did everything right, but there are 2 undisputable facts, I didn't give up, and I sure as hell lost more than I gained from Novus aeterno.

    2. Missing avatar

      Wolfgang Stockhausen on

      So you guys changed your studio name (Taitale Studios -> Legion Tech), product name (Novus Aeterno -> Hades 9) and Crowdfunding Plattform (Kickstarter -> Patreon) so you can pull off that Kickstarter stunt all over again? You didn‘t even come clean on your Patreon Page about your previous failure.

      So why should anyone, who is in his or her right mind, give money to you?

    3. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      If you remember your username that's fine you need to reset your password anyway.

      If you cannot remember either one then I guess just make a new account and there should be a "Backer" tab in your account and in there you can send us a report and we will transfer the rewards to your new account. if you have any issues join us in discord and we will get it sorted out for you :) :

    4. Missing avatar

      DS on


      I can not remember my old Novus username & password. Do I need to re-register on the site?

    5. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      We have actually thought a lot about it, and regularly use enders game for references.

      the real issue tho is the control system, although visually it could function quite well, current tech in VR does not support fine enough control for RTS combat. That said, post-launch we will add VR support probably, but it won't be the primary market unless there are some major advancements in VR control systems.

    6. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      It might be a little too late to be considering this, but have you thought about making this vr compatible? I imagine the experience would similar to that scene near the end of the Ender's Game movie. And vr is getting a lot of attention these days. Might be a good catch to bring backers in. The first 4x vr game.

    7. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @Vintson Knight
      At this point, it's very hard to say, but I think to be safe better to say no becouse the game will be hosted on a single server environment, like EVE online for example, so any modding would need to be shared, similar to DOTA2 skins, and it could not be things that directly effect units.

    8. Vintson Knight on

      Will their be a possible community modings in the future?

    9. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @Scott Lowrie
      Not yet, if you have not read this update I highly recommend it:

      A lot has happened over the past years, More good than bad in my opinion, and I hope after reading through what has happened you will agree.

      If you are not really interested in the "how" and just want to see where we are at now you can check out our new website and if you have any questions you can ask here or also head over to our discord Where myself and the other devs are happy to answer any questions.

    10. Scott Lowrie on

      Hi, Have any rewards for $25 been released? :(

    11. LexC on

      I logged in to the new site, both Kickstarter and Pay Pal pledges made are clearly and correctly visible in the Backers tab. Thank you!!

    12. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @Adam & @Wilddemoncat
      All KS backers already have all of their rewards in Hades 9, you can log into the site with you old Novus Aeterno sight username (you need to reset your password) and you will see all of your KS rewards for Novus.

      I stated every single one of the past 15 updates about how all KS rewards will be transferred, rewards that are not clear or do not transfer over well 1 for 1 we will provide alternatives for you to choose from, as well as throwing in some additional rewards as an added thank you.

      When this update first when live I forgot to include that information however within 10 min of it being up I did edit it in.

      Sorry for the confusion.

    13. Missing avatar

      Matthew Ibbotson on

      All backers, except pizza tier, have Hades 9 pre-ordered already.

    14. Missing avatar

      Adam on

      Incredibly ballsy to ask for financial support with the patreon program and preorders from people that you already took money from and failed to deliver. Not ballsy in a good way though. We've already given our support, and as an infiltrator im surprised i don't already have a preorder, im surprised we all don't.

    15. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Thank you for the support :) I feel confident that we can stay indie and avoid that.

    16. DrJondo on

      Good Luck - Taitale Studios
      i wish you all the best and hope you dont need a publisher that turn this game in a f2p or lootbox disaster

      i can wait, np :)

    17. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Thanks for the support :)

      The time we were under NDA was really horrible for everyone. With the support, we have been getting from everyone I really think we can finish up Hades 9 without needing a publisher which also means no chance of NDAs or any middlemen between us and you guys.

      Everyone is also welcome to join our discord, All of us devs are there almost always online and happy to chat and answer questions while code compiles :)

    18. Christian Daniel on

      Maybe i am one of the dying breed of internet dweller, but i never imagine backing anything on Kickstarter will ever result in something being made on time and when I want it to, i back things because i want to see them become something one day, i'd like to think the built up internet Karma will pay me back one day, but it seems the interest rates are quite low at the moment :D

      Keep up the good work, i will look forward to Hades 9 as long as you keep up the communication!

      Nothing is worse than having Developers ignore their customers! (even if you don't do what we ask, we love being talked to!)

    19. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Thank you for the support and understanding you have no idea how much it means to me :)

      Re backer rewards, our current plan is to translate the simple things, i.e. copies of the game, alpha access etc. then things which are not as clear-cut will have many options you can select from in their place. We will also be throwing in a lot of extra rewards at all tiers just as a thank you for everyone who didn't give up hope :)

    20. Phillip Parry on


      I pledged $530 to NAE because I liked the idea and the genre of game is was going to be. I was pretty active and played often during the first year or so of development before I moved on and decided to wait for a release. I am sure you are not surprised that I was pretty unhappy to see all that money go to waste as in about 4 years I've seen it go nowhere... however I am here to say that I appreciate the stand you've taken and the words and updates you've given. To that end I haven't asked for a refund yet and I will continue to wait and see what this new game develops into before doing so. I am very curious on what the backer levels will translate into as I am sure there are much higher backers than I.

      Keep up the good work! All good things come in time and though its been a bumpy road there is still hope yet for something great from Taitale Studios and the Novus wreckage!

    21. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @iL Piediscalco,
      This update may help you understand the direction a bit better:

      I am sorry for the way things turned out, However, I also stand by the changes believing they will honestly make the game a lot more fun, and give it a real chance of surviving launch.

      It won't takes long to start to form a clear understanding of how exactly the game will play, development is progressing much faster than ever before, and at the rate, we are going within 2 months there will be a decent portion of the game playable already.

      If you are willing to be patient and give honest consideration to Hades 9 I think you will find it interesting. it's not Novus Aeterno, but it takes a majority of NAs core features and does them so much better.

    22. iL Piediscalco on

      I honestly do not know what I should wait for. Game release or refund opportunity? Will this be the game I backed or something completely different (ptw / dlc / etc)? Would refund be avilable in reasonable times (at least before I die)? Will refund be available at all? Insert here a pic of a mumbling t-rex... Sadly the feeling now is that any result won't be what I paid for.

    23. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      I get the impression you dont read the updates.

      I recommend starting with this one:

    24. lokiracer on

      status update: almost 4 years behind schedule

    25. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Let's hope you are right ^^

      Re special reward for Novus backers, 100% agree, and is something we where already planning. and the loss of profits honestly does not matter, as I have said multiple times, their reason I am here is a moral obligation to do right by all of the Novus backers. Honestly I love the idea of being able to show my gratitude to all the Novus backers ingame, even over time, after the game has launched, I still like the idea of small gifts to show I still remember and appreciate what all the Novus backers did, especially the ones who stuck around and supported Hades 9.

    26. Missing avatar

      Boulescu Petru on

      Ah, i see. That's a different thing to what i had in mind, and that could actually work. The gaming community might be a strange/vindictive one, but i don't see people actively going to ruin your effort out of spite. This, or i'm super out of touch with humans nowadays :))

      Also, a suggestion, that in my opinion would make your Novus backers stick around. Make all Novus backers (or after a certain pledge level) unique, giving them both a financial discount on premium sub and some cosmetic that won't be available in the game (a unique title/skin/etc) Final Fantasy XIV ran a promotion like this with the "legacy accounts", because of their failed launch at first, and was actually quite well received and spoken about. You'll actually lose a bit of profit from the discount, but it will be offset by people sticking around. And the cosmetic will be the perfect conversation starter for how the game launched and how the company treated the whole debacle. Just an idea, i'm actually hoping you guys will pull something in the end, there's not enough space games, but i believe this would actually help you a lot community wise.

    27. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      nice catch, thank you! the PayPal is down anyway but I guess I didn't properly cut off the page, its fixed now.

      you are totally right re trust and a second Kickstarter, my idea to get around this was not so much a Kickstarter, give us all your money now and we will get you a game later. but a more month by month founders program, where we start it already having a small playable (effectively fleet combat area) already done and ready when we open up the founder's program. Technically more like a Early access then a Kickstarter. whether or not that will work i don't know, that's why kinda I am bringing it up so much with you guys because honestly, whether it works or not is just as much up to you then it is me. You and the rest of the backers are the ones who will honestly set the public message, which is a core to whether it succeeds or fails, is it "Yes there was massive delays, unexpected issues, and mistakes, but Nick, Dan, Matt, and Luuk face the fuck up and never stopped trying to do right by there backers." Or is it "They are evil masterminds who just take your money and live in a lavish layer in a volcano" All I can do to effect this is try to be as open as possible and pray that the people who are angry are open to understanding why everything happened, and at least be supportive enough to not try to sabotage the next steps so they can get their refunds.

      There is another element which is the number of funds needed to finish this game are WAY less then Novus, so even if the founder's program is drastically less successful then the Novus Kickstarter, as long as there is some trickle of cash month to month we could still get it done.

    28. Missing avatar

      Boulescu Petru on

      Hello, and congrats for having the willpower to stick to your dreams. That aside, i'm pretty sure that you WILL need some help from a publisher. I dislike them as much as you do, but i don't see people flocking to pledge too fast given this is your second somewhat failed project (i include here the first kickstarter for novus aeterno). Don't take this the wrong way, it's just that trust is on a huge downward spiral in the gaming industry, and especially when your track record isn't the great, people might not be that sympathetic .

      That being said, i'd be happy if my 90 bucks pledged...more than i remember ago would have helped you launch even somewhat similar to the original idea.

      By the way,… still takes me to a page where people can donate ?

    29. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      I genuinely think this direction will lead to a much more fun and engaging game for all players. Over time as more of the backers understand and see more of this direction I hope they will come to the same conclusion we have.

    30. Missing avatar


      I'm liking the new direction with having a "Homeworld flotilla" instead of a home planet. :)

    31. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      @ Lucius,
      The future plans for the audio direction of this new project are not finalized yet, however, no matter what happens the backers entitled to Dennys soundtrack will get it, Independent of whether we use it in the game or not.

    32. Lucius H. Moxon on

      Hey folks,

      I've been trying to catch up on everything that is happening with the project, and what is happening going forward.

      The main reason I backed Novus was to get the soundtrack by Denny Schneidemesser. I've been following the project since the early YouTube videos, and I fell in love with Denny's score for the game, so as soon as I saw the Kickstarter project, I backed in order to get a copy of the soundtrack. My question is: What is happening with this soundtrack? Will it become the soundtrack to the new project, or will the soundtrack be scrapped? Also, I know that Denny has completed a lot of the Novus soundtrack, so can backers still get the digital copy of it, even if the Novus project, as we know it, is no more? I've been waiting to get my hands on that soundtrack for so long, and I would hate for Denny's magnificent work to go to waste.

    33. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      xD Ya I know what you mean, Technically it is not the same game, however, the "mission statement" hasn't changed, we are still here to make the best persistent strategy game ever. we just have learned some lessons and changed the way we are going about that goal. And so far I think it is moving very well, I'm super pleased I can't wait to start live streaming and showing you guys all the nitty-gritty details they are so cool!

      Have a great 2018! and we will see each other in-game sooner then you may think ;)

    34. Missing avatar

      Martin Proulx on

      well not the same MMO we saw but you know what i ment hehe

    35. Missing avatar

      Martin Proulx on

      @Taitale Studios dont get down for unhappy backers keep doing your stuff and get the best out of it! many of us still belive in you to do the MMO we saw many years ago :)

    36. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Once the game has launched we will be offering refunds out of profits, at that time we will be asking people to make the decision of whether they want a refund or not. do not worry there will be clearly posted and emailed out to all the backers when that time for a decision comes.

      unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds any sooner as we do not have any money to do so.
      Thank you for your understanding,

    37. Missing avatar

      Gergő Kopácsi on

      How to request a refund?

    38. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Also, if you have not yet read our first new update, we would really recommend you starting there as it explains what has happened to the development process since the Kickstarter.

    39. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Merry Christmas everyone!

      We hope you all have a nice holiday that you get to spend with friends, family, and your favorite turkey!

      if you haven't yet read our last lore update, you REALLY should check that out to get a good feel for the atmosphere we are aiming for:

      And last, please follow our new FB and twitter account to stay up to date with the latest news:

      Again, Merry Christmas everyone!
      -Nick, Matt, Dan, & Luuk

    40. Orestes Kyriakos Poulakis on

      "Hey I get it things happen, but again your problems shouldn't be mine."

      Well since you decided to back a project while it was in its early starts, NOT buying a finished product, which is what kickstarting is all about, it kinda makes it your problem. There is a risk in doing that, we are supposed to know that and taking it into account.

    41. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on


      End of stage 1 which is scheduled for May we will get getting Infiltrators in (possibly sooner depending on how things go, so far we have been running about 10% ahead of schedule, and we had extra time planed in for shit to break which as of yet has not happened) as the biggest effect will honestly be whether we go with a publisher or decide to go independent. this is a decision we will all be making together and I will probably take place early January, (I want to leave enough time to make sure all of the backers have gotten up to date)

    42. Arthur Napolitano on

      any time frame for backers to access the pre-alpha or alpha stage? Looking forward to it!

    43. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Thank you for understanding, and that is totally fair.

      I just feel like pointing out that we are not actually asking for any backing, nor have we since the moment we got word that Havok would stop supporting the Vision engine. we declined all backing past that point and closed the PayPal backing from the website.

    44. Pétr on

      I don't want anything. I don't even want the refund, because I'm not angry. Just commenting so if anyone thinks about backing again they will rethink it.

    45. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      Your angry, I get it, you want it to be my fault, I get that to. what can I do to help? after all the reason I am still here is because I am trying to do right by all of you.

      If you would like to tell me what I did wrong and how I should have done it differently I am more then willing to except any fault.

      If you want your money back, I have no money right now, I invested it all into this project. The best I can offer you is a refund out of the first profit I get. (which is what was already offered to everyone)

      If you want a Sci Fi MMORTS, well I'm also working on that, your welcome to become a active member of the community that will help shape it.

      If you just need to vent your anger, that's ok to honestly I can take it and you have some very valid anger. If you need to just make sure I know you are unhappy with the situation while understanding that I am doing everything in my power to improve it. I'm totally fine with that to.

    46. Pétr on

      Hey I get it things happen, but again your problems shouldn't be mine. I'm sure you and others are going to read this as me being a dick but the end facts are you all failed to delivery us what was promised and now we'll never see our money or the product we were promised.

      @Graeme No it isn't that complicated, it's a failure to deliver and Yes 125$ for a paper clip would be a better investment compared to what happened with it now, which is nothing.

      I want everyone to live their dreams, but im not a charity. I understand and have been apart of failed kickstarters, but I will not simply accept "oops it failed, wait longer and we may give you something completely different" with a smile and a "good try lads"

    47. Taitale Studios 2-time creator on

      There will be multiple NPCs of note as well as your commanders which we will be going into in the next update. in terms of the main mascot I think that's something you guys will pick as you start delving more into the universe, tell us who you like and what characters you would like to be more involved in your experience on Hades. My personal favorite is Dominikiia, you will get to know her soon in a future story.

      We have set up a Twitch we will probably start dev streams if the community want them in January.

    48. Vintson Knight on

      Is their a Twitch Channel for the project? And any Characters going to be the main mascot?

    49. Graeme Mole

      I think its a little more complicated that "You failed to deliver", you'd realize that if you actually read the updates. The fact we're still receiving updates is evidence enough that this project is still ongoing. I've backed a number of projects that I've never received, its the risk you take with Kickstarter. And for you information, $125 for a paperclip is a bad investment.

      @Taitale Studios
      Keep up the good work, you've given so much for this project and I look forward to playing Novus AEterno in the future :)

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