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Nothing ever happens in Ohio. Nothing good anyway. But the Big Bad Stuff? Happens. Every. Day. Tear out the Dark Heart of It All.
82 backers pledged $3,671 to help bring this project to life.

24 Hours Until the End of the World (or maybe just this campaign)

Posted by Jason Daniel Myers (Creator)

A day left in the campaign, and you've unlocked a total of four stretch goals (at $1500, $3000, $3250, and $3500)

Right now I'll just say that I'm very pleased. I'll save the triumphant maniacal laughter and embarrassing victory dance for later.

I'm going to reprint the Add-Ons and Stretch Goals here.

Not because I want to give you the hard sell. But because, this being the last day, it's a good time for a reminder. And because those new to Kickstarter (and there are a lot of first-time backers here) might not be that familiar with Stretch Goals and Add-Ons.

If you want to pledge a little extra to try to get stretch goals, then stretch away. 

If you want to add on stuff to your pledge because you think the add-ons are cool, just hit the manage pledge button near the top of the right hand column, and then add the appropriate amount to your pledge (click on the dollar amount, and then add in a new dollar amount that includes the extra money you'd like to spend on add-ons).

First, the stretch goals. If you're more curious about add-ons, scroll down.


100 backers – If we reach 100 backers, the first 100 backers will receive a bonus Postcard from the Heart of Darkness. The bonus postcard will probably not be handwritten, but I have something fun in mind for this. International Backers please add a dollar to your pledge if you wish to receive this. 

$1500 - Art Rewards Unlocked!

$3000 – Backers will collectively choose a Northeast Ohio location to be featured in Big Trouble in Little Canton - UNLOCKED!

$3250 – All backers with a US area code will (if they so choose) receive a phone call from the Ohio Tourism Bureau.- UNLOCKED!

$3500 – The author will commission an additional piece of original art for Big Trouble in Little Canton. - UNLOCKED!

$3750 – All backers will receive at least one e-mail from the Ohio Tourism Bureau.

$4000 – The author will commission an additional piece of original art for Big Trouble in Little Canton.

$4500 – There will be a special Big Trouble in Little Canton event. All backers will be invited.

$5000 – The author will commission an additional piece of original art for Big Trouble in Little Canton.

$5500 – The author will commission an additional piece of original art for Big Trouble in Little Canton.

$6000 – Every backer will get an audio book version of Big Trouble in Little Canton.


POSTCARDS FROM THE HEART OF DARKNESS - Can also be purchased by adding to your pledge - $4 per postcard, or $35 for ten. Each additional postcard after 10 is $3.50. Or get all 30 Postcards from the Heart of Darkness for $100. International backers please add $1 per postcard.  

BACKSTAGE PASS - Add $5 to your pledge.  

GET A FRIEND INTO BIG TROUBLE - Add $5 per friend. They'll get BIG TROUBLE delivered to them electronically.  

TIP THE ARTIST - Money will go into the art budget to commission works from the artist or artists you specify.  

TIP THE AUTHOR - Just a reminder that even an extra dollar or two is greatly appreciated.  

ART COMMISSION ADD-ON - Available only to those who have pledged NAME-DROPPING, LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION, or CHARACTER BUILDING. Add a dollar amount to your pledge equal to a limited Art Reward Tier featuring the artist of your choice. Then message me so I can check to make sure that the artist you want is available to take the extra art assignment. Yes, this means that you can add a character or location to the story and then guarantee that art featuring your character or location will be in the story.  

PERSON OF INTEREST - add 13 dollars or more to your pledge: The Ohio Tourism Bureau will take a special interest in you. The more you pledge, the more they will interfere in your daily existence. Frankly, I recommend that you do not choose this add-on. I have no idea what will happen if you choose this add-on. I cannot and will not be responsible for the consequences. Just remember, I warned you.  

11X14 EXTREMELY LIMITED EDITION OCTAVIA PRINT - Add $25 to your pledge. $40 for international backers. The limited edition is one Megan Mars is cooking up especially for Big Trouble In Little Canton. She says: "It will be an edited, darker and creepier version of Octavia. Perhaps a whole different color scheme also." Octavia Limited Edition Print Octavia Limited Edition Print (for a picture,scroll to the bottom of the main page)  

8X10 ART PRINTS - $13, or 3 for $30 (they don't have to be 3 different ones). Big Trouble In Little Canton Big Trouble In Little Canton The End is Nigh The End is Nigh Zombie Dance Party Zombie Dance Party (to see these prints, scroll to the bottom of the main page)


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