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Please Vote For Your Favorite Guest Author

Posted by Jason Daniel Myers (Creator)

Hello, all,

Please take time to vote for your favorite guest author(s) in the comments section of this update.

The guest author who garners the most votes will create a minor character for Big Trouble in Little Canton. 

Why does this matter? 1) It's a little extra thank you from me to my guest authors for their help. 2) It's another way you can influence the collaborative mythology of Big Trouble in Little Canton. 3) It's also a nice way to show support for the guest authors even if you aren't getting their Postcards from the Heart of Darkness. 

Yes, you may, if you wish, vote for more than one.

Guest Authors:

Daniel Hale. Andrew Kozma. Corey Paulus. Arnaud Thevenet. Ken Watson. Frank from Slamfist Media 

And... vote!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Elliott Miller on

      I vote for Corey Paulus because I'd really like to see what kind of character he'd develop.

    2. Missing avatar

      Anne Bayerkohler on

      I vote for Andrew Kozma! Because if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be involved in this... also the last postcards I got from him are still tacked on my wall.

    3. Missing avatar

      Carol A. Davis on

      Andrew Kozma gets my vote because he is the only one I know personally, but hey, a vote's a vote. I'm sure all the guest authors are way talented.

    4. Daniel Hale on

      Funnily enough, that's the exact same reason I wish to vote for Mr. Kozma.

    5. Andrew Kozma on

      I vote for Arnaud Thevenet, because he has the coolest name.

    6. Missing avatar

      Ryan Siggelkow on

      Seeing as the initial creation of this mythos was a collaborative process, my vote goes to everyone...ever.