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Expand your empire over a persistent universe; negotiate, trade, fight & deceive thousands of players on a seamless RTS map.

Expand your empire over a persistent universe; negotiate, trade, fight & deceive thousands of players on a seamless RTS map. Read More
pledged of $200,000 goal

Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on December 9, 2013.

About this project

As I promised, the sneak peak:


Angel Investors came forward and now we need less money from Kickstarter. We are re-launching our Kickstarter campaign with a new goal of $75,000.

Although our finish line JUST BECAME much closer. WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP in reaching our goal and your backing is still vitally important to us. All you need to do is RE-PLEDGE.

This is NOT an additional amount that we are asking for. Your current backing will be voided when we close the original Kickstarter. You must re-pledge on our new Kickstarter or we will not receive your backing. To continue your support, visit our new Kickstarter. This link can take you to the re-launch or you can search it on Kickstarter. Check out our new page, videos, etc.!

In appreciation of your reaffirmed support we have a gift for you! 


This is a game developed by gamers. It is the game we’ve always wanted to play. So we’ve added features that we’ve always dreamed about having in a strategy game.

  • Customizable unit AI
  • advanced offline empire management
  • real-world, dynamic research without tech trees
  • crafting recipes unique to each player
  • engage in wars that can last for months

We made it as far as we can with the resources we have, but now we really need gamers who have been waiting for a true MMORTS to help us complete this epic undertaking. Not only do we need your backing, but you can help us by enlisting your friends to join the fight to complete this game. Then you and your friends can start building your alliance and prepare to conquer the galaxy.

With Your Backing, Novus AEterno is a Kickstarter project you’ll actually play within the next 6 months or SOONER!

Novus AEterno isn’t just a twinkle in a game developer’s eye. It’s a multi-award winning AAA MMO RTS game that’s been a labor of love for nearly seven years. It’s already playable for early-access ‘Infiltrators’, and with your backing, we’ll soon be ready for initial release. And, if you back us at $100 or more, you’ll be in-game and playing Novus Aeterno within 15 days of successful funding on Kickstarter!

Build your own civilization and the industries needed to let you expand into the universe. Conquer planets along the way, until every player knows and fears your name. Novus AEterno has been designed for ‘sandbox’ style play. There are no pre-set missions or pre-determined linear script. Instead you build your empire and play to your strengths, the way you want to play. The story will evolve over time with players direct impact in both gameplay and game-wide events. It has been built using the core tenets of the D.I.M.E. military strategy – Diplomacy, Intelligence, Military, and Economics:

  •  Forge powerful alliances with other players and NPCs to create security for your empire; or betray your “allies” and claim their territory. 
  • Send spies or acquire technology to keep watchful eyes on your enemies and friends alike. Always be prepared to strike at a moment’s notice, broker information with other players and avoid deceptive traps. 
  • Build and command massive fleets to defeat your enemies. Win battles through a combination of fully customizable ships and ship crews who improve their abilities with experience and training; outmaneuvering them with strategy, then finally crushing them with superior tactical positioning. 
  • Become the monetary lifeblood the universe relies on. Purchase large fleets. Make other players reliant on your trade routes and fill your vaults with gold. Protect your haul or assault another’s by contracting mercenary player allies. 

Build a Galactic Empire where every battle you win and every decision you make matters! 

In real life, strategy decisions do matter and carry weight that have lasting effects and go beyond points in a leaderboard or a battle report. Leaders take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions – good or bad. Novus AEterno marries that philosophy with an abundance of galaxies. There is always a way to rebuild and recover, just as there are potential allies and foes, ready to engage at a truly galactic scale unseen before. 

An MMORTS that models real-world military strategy and lets you play to your strengths 

Being able to determine your path allows for a fully tailored game-play experience that grants your Galactic Civilization a competitive edge or a collaborative advantage. Utilizing the D.I.M.E. approach will help manage your empire in uncertain times. 

 Diplomacy is the backbone of any empire within Novus AEterno. No matter the playstyle a player chooses, at some point diplomacy will come into play. Be it through trading, the exchange of territory or even supplying another player with weapons who in return protects you.

Novus AEterno does not support the ability to create an alliance consisting of more than 15 players, but multiple alliances can unofficially band together and will have to form a deep and complex diplomatic relationship between each other in order to prevent it from collapsing in on itself. The larger a coalition becomes the harder it will be for the coalition to stand united as Novus AEterno does not prevent one alliance from turning against the other members of the coalition.


To completely conquer another player's territory you will be required to use 90% force and 10% diplomacy as all players will have at least 1 fortress shield on a planet at any given time, which cannot be conquered. The only way to put the final nail into the coffin of your enemy will be through diplomacy.

When you have pushed another player back to their homeworld, the best thing to do will be to develop a mutually beneficial peace treaty. There is no way to force a player off of their starting planet, you will have to either convince them to move to a new sector in the universe and hand control of the planet over to you, or you will have to work together for the benefit of both empires.

Build your empire on the foundation of knowledge. Create chaos and unrest throughout the universe through strategic espionage or sit back and watch as empire after empire crumbles under your technological superiority.

Information is the key to destroying large groups of players. With enough information and patience a single player can turn the members of a coalition against each other by infiltrating their empires and giving them false reasons to question the loyalty of each other. A large coalition of players will have a volatile diplomatic relationship with each other and the right catalyst, set off at the right moment, could spark all out war between friends or turn an entire alliance against a single player simply by “accidentally” firing at them while disguised as someone else.

A single player with the correct information could easily make or break the status that other players holds within the universe. Why put your fleet in danger? Simply turn everyone against each other and then when everyone is at their weakest, swoop in for the killing blow and gather up all the spoils of war that comes with victory!

A Dynamic Research System without Tech Trees or Tiers

An engineer or a scientist might get an idea on how to improve a certain aspect of your fleet by witnessing a battle on the frontlines. From there the idea shapes into an applicable theory. This theory can then be researched and tested which will give an end result. This is the process used to conduct research in Novus AEterno.

Further details on our novel approach to research here. 

How tactical is Novus AEterno combat? We’ve been advised by a real-life retired Major General of the US Air Force - Jim Hunt. Using his advice and guidance, we have built a system where smart strategy, positioning and flanking let you defeat enemies that massively outnumber you.

High Level RTS Combat

Control the galaxy by constructing a huge, near limitless variety of player-designed ships. Your ships have directional armor, weapons, varying speeds and can even be knocked around from explosions. Design your fleet tailored to the way you want to play.

Ship Customization lets you develop the perfect ship for the objectives at hand. Select your Ship Chassis, then add weapons, shields, armor, engines and any specialty modules that you’ve researched. The tradeoffs and choices allow special task fleets to be fitted for specific operations or more generalized combat readiness. Will it be long-ranged maneuverable sniper fleets or fast and short-range brawlers... or something else? You decide! 

Amass wealth - lubricate the sinews of any Galactic Empire. Novus AEterno lets you build markets, manage trade treaties between empires, navigate merchant politics to bolster factions or bring ruin as you profit. Build market places, and space trade hubs, manage supply and demand in your quests for resource acquisition. Research benefits and efficiencies to give you a competitive edge. Resource management can catapult an ally to dominance or cripple them. 

Many speculated there would be a decline in power at some point, but none foresaw such a dramatic crash. No one truly knows how the end of the Golden Age came to pass. 

The sudden destruction of the five major galactic empires has been a topic of debate for centuries. But as the centuries passed, our knowledge increased; as it did, so did the dreams that fueled our endless, seemingly impossible quest to conquer the stars. In time, that knowledge grew so vast that those ambitions, grand as they had become, no longer exceeded our reach. 

We ventured out beyond that ebony veil, past even those shimmering points of light, into the infinite ocean of black, never knowing what empires or races we might encounter.

Novus AEterno is Latin for “new beginning of time”. The era of the old Golden Age empires has ended, and from their ashes new upstart empires with their own stories and experiences have risen. Novus AEterno features a rich backstory and lore that will continue to be revealed.

Learn more about the Lore and back story of Novus AEterno

Novus AEterno has been described as one of the most ambitious games ever undertaken – let alone by a small indie studio. Making the basic game and ensuring it’s fun was just the first step. Now we want to vastly expand the world and complete all of the other alien races, non-playable characters, and other rich additions. To give you new empires to build and conquer, and the opportunity to make new discoveries, years after you started playing. 

Novus AEterno wows the Gaming Press

We first revealed the game at PAX Prime 2011, and the reaction was great!. Similarly, we enjoyed a lot of media acclaim at the subsequent PAX East 2012 and Gamescom. But the real validation for our vision came at PAX Prime 2012, where Novus AEterno won multiple awards and accolades, beating out major studios with huge budgets. We walked away with “Best RTS”, “Best Innovation”, and several runner-up mentions.

Feeling recharged after the show, we put our heads down and devoted ourselves to finishing the playable game. Along the way met some industry folks who have offered valuable insight and encouragement.

Now that we’re nearing the final months, we are excited to share our work and get you involved so we can take the game to the next level, together.

We spent time seeking the right publishing partners and, while we received great interest and high marks, we found it difficult to close a deal on a title that didn’t fit into a specific ‘box’. Since there are no directly comparable games on the market, there’s no historical financial metrics or proven performance. Today’s daunting development and marketing costs have made publishers risk averse; they can rarely afford to break outside of blockbuster franchise blockbuster iterations or games resembling successful games - thus leaving little room for innovation, evolution or the support of new genres.

Throughout our journey we’ve made numerous industry friends who’ve lent their support – including publishers who are now watching us, and those that have become avid fans. And, through that journey we finally understand that the best road for us to release this game is with the help of Kickstarter support.

 We Need your Support 

We’ve come to the realization that the only support that will make a difference needs to come from the community of gamers who want to play it. Want a massive persistent universe where you build your empire in the manner you want, interacting with thousands of other player-run empires on one massive galactic map? Please support us. Help us realize our vision and make this kind of universe thrive. RTS fan, vote with your wallets and show how much we love this genre and that we are a viable community worth supporting with new games! 

What will $200,000 deliver? 

The $200,000 goes to support the studio for the final development, polishing and testing for release. We have financed ourselves thus far, but there comes a point when we need just a little bit more to finish. With your support, we can get over the last hurdle. 

Beyond just finishing, stretch goals will allow us to create the expansion plans we have for the game sooner. We’re creating a game that will expand as you expand your empire; where there is something new around the each corner to discover and experience in this immersive game. For that we need to maintain a full team of 25 developers plus additional help continually working on the project – not only to create all the features we still wish to build, but also add future ideas that come from you...our players. We’ve built a new universe for you to play in, and we want you involved in making it the most exciting universe ever created. 

Taitale Studios is the brainchild of Nick Nieuwoudt. The inspiration came nearly seven years ago when, as a 16-year old competitive gamer, Nick grew increasingly tired of only playing 30-minute sessions of StarCraft with friends he had made around the globe. He wanted an RTS game he could continue to play persistently for hours, weeks, even years. 

Unable to find the game he wanted to play, Nick set out to build it - despite having no prior game development experience. He turned to the game forums to enlist help where he found others who shared in his vision. 

Novus AEterno is the game they had always wanted to play. There were challenges along the way, as no one had ever set out to build a persistent AAA MMORTS on this scale, but the team’s sacrifices and passion kept it moving forward. 

Now Nick has amassed a global team of 25 developers representing 4 continents and 13 countries. 

The studio includes an award-winning art director, world-class programmers, a few industry veterans and a high-ranking military strategist as an advisor. You can read more about the team and our journey here on our forums

The game will be ‘feature complete’ with all the initial features within the next few months and ready for initial release within 6 months. The Game has already been approved by Steam (forgoing the Greenlight process) to be released once we are ready. 

Capital ships!

Should we exceed our initial funding goal and reach $225,000, our first stretch goal will be the addition of Capital Ships, which are unique vessels with specialized roles. Each capital ship features distinctive play styles and can turn the tide of almost any battle. Each player will only be able to have a single capital ship deployed at one time but will be allowed to build and store as many capital ships as they can afford.

Capital ships are race specific, and as such must be complete before we can implement other non-human player races. Players permanently unlock capital ship designs using in-game resources and research; pledge tiers from $40 and up will unlock specific behemoths for FREE as we reach specific stretch goals.

This is only our first stretch goal. We have been working on Novus AEterno for nearly 7 years now and throughout those 7 years, the Novus AEterno lore has expanded exponentially. We have created a living universe which we would love to share with you.

We have some exciting features planned for the future and we will be adding many more stretch goals as we move forward such as our additional 4 alien races, ground combat, full 3D ship interiors, ship crews, etc.

Risks and challenges

Video game development is not easy. It can be difficult to predict the stumbling blocks even in the best case scenario. With Novus AEterno, our goal is to expand and evolve the RTS genre into an MMORTS on a grand scale. This hasn’t been done before. Simply put, to develop a major AAA MMORTS game is difficult under the best of circumstances, much less from a small indie studio working on their inaugural game.

The good news is that Novus AEterno has been in development for almost seven years, built by a lean but consistently committed team; and people are currently playing the game and having fun! To mitigate risks, we worked with a great graphics engine, HAVOK VISION ENGINE, and we have developed our own proprietary server architecture.

Everyone at Taitale Studios is completely dedicated to making the best game possible and, with your help, we are confident we can deliver. If our funding campaign is not successful, Novus AEterno will still come to fruition – eventually – and without many of the rich features that will ensure the Novus AEterno’s pride and place as a founding father of the MMORTS galaxy.

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    + Design the lore behind a Theory for use ingame (part of the research system)
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    + Novus AEterno Digital Strategy Guides, for Diplomacy, Military, And Economy.
    + Full 2-hour digital soundtrack, composed by Denny Schneidemesser.
    + Digital Story Bible, filled with great art work, the backgrounds and history of all the races in the Novus AEterno universe!
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    + Novus AEterno limited edition Genesis command T-shirt
    + Help design an in game object (space junk, meteors / anomalies.)
    + Design an Artifact! You can name it, design it’s stats and the lore behind it).
    + Special Kickstarter Prototype Component pack for ingame!
    + Starting pack 50 of Tier 1 ship components to get your fleet combat ready ASAP!
    + Starting pack of 5 random in game artifacts
    + Access to the developer forum area where you can discuss your ideas directly to the team.
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    + Design how a sub-faction interacts with the universe, and you can name its faction leader.
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    + We will add your name/avatar to the history of the human race as one of the following of your choice:
    Great General, Great Merchant, Great Diplomat or Great Spy
    + Design a entire in game NPC sub-Faction with the developers (how the look, act etc.)
    + Design a research item with the developers.
    + 1 Extra Novus AEterno Infiltrator copy to give to a friend (8 keys in total!)

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    + Fly over to the launch party (paid for by us, only within USA.)
    +Talk to the developers about the game, its development and future plans.
    + 1 Extra Novus AEterno Infiltrator copy to give to a friend (10 keys in total!)
    + Taitale Studios will love you long time!
    + ULTIMATE LIFETIME PREMIUM ACCOUNT!! (You get everything Taitale ever makes and Cake. We will buy you a lie, I promise!) To clarify that also includes a lifelong premium account and every single Ship and Skin and DLC we ever release for novus.)

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