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The super comfy pillow that plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up.
The super comfy pillow that plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up.
The super comfy pillow that plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Héctor on

      Is it normal that you never give me an answer? I've been trying to contact you several times and in various ways and I never get an answer.

      Where is the education?

    2. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Jo Wynaden - Thanks! We are so glad you like it!

      @Jan - Sorry to hear that. Contact us at so we can sort you out.

      @Agustin Sillas Jr - We hope things are getting better for you all after the storm.

      @Sheryl Marcus - We are sorry to hear that. We have made many updates to the ZEEQ app so hopefully it can work better for you. If you need any assistance, please contact so we can help.

      Thanks, All!

      -Miguel & Warrick

    3. Sheryl Marcus on

      I found zeeq uncomfortable (i even removed some of the stuffing) and difficult to use. It sits in the closet now. i gave it a good try once and gave up. Then I tried it again and finally just gave up.

    4. Agustin Sillas Jr on

      Hello i was wondering if I can get my damage zeeq it was damaged by the hurricane Harvey that hit us in Houston tx if not then I guess it's a hurtful lost after not even having it for a year dam same but would be great if you can help me out I would highly appropriate it great product man really is a beast thanks for suck creation

    5. Missing avatar

      Jan on

      I never received this

    6. Missing avatar

      Jo Wynaden on

      Great product, thanks so much!

    7. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Annie - Thanks for your feedback. We are always looking for ways to improve ZEEQ. :)

      @Cheri - Sorry for the mixup. Please check you Kickstarter messages for additional support. Thanks!

    8. Missing avatar

      Cheri on

      Still have not received my pillows. And no response to my email.

    9. Annie

      Would be nice if music woke me up rather than vibrations

    10. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Mike Soden - You need to fill out your backer kit survey (i just resent the link to your email) and then we can ship out your ZEEQ. Direct Message us if you have any additional questions. Thanks! -Miguel

    11. Missing avatar

      Mike Soden on


      I'm still waiting for my product :(

      Can you please update me on when it should be arriving?

      many thanks,

    12. Valeen on

      Just an FYI to other backers - hand wash the pillow case! After going through the wash, the plastic separated from the fabric and shriveled up.

    13. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Blizz Lim - It should only take about 3-4 hours to fully charge ZEEQ using the included adapter.

      @Tania Marten - It looks like there was a shipping error for those. Please send us a private message with your current address and we will get you sorted out.

      @Andrew Dixon - I am sorry you are having issues with your ZEEQ app, Can you please contact us at so we can look into your issue and get you sorted out? Thanks!


    14. Missing avatar

      Andrew Dixon on

      I have had the pillow for a week now and the software for Android is very buggy. It keeps disconnecting at random times. This is worse when it's late at night and my phone reverts to using it's own speakers (very loudly). I believe the issue is that the pillow powers down (green light goes off). I was very optimistic about this when I got it but now... I can't recommend it to anyone.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tania Marten on

      Hi. I have received my ZEEQ pillows but there were no activity trackers included in either package. It was my understanding that there would be 2 included to go with my 2 pillows. Please advise.

    16. Blizz Lim

      I have been using the zeeq for some time now and have noticed a few things. on the occasions I end up sleeping pass 12 noon, I usually end up with wonky sleep scores since they seem to be calculated based on a 12 hr period? btw how long does the zeeq take to be fully charged? charging via my computer, it seems to always be stuck at 3/4.

    17. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @ Jenny Hare - Your ZEEQ has been shipped. I am sending you a direct message with your tracking information.

    18. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @ Jenny Hare - Your ZEEQ has been shipped. I am sending you a direct message with your tracking information.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jenny Hare on

      no product received yet from this project :( Please can you update why that would be?

    20. Missing avatar

      Feras Kabbara on

      Anyone in Germany who would like to buy my new Zeeq?

    21. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      Hello Lisa,

      We are working on making the app iPad compatible. We hope to have it soon, but I don't have an official date to announce.



    22. Lisa Danker on

      Will there be an iPad version of the app? It seems rather ridiculous that you can pair it with an iPhone but not with an iPad.

    23. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      Hello Everyone! We have just release new versions of the ZEEQ app for iPhone and Android with bug fixes, stability improvements and some tweaks based on your feedback. We have even more cool stuff coming later in the month in the apps, so please stay tuned! :)

      @rena - Please contact us at and we can get you tracking information for your ZEEQ.

      @Ignasi Corney - We can help you out at with chat support, or we can help you out at Also, here is link to something that may help fix your issue:

      @Adriane Talamentes - We're sorry to hear that. Can you reach out to and we can try to help troubleshoot your issues? We just released new versions of the app for iPhone and Android with lots of bug fixes and improvements, so that may help as well.

      Thanks everyone!


    24. Missing avatar

      Adriane Talamentes on

      Finally got frustrated enough to give up. Gave my two pillows away. Perhaps the new owners will have the patience required to make them work.

    25. Ignasi Corney Oller on

      My REM FIT 100 doesn't register steps since 24th January. How can I make it work again? Thank you!

    26. Missing avatar

      rena on

      Sigh... this is getting frustrating... I still haven't gotten any reply back on where my order is. It's been forever. :( is there anyone else who haven't received their order yet?

    27. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Chris Alleman - Thanks for the feedback! And yes, we have some ideas like that for ZEEQ 2. :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Chris Alleman on

      Been using the pillow for a few weeks now and I've been impressed. I definitely feel like I am getting to sleep faster and having a more restful deeper sleep. I did have to remove some of the foam from the pillow initially as it was much too dense for my liking, but that's part of the adjustment period and getting it just right.

      Now that I have a good subset of my snoring levels I'm looking forward to trying the snore monitor.

      My suggestion for a feature add would be to record your snoring/talking at night as this may be useful/interesting to users. I know I'd be interested hear what I say in my sleep! Not sure the feasibility of this if there is limited storage built-in, but maybe the next version could have a Micro-SD card slot in the charger/remote dongle?

    29. Missing avatar

      Brandon S on

      Since apparently you are unable to get the pillows Canada anytime soon. I need to change my shipping address because I am moving. Can someone please contact me regarding this? Thanks

    30. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @John Kelly - Sorry you are having issues. Please contact or chat support and we can get you sorted out. Thanks! -Miguel

    31. Missing avatar

      John Kelly on

      All working well since pillow received. However, currently experiencing (last 3 nights) unsaved records in the morning. Using latest iOS app update (1.2.1) on iPhone 7 plus. Pillow is fully charged. Syncing occurs fine at bed time but appears to drop out during the night. As a result, no records being saved.

    32. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Adriane Talamentes - please email with your user accounts so we can see if we can merge them for you and get you sorted out.

      @Sumit Verma - We have submitted all of the forms to Canada and we have been told they are approved, we are just waiting for the FedEx China office to accept them so we can ship them out. Hopefully we get them out before Chinese New Year, other wise they will go out right after. Thanks!

      @Paul Quick - Thanks so much of your feedback! We are so glad you are enjoying it!

      @Tek Guy - Please email with the name and address on your shipment and we can look it up for you.

    33. Missing avatar

      Adriane Talamentes on

      Like others, I am having to create multiple accounts and am still unable to get beyond initial pairing. I've got 2 of these that are becoming increasingly less desirable as the days pass. One more week without progress and they are history. Great idea, execution, not so much.

    34. Sumit Verma

      @Creator.. when can we expect packages � in Canada...

    35. Paul Quick

      Love my pillow. Recording my 106 decibel peak snoring. I should have that looked at.
      I have had no issues with pairing and use my Zeeq every night. iPhone 6S most recent iOS.
      Love it. Thank you.

    36. Tek Guy

      Hello guys just curious on Pillow ETA. (Backer #2,230) I received the Tracker quite a while ago but no pillow. Just making sure that the pillow wasn't lost in the mail and that the tracker was sent that much earlier then the pillow. Thanks.

    37. Warrick Bell and Miguel Marrero Creator on

      @Matt Hinker - Please contact us via support ( or private message and we can try to merge your account data for you. Thanks!

      @Giacomo - Please contact chat on or and we can help you out. Thanks!

      @Jason S - Can you please contact us via so we can troubleshoot your issues and make sure you are all taken care of?

      @Rolf Strand - sorry you are having connection issues. Please reach out to us so we can help you out.

      @John K - We are working on a solution for this and hope to have something in a future firmware/software update.


    38. Missing avatar

      Adriane Talamentes on

      Not loving my ZEEQ tbh. Won't reliably pair with Bluetooth, and the data it gives regarding my sleep is very inaccurate. It doesn't even register when I get up and leave the bed. On top of all the glitchiness, the pillow is not very comfortable. Too uncomfortable to deal with if pillow won't perform as desired.

    39. John K on

      When I use the snooze feature on the alarm the app registers the vibrations of the pillow as snoring, and it's typically much louder than my actual snoring (by at least 10db). Is there any way to make sure the vibrations don't register as such? It's throwing off my numbers.

    40. Missing avatar

      Steve Craiger

      Best pillow EVER!

    41. Missing avatar

      Rolf Strand on

      Received the pillow and it's nice and comfortable. Have issues with the connection and playing music....

    42. Missing avatar

      Dan Mair on

      Warrick and Miguel, please provide an update to us Canadians on the status of our deliveries.

    43. Jason S

      Update 1.2.1 was a huge step backwards. Took me 45 minutes to get the pillow into sleep mode. It would say connected, but it wasn't. You couldn't restart the process because it thought it was connected. Must played through phone instead of pillow even tough zeek audio was connected. Turn the pillow off, but app thinks it is still connected. You need a reset function in the app that resets the pillow and app at the same time.
      Other issues:
      - Can no longer swipe to music
      - No way to delete downloaded music (that I could find). Several of your natural sounds don't work after download and there is no way to reset them to try it again. Once downloaded they show 0 seconds in length and play no sound even though the online preview works.
      - Spotifiy no longer connects. Just gives a quick "try again" message.
      - Still highly annoying that anytime i move my head the snore alarm goes off. I have it set to 90 which is higher than it registers when I snore, thus defeating the purpose of the pillow.

    44. Jason S

      @PJ. The volume is intentionally low. It's white noise to fall asleep to, not to rock out to. You can can make it a little louder by turning the media volume on your phone all the way up. But the range via the pillow remote is limited intentionally.

    45. PJ Gray

      Love the pillow. Extremely comfortable. My only complaint is I can't seem to increase the volume.

    46. Giacomo

      I've filled survey in october, but I have not pillows yet.
      Any info about?


    47. Missing avatar

      Beth Darnell on

      I like the pillow. Still adjusting with music.

    48. Anke Verena Meyer-Heß

      I really like the pillow. The sound is great. I sleep so well on it, that I never notice the Vibration and dont wake up in the morning. So I still need a regular alarm clock.

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