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Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate puzzles. The user must solve each page’s puzzle to unlock the next page.
Codex Silenda is a five page book that features five intricate puzzles. The user must solve each page’s puzzle to unlock the next page.
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Production #12 - Oh Busy Bees We Be :)

Posted by Brady Whitney (Creator)

Greetings Apprenti!

Progress Update!




My apologies for the delayed update, we've been so focused on keeping our momentum going that I keep pushing off doing the update in favor of keeping our daily quota as consistent as possilbe. If you haven't seen my comment already, we are expecting to post Progress updates every 3 weeks instead of 2 weeks for a few reasons. 

  • 1) It's easier to update in longer intervals so that there is actually stuff to talk or update everyone on; since all we are doing nowadays is producing yellow, non-custom, 7 page books.
  • 2) It can take a decent chunk out of a day for me to complete one of these updates due to the preparation and gathering of the photos and information I provided.
  • 3) Of course if there are ever any important events or issues that pop up, an update will be posted to address it, whether it's between normal updates or not.

We are now fully immersed in the $150 Reward Tier and are burning our way through it too! While I can't promise any specific dates, we hope to be entering the $175 Reward Tier around late October/early November. 

As we continue our way through the $175 Tier, we should be receiving a shipment of books from SCS's factory hopefully around December/January. Out of these books we will offer the option to any remaining $175 backers to opt for the SCS book instead of waiting for their turn in our production lineup. These books are designed and cut out from the exact same files that my lasers are currently using and they will also feature the bonus two pages (only for this Kickstarter specific shipment). Every book will have to be worked on and inspected by our team as well before shipping them out, so they will still be quality checked by myself or Nathan (who's really developed an eagle eye for any potential mistakes or issues popping up), as well as being quality checked by SCS's team as well.

SCS/China News

No further developments at this time.

and now it's time for some...

Workshop Photos of the Update!

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"Dis iz meine"
"Dis iz meine"


A 7 Page Yellow Codex, Majestic no?
A 7 Page Yellow Codex, Majestic no?


Pile of Cut-Out Sheet Remains
Pile of Cut-Out Sheet Remains


Fast Pals (when Houdini isn't annoying)
Fast Pals (when Houdini isn't annoying)

Well that's all we have to share for now! To those who've received their books thus far, best of luck on your puzzling journeys and don't hesitate to reach out me via PM or email if you encounter any problems or have any questions!

Much Love,
The Codex Team (Brady, Hanna, Koda, Nate, Tate, and Houdini!)

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    1. Brady Whitney Creator on

      In our next update, we are planning on posting some of the awesome feedback, testimonials, and photos we've been getting from backers as their books begin to arrive.

      We highly encourage and ask that anyone who has received a book to take a photo of yourself or a family member(s) attempting to unlock the mysterious puzzle book. It just makes us work even faster and harder seeing the joy the book brings!

    2. Brad Head on

      Hey Brady, Is there a particular order you are fulfilling the orders? Is there an estimated shipment date on the next haul of codex?

    3. Brady Whitney Creator on

      @Tom - Short answer - The SCS books will have 7 pages (ONLY the ones sent to me)

      The SCS books being sent to me directly will already be assembled except for the last two pages, which will be assembled by our team instead. We will then attach the two pages to the already pre-assembled books. This also gives our team to do a secondary quality check too!

    4. Tom Jolly on

      On the $175 tier, I opted for the $50 upgrade (back in 8.11.16) for the two extra pages. I assume the SCS version would not have those pages? Not that I mind waiting, of course.

    5. Brady Whitney Creator on

      @abaddon1 & @Rik - as a really rough guess, it would be late Spring/early Summer, we would probably be making them alongside the non-assembled reward tier which would run from Feburary to April/May, with the chests only being made after getting about halfway through the non-assembleds

      @Mattministrator - I think they are all too busy trying to solve them first before showing off the book ;)

      @Reinhard - I'll keep working 6 days a week to reach that goal :)

    6. abaddon1 on

      Any extremely rough estimates of when you think you guys can make it to the 55$ tier? Don't want to rush you guys, but it would be nice when I can start to get my hopes up more ;)

    7. Rik

      Glad to see Houdini is looking happy and healthy - lucky to find you guys. :)
      Another interesting update. I bet you wish they all could have been this "business as usual" from the start!

      Sounds like assembly isn't a bottle-neck... so probably won't be any un-assembled versions until you get to those tiers? OK with me, the better you guys get at prepping them, the better luck those of us assembling our own will probably have.

    8. Missing avatar

      Mattministrator on

      Thanks for another inspiring update. Glad to see you progressing through production with undiminshed energy and enthusiasm. Still can‘t wait to start puzzling (and actually a bit surprised to not find a single video of a Codex out in the wild on Youtube, as it sure should make any owner excited for their new „family member“).

    9. Reinhard Mitschang on

      awesome! I still hope to get mine this year, although I'm aware of the fact, that I've been one of the last backers that got in...keep on the great work and make 'em puzzlers happy!