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Help us restore some of the last Doggie Diner heads—a symbol of SF’s scrappy, can-do spirit during the post WWII era & beyond
Help us restore some of the last Doggie Diner heads—a symbol of SF’s scrappy, can-do spirit during the post WWII era & beyond
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Dog schwag coming soon! ....and a restoration update.

Posted by John Law (Creator)

Hang in there Doggie Diner supporters! Your schwag is coming - it's taken longer than anticipated to produce and prepare much of the reward materials. I've had a lot of help, but producing and mailing out well over 2000 things is a lotta work! We will be able to organize a massive mailing party soon, to send out the bulk of the remaining fulfillment reward stuff. 

Last Gasp was able to mail out most of the Cacophony books. Thanks Ron & Colin! Let us know if you haven't received your book yet, & we'll get it out in the next mailer. 

The signature mini-DogHeads both painted and crystal are done. The "T"-shirts and bags will be in our hands shortly. All other stuff  (signed posters, remaining books & stickers) will ship at the mailing party, hopefully in very early August. 

We successfully competed 2 of the "Hunter" adventure packages to the great excitement of all involved. We're scheduling the remaining ones now and will contact recipients with possible dates soon.

The personally guided tours of the historic Tribune Tower in downtown Oakland are also to be scheduled this week. 

The Dog Head restoration process is moving along and nearing completion. The metal frames for the Dogs are finished and installed in the heads. Thank you Paul Troutman and Billy Collister. I'd like to thank Brian "Fish" Leese, Amy Troutman and Ed Holmes for their help with the body work on the Heads. We'll be taking Manny and Jack to Qube Autobody soon for their coats of dog-tone paint. 

I'll load up some pictures of the progress soon.

Thank you all for your patience and support. With 818 backers and well over 2000 items to ship, it is a big job and one that is taking longer than we initially imagined. 

cheers, JL

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    1. Michael Scheper on

      I suppose I never thought about how much work KickStarter mail-outs would be, on top of the exciting projects. Glad my Cacophony Society book didn't get lost—I was out of town around the estimated shipping date and was worried my housemate missed signing for it or something. :-) Looking forward to receiving it, and seeing the finished doggies!

    2. Aurora Tucker on

      Hi! I have moved recently and need to update the address of where to send my tshirts and stickers. How should I go about this?
      Aurora Tucker ;)