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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

You will get your Teddy Bears next month.

 Please listen to the words.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      Ashley. . Where are the bears? Update please!

    2. Mark on

      Still no bear.....?!?!

    3. Mark on

      Why do you keep putting images of yourself on here? Are you really that vein or just mentally challenged?

    4. SaltyBrains

      Brian Levinsen : it is against KS rules and policy to allow spam. spam is spam regardless of 'reading the subject line' lol. it is KS's responsibility to enforce their rules.

      what your really claiming is that 'spam is okay' and no, no it is not OKAY.

    5. lee sessions on

      Ashley, just read your kick starter comment on the update titled "how not to do a kick starter"

      The information you posted, and self critique, should have been posted as it's own update for everyone to see.

      I'll admit I've been a folower and then a non believe in your product. However after your comments, I have better understanding of the situation. It takes a lot for someone to admit they "fucked up".

      That being said, you could have just left this project in the trash and carried on with life. Taking on a monetary personal debt does show your added commitment.

      Is no secret you've come across as a bit crazy at points. I hope this abides now you've got some control over the project. There are people here who've gotten the back lash from you, some deserved, some not. Equally you've received a hell of a lot.

      You've called for one last point of trust, understandably hard for some. I accept what you say and believe you'll deliver.

      I'll be honest that I have little hopes /expectations of the mechanical bears. But I am interested in the software and it's progression. I've already posted my views on the software about it being work. I also understand that the software is in its infancy and hasn't been worked on since the project start. Although it's not currently in a game changing state, I do hope you and your team can create something that lays building blocks for the future.

      You need to concentrate on the project and your health. Easier said than done, you need to emotionally detach yourself from the negative posts and concentrate on only feeding positive information, like your post that caused me to construct this reply.

      After a time of this, feelings will change. Once bears are out, again feelings will change. The will still be some not happy, but that's when it'll be a collective effort to concentrate on the software bringing it forward. If anything, you'll have more than 1000 people testing the software, passing on bugs and a wish list of suggestions/conversation ideas. Those people will be invaluable to the bears future.

      I accept your apology and admission of mistakes. In return I apologize for my negative attitude up until now. It's all swings and round abouts.

      Please carry on with relevant updates, and leave your passion concentrated on the project, not on crazy.

      In return you'll reap the benefits of everyone's collective input for the future of your project.

    6. Brian Levinsen

      To those who say that KS is doing nothing. What exactly do you expect them to do?

      If you don't want the e-mails then opt out, or just don't open them. It is pretty clear in the subject what it is about.

    7. Denny The Backer on

      i already report, cannot report anymore...

    8. SaltyBrains

      could everybody PLEASE go to the project's home page, and hit 'report to kickstarter' at the bottom ?

      maybe if we ALL do it they will listen. finally.

      make sure to point out;
      1. that he is abusive and threatening (this is illegal).
      2. that he is spamming continually and regularly.
      3. that KS has received hundreds of such reports and has so far done nothing

      that should get their attention, i hope.

    9. SaltyBrains

      this is ridiculous, why is KS not listening when there must be hundreds of reports about this guy's constant spam. ridiculous.

      i am really super disappointed in KickStarter admin staff for not picking up on this already, they have so many reports, they can clearly see these bullshit updates... they should threaten to (and follow through with) suspend his account if he persists.

    10. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      Ok that's enough if we are to get it next month great, but don't start with the 4 updates nothing to do with it again.
      It just annoys people.

    11. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    12. Josh Worley

      Great, now stop spamming the KS projects with your useless drivel that nobody wants to see. This KS page is not your personal blog or Facebook page.