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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Forever British

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)
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"If I should die, think only this of me: That there's some corner of a foreign field, That is forever England."

I will deliver everything I promised.

My grand father was a war hero in the first world war, compared to what I am doing? I have done peanuts. 

I will never forget someone who came to his door, begging. He gave them all his medals.

My song

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ibrahim Habeeb on

      Ashley. . Where are the bears? Update please!

    2. Andrew Nicholls

      I walked down the street today. My grandfather was a clockmaker. You don't care? Neither do we. STFU.

    3. SaltyBrains

      could everybody PLEASE go to the project's home page, and hit 'report to kickstarter' at the bottom ?

      maybe if we ALL do it they will listen. finally.

      make sure to point out;
      1. that he is abusive and threatening (this is illegal).
      2. that he is spamming continually and regularly.
      3. that KS has received hundreds of such reports and has so far done nothing

      that should get their attention, i hope.

    4. SaltyBrains

      go away, stop spamming.

      this is NOT your personal blog.
      it is NOT appropriate for you to be spamming all kinds of unrelated shit.

    5. Mark on

      Have you not figured it out yet? No one here gives a fuck about your family no one here gives a shit about you anymore!

      Pull your head out your arse, grow some balls and refund everyone now or deliver the product in its entirety.

    6. Matt Symons on

      Thank you for the update Ashley. My grandmother used to bake cookies. They were yummy!

    7. Bert Van de Wiel on

      You say you don't want abuse en threats, but you are making people who gave you money sooo angry. I'm very gentle person, but even I'm getting very negative toughts about you. You are a sick, sick person!

    8. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.