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Nothing ever happens in Ohio. Nothing good anyway. But the Big Bad Stuff? Happens. Every. Day. Tear out the Dark Heart of It All.
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Meet an Artist: Jared Myers

Posted by Jason Daniel Myers (Creator)

This is Jared Myers:

 No, wait, this is Jared Myers:

Okay, they both are, and he made both masks. 

Jared can pretty much do anything. He’s responsible for the main art we’ve been using for the Kickstarter:

Add this print to your pledge for $13
Add this print to your pledge for $13

He designed and constructed the sandwich board:

He made this, way back when the sandwich board was just a twinkle in my eye: 

You can commission color art from Jared for $88, photographic art with digital manipulation for $175, and for $578, you and a friend will become minor characters in Big Trouble in Little Canton, and participate in a photo shoot which revolves around your characters' appearances. Several of those photos, augmented with illustration and digital manipulation, will be used to illustrate the story, and you’ll get hi-res images of the finished photos as well as photos that were taken during the shoot but not used. 

See, I told you he could do anything. 

If I was rich, I’d just sit around thinking up anything I damn well pleased and paying Jared to construct it out of dreams and magic and ridiculous fucking talent.


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