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G-Free Goodness is a bakery / retail store / consulting .Our mission is Awareness / Education / Training. It's centre is the celiac / gluten intolerance community , who have to live on a gluten free diet.We want to provide healthy "clean" food in an allergy safe enviroment. The bakery will sell gluten free buns ,  bread and goodies to local food industries and institutions as well as offer these products to the public through the retail space. The retail space will offer a wide variety of prepackaged or frozen products made in house or shipped in.We would carry products for other food allergies such as egg free or milk free. Especailly for our area we feel the larger food chains will only offer a small fraction of celiac or other allergy safee products, which leaves the comsumer with little choice and no alternative for the mark up these food giants place on their small selection of "specialty items" . One of our main goals is to keep prices as low as possible , so that people can afford to live with this disease. Fresh products through the bakery and quick wholesome meals safe for most food allery sufferers, will also be avalible. Absolutely no outside food would enter the store . People with food allergies will be able to come into our safe enviroment , shop , grab a snack , hot meal or just a cup of coffee and enjoy. The main goal of using Kickstarter and YOUR help is to:

 1) Get our doors open to enable us to start making people Aware , from the four corners of our city to the four corners of the world ,   # MY DISEASE IS NOT A TREND

2)Start Educating people on healthier habbits and providing healthier alternatives

3) Not have to borrow as much money so we can "affordable and healthy . alergyfree foods"

4)Offer free education and training to individuals who have to or choose to be on this diet and have a place to hold support group meetings and education seminars

soo amazing highly addictive
soo amazing highly addictive

Risks and challenges

This market has not been properly addressed especailly in our area.
There are little to no options for people that HAVE to live on this diet
Our community has been very supportive reckonizing the need for this project.
We want ot make it easier to afford and eat with this (or other food related Disease)
We have a very solid plan , very determined heart , and will not surrender or give up to a disease
We have researched and shared our vision worldwide , people around the world will model after our sucess
We have one of Canada's (although in her humility won't admit to it) leading experts on celiac , gluten intolerance and general healthy eating and nutrition.
We will take a wage from the company but reguardless of how sucessful we become we are more focus on helping people then getting too rich
We are aiming for a 0% waste including parnering with local foodbanks and agencies that support low income earners

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