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Nothing ever happens in Ohio. Nothing good anyway. But the Big Bad Stuff? Happens. Every. Day. Tear out the Dark Heart of It All.
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Meet an Artist: Andy Hopp (also: a special offer)

Posted by Jason Daniel Myers (Creator)

 Andy Hopp is one of the featured artists on Big Trouble in Little Canton. Also, I don't want to besmirch Andy's sterling reputation as an upstanding citizen, but ANDY HOPP WILL DO ANYTHING YOU WANT HIM TO DO FOR THE LOW LOW PRICE OF SEVENTY-TWO DOLLARS. He will do the most delightful or the most horrible things. He will do a pretty lady. He will do a large hairy man. He will do a maggot-ridden decaying corpse. That's right, for a pledge of 72 dollars, Andy Hopp is yours to command. Muhahahahaha.

In this context, "do" means "draw". Obviously. Whatever you arrange on the side is strictly between you and Andy.

Andy Hopp is also currently running a Kickstarter for a card game called Dementalism: An Ingenious Game of Ingenious Ingeniousness

I mention this for two reasons:

1) If you poke around on Andy's kickstarter, you will realize that specially commissioned artwork from Andy Hopp is normally a bit costlier than 72 dollars. Andy graciously quoted me a low asking price for art for Big Trouble in Little Canton. 

2) If you back Dementalism as well as Big Trouble in Little Canton, you'll get a free 5X7 art print by Andy Hopp The first 50 people to back both projects for a COMBINED total of 70 dollars or more will bag the swag.

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