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Futuristic sci-fi adventure that follows a small squad of young gifted aviators who are forced to become earth’s last line of defense.
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Tuskegee Heirs Issue #2 Is complete!

Posted by Greg Burnham (Creator)

Issue #2 Lives

Issue #2 Cover
Issue #2 Cover

 More info about owning the single issue will be released soon. Backers will have free access to the single issue digitally (Backer only updates have been sent out). More to come!

-Tuskegee Heirs


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    1. The Clueless Artist on

      Nevermind Greg, I got it :). Thanks !

    2. Edward Petersen

      Happy to receive issue #2. Do we have a timeline on when all of this can be collected in the trade?

    3. Peter J. LaPrade Jr.

      Glad to have finally been able to read issue 1. Issue 2 improves on it, and shows us some unexpected sides to the different characters. I also really like that this story seems like it can easily make social commentary without seeming too shoehorned in(and the info blurbs at the end of each issue are well done).

    4. Cedric Anderson on

      Good work bruh! Keep going!

    5. Greg Burnham 2-time creator on

      @The Clueless Artist, Hey there, please contact us via email at, so we can shoot the link personally. Thanks

    6. The Clueless Artist on

      Hi guys ! Nice work !

      I was wondering how I could get the first one back.
      I changed computer and let the issue 1 on the old one...

      Thanks :)