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Nothing ever happens in Ohio. Nothing good anyway. But the Big Bad Stuff? Happens. Every. Day. Tear out the Dark Heart of It All.
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Nominate Northeast Ohio Locations to be Included in the Story!

Posted by Jason Daniel Myers (Creator)
I’m going to go ahead and optimistically assume that there’s no reason why we can’t hit the $3000 stretch goal in the next 4 days, so I’m now calling for nominations for a Northeast Ohio location to include in Big Trouble in Little Canton.

Nominate by naming any place within an hour’s drive of Canton, Ohio in the comments section of this update.

I will choose several suggestions based on 1) their popularity in the comments section and 2) general awesomeness. When the backer survey goes out after the kickstarter is over, you will be asked to vote for your favorite from the short list of nominees. The winning location will be featured in the story. 

So make some suggestions, and argue for why they should be included in the pages of Big Trouble in Little Canton. 


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    1. Atisa Unique Hayes on

      I nominate B Side Liquour Lounge located in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.

    2. Missing avatar

      Melody Monteiro on

      I nominate Riverview Cemetery in East Liverpool. It's a very lovely cemetery. They have a website Another Columbiana county location could be Grimm's Bridge in Beaver Creek State Park. It's supposedly haunted.

    3. John Cmar

      Bose Cemetery, outside of Beach City. It's awesome as it is a quinntessential wee tiny Ohio cemetery, the final resiting place of at least one person who wasn't born in the US, and just *barely* unsettling atmosphere. I've always suspected that there's more buried in the surrounding fields than we surface-folk are aware of...

    4. Missing avatar

      Carol A. Davis on

      I nominate the parlor of the author's home.

    5. Andrew Kozma on

      I nominate that place where we went one time where there was lots of stuff and creepy scenery and it was, like, totally rad, man, you know what I mean, right?

    6. Jason Daniel Myers 2-time creator on

      I nominate the trunk of Ken Watson's car.