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Creature miniatures inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and first step in a new sci-fi and horror based tabletop war game.
Creature miniatures inspired by HP Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos and first step in a new sci-fi and horror based tabletop war game.
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History of the Future - Part 1

Posted by Reclusive Phoenix (fka Warchild40k) (Creator)
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Over the course of the Kickstarter I will be posting some of the history and background of Slumbering Oblivion to give a feel for the world these creatures and their human defenders inhabit. Here is the first part and I'll post something new about once every week or so.


The beginning of the end started in the latter part of the 21st century when mankind experienced a rapid growth in scientific breakthroughs. There were advances in energy, materials, avionics, genetics, cybernetics and artificial intelligence. Near-earth space travel became common and human habitation of the moon was becoming a reality. The advances in technology were not solely for exploring beyond our planet but also used to explore the oceans and mine their wealth. Breakthroughs in underwater mining and aquatic remote drone technology allowed nations to explore the oceans as never before. This brought a new era of prosperity for many nations on Earth. 

New alliances and coalitions were formed by smaller countries as the concept of ‘international waters’ was ignored and nations began to stake their claims. There were minor skirmishes and nearly an all-out world war over the wealth beneath the waves. In the end, old super powers began to weaken in influence and new powers were on the rise.  

As this new age of exploration and prosperity began, an ancient and hidden threat rose from the depths of the ocean. In November of 2088, a prospector drone stumbled upon the fabled city of R’lyeh and inadvertently awoke the denizens that protected it. Things quickly escalated until finally the city rose to the surface and hordes of unspeakable horrors burst forth upon the world in defense of their city and its sleeping master, Cthulhu. Soon after, a dozen or more other submerged cities rose from the depths around the world and the battle for Earth began in earnest.

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    1. Reclusive Phoenix (fka Warchild40k) 2-time creator on

      Thanks Tav! Yes, there is a pretty extensive background for the world already and there will be more info a fluff as we progress through the KS so stay tuned!

    2. Tav

      Absolutely love the idea of developing a rich lore for these pieces. They already look fantastic, but having an on-going developing backatory? Yes please. Shows a lot of time, love, and care is going into these. Can't wait to read more!