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By Francisco Orozco
$51.00 pledged of $150 goal


This video was recorded about a group that I am involved with, it's called Food Not Bombs. This is the kind of thing that I want to see in every community I go to. The way that this will happen is through making a documentary, education is way to empower communities. When people watch my documentary they will have practical ways of taking action in their communities. The documentary will be called "The revolution will be hosted."

My plan is to have people host me and then create a dialogue of how to build communities of love, of sharing. I am not planning to use the money to "fund my life" rather to fund an ideal. I am trying to facilitate a way for people to understand that through my involvement in their communities that I can great change along with them. I am also planning to film a documentary about the process, which I think has potential for major international film festivals.

I will have people host me in their house, talk to them about revolution, then I will talk start a dialogue about their views on revolution. I will tell them about my experiences and to the many countries I have traveled to and what I want to see in the world.

My main goal with my documentary "The revolution will be hosted" is for people to see the realities of global cities and different towns around the world. I want people to see things from a non-tourist point of view. How people are individually organizing in each of their communities. Staying with a host that lives in each city will give me an opportunity to have an insider perspective.

I will use couchsurfing.org to stay in peoples' houses.

I need money to buy an HD camera, I will not spend money on hostels, I will stay with people through couchsurfing.org mainly

Risks and challenges

I will be successful with my project. I might be faced with having limited ideas on how to create a really revolutionary documentary, but I am sure that I will meet the difficulties head on by meeting different people that can offer me diverse insights. I will tackle limitations of funds by starting individual fundraisers in each city.

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