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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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App is up on Google Store (at last)

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Its been a long, still a long hard road to go. First off its a Beta we have a 1,000 things to add. Please all in good time :) so if the feature is not there yet, it will be. The voice I am sure some will mention is not like the Kickstarter video. I found out to create the custom voice costs $60,000 so I think it will be a little while before we do that, but I guarantee you its possible just need the extra money. In the mean time there are some excellent free and paid voices (technical term its called TTS) on Google store, two companies that stand out. 

I actually use myself, one of the best voices in my opinion. 

It takes a minute to install a voice, go to settings => language&input => Text-to-speech output then select the voice you have downloaded from Google store. I can now start organizing sending the physical toy, as it would have been useless without software. Please download the App, sorry its only for Android at the moment and in English, again next on my to do list is the iphone version and multilingual versions. Please email me via the app software bugs! I really appreciate your help to make this the best app ever. When you run the app you will see 3 icons at the top of the screen A circle with a line - Thats the ban list of adult themes, use the same password to access as you registered the app. A circle that looks like a clock - Thats the history error report, please send this when reporting bugs, simply press the arrow icon (top right) select and add a nice message :) then click the arrow icon again. A Spanner - Thats the settings OK, that's it. Please if you are pleased to finally see some progress (we are getting there) then spread the word, many thanks to my true supporters. Lastly, as you know as CEO I am doing lots of things by myself, technical, marketing, sales etc. I need HELP! if by chance anyone knows someone interested and qualified in being a non executive director or director let me know, experience of running ones own business, start ups, tech, contacts etc. would be great, just email me at Thanks to my team, my family and thanks to you for your patience. It would not be me if I did not have a music video :) This sums up how I feel...

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    1. Porsupah on

      Whilst I'm also concerned about what shipping is actually being used, I might note that it is quite possible for air freight to take a fortnight. What happens for that grade of bulk delivery is a series of flights, with some pauses at each step, so the consolidators can load up the aircraft optimally. (My MacBook Pro took a similar journey from China last year, and indeed, it did take a bit over two weeks. A very long two weeks..)

      I'll also echo the concern over the lack of an iOS app, given that was what was promised originally. I fully agree other platforms being supported, but I'm not overly happy with, apparently, not being able to use the software until some even further point in time.

    2. Jonathon Lau on

      Jason Russell I am serious. I have backed a number of projects on KS, and none of them have been delivered anywhere near on time.

      It is clear Ashley is having a hard time getting this project under control, and he isn't well equipped to handle the complaints on a PR front. Though I don't hate the guy. I recognise he has bitten off more than he can chew, but I can see he is making progress, and as a fellow entrepreneur I prefer to encourage rather than berate.

      iOS and Android apps can be developed simultaneously, though it is more expensive to do so. Developing on one platform first will allow him to fix any problems before coding in the second. Even Facebook, instagram, dropbox did not develop ios/android apps simultaneously.

      I think it is sad people prefer to dish out hate rather than provide constructive feedback on the app. I mean seriously, there is only one comment about the actual app in this thread! I am about to borrow my friend's android so I can see for myself.

    3. Ruth Jones on

      Ok, maybe if I speak in the language he likes to use we might get some answers.
      Please read, this is a tribute post, and I am very apologetic I don't have an appropriate YouTube video to match.

      Dear Mr Creator
      How wonderful you believe you are
      Where oh where
      Can I possibly my bear?
      Well two of them actually
      One sporting the limited edition outfit
      I'm hoping they have packed their BACKPACK of PAID COSTUMES and have placed their HAT upon their head and have begun their trek to me from where so ever they may be....

    4. Jason Russell on

      Jonathon Lau, you can't be serious. Stop complaining? We are 7 months late and we have been lied to dozens of times. This isn't my 5 year-old running around playing soccer and getting a medal. This is a business, so nothing should be recognized until we have the actual product. Furthermore, this Kickstarter was based on iOS -- not Android.

      And, I own a software company and I can tell you, unequivocally, that you can program for both at the same time. We have done it hundreds of times. There is no porting from one platform to another. You build iOS in Objective-C and Android in Java. Bottom line, this was a money play. My guess is that the original developer was an iOS dev and bailed. So, he found an Android dev to do this work.

      It is, ostensibly, the same amount of money to build an Android app as an iOS app. So, you are talking 2x the cost here. My guess is that we will never see an iOS version because it will be too costly.

      I look forward to getting my bear. Please also send me an Android phone. :)

    5. Michael Graham on

      This is a landmark in this project yes there's lot more work to do but it's getting close thank you BIG UP THE BEAR

    6. chris szablewski on

      Im currently using the software with a home made sock puppet. It works just like the demo! THANKS ASHLEY!!

    7. Jonathon Lau on

      Go Ashley! The app development is the hardest part of this project, and it's a major milestone. Even though this project is running 7 months late, the achievement deserves to be recognised.

      As for everyone screaming about it not being on iphone yet, he has provided a reasonable explanation below. Ashley is developing for Android first, and will port it over once it's ready. That's pretty standard (well normally it's iOS first but times are changing).

      People should start posting bugs and constructive feedback about the app, and stop bitchin.

    8. SaltyBrains

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    9. Craig Dunn

      Ashley can edit the updates all he wants.....everybody has the original email copies indicating the 2-week air freight courier. He has played games editing updates before and won't get away with this attempt any better than his prior crap. Both the email evidence and the chain of edits in the Kickstarter database exist for perpetuity. Ashley truly doesn't understand technology if he believes this ploy will fool anyone or void his original statements.

    10. Missing avatar

      Shane Conder on

      My daughter (2 yr old) is begging for "the bear" while I write this.

      Thank you!

    11. Jason Russell on

      Where is the iOS app?!? I would never have funded this project if it was "Android only."

      And Ashley, for the love of God, why don't you use some of the business hell offered to you by the backers? You can't use the word "Siri" anywhere. In fact, you probably can't say it as Apple is also the NSA. :)

      Just when I was sure we'd never see an update, we get a series of non-sequitur craziness. This guy....

    12. Tim Williams on

      You think you forgot the part in the update where you say "I am done with excuses and have shipped the fricken bears"

    13. Missing avatar

      Mark Brooks on

      May 30th

      "You will get your Supertoy in 5-6 weeks.

      Its sent by ship to the warehouse in the UK, then posted to you"

      July 27th

      "The bears have not shipped because I did not have the software until today"

      I'm off work now as it's the summer, I wonder how long it would take to drive to Abergavnney.......

    14. Missing avatar

      Danny Silberman on

      I went through all the updates and nowhere does it state that it comes out on Android first and then iPhone, HOWEVER it does state in both updates and project description that the app is available for both Android and iPhone. Once again the Supertoy Scam factory churns out another gem and screws over the backers.

    15. Bill Stanfill on

      I'm can I change my shipping address?

    16. Josh Worley

      Also, I swear a few minutes ago I read that you have changed your overseas courier to an air freight option that will reduce the delivery time to two weeks. Did you edit your update to remove that? Really? That afraid of customer backlash?

      First off, in Update #45 at the end of May you said they had been shipped (paid for out of your own pocket apparently - what happened to the money we gave you? Spent all of it on booze?) and that we would receive our bears in 5-6 weeks. Well that duration has passed and now you're saying they actually haven't even shipped yet from China?!

      Secondly, how the hell does it take two weeks to get from China to the UK via an air courier? What are you using to fly them? A freaking hot air balloon? I suppose that would be cheapest since you wouldn't even need to buy helium - you could just constantly tell more useless lies and spout off more hot air than the balloon would ever need in order to stay afloat.

    17. Andrew Nicholls

      And as I've been saying for months... the software doesn't go IN the bear, it goes in our device, so that is a completely ridiculous reason for not shipping them.

    18. Josh Worley

      So for the poor schmuck who paid 5000 pounds to have their voice be used, what do they get now? A bear with your voice instead?

      Also, I echo the question from before regarding what's the status of the costumes and backpack? Also the other stretch goals?

      I hope you are used six ways to Sunday for all of your lying and cheating that you have done on this project. Sadly, calling your app "Siri for Kids" will probably cost you the most, as Apple will come at you harder than all of us pissed off backers could ever dream of doing.

      I only hope I have my bear before you get shut down permanently.

    19. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      Trolls? Lol I've never seen that word misused as freely as on the comments for this product.

    21. Jamie Moore on

      Also just found the App on Android is already multilingual, that's awesome!

    22. Brian Levinsen

      Can't get it to work, get Connection Error.
      If you have some kind of back-end server that it depends on then I hope you will release it so that we can run it on our own server should it happen that you can't keep it running.

    23. Jamie Moore on

      The App looks awesome and I cannot wait now for the bears to ship. Keep going Ashley it'll pay off eventually and prove the trolls wrong, then you can have the last laugh.

    24. Alex Johnson on

      While I'm at it, Where are the updates about the costumes and the backpacks, and the fez that we gave you extra money for? Did you just pocket that cash or did you drink it all away?

    25. Alex Johnson on

      Hey troll, I paid for a bear you can't keep it from me. If you send everyone else theirs then you are bound by law to send mine as well. If not you will be sued and I will win. Just give me my money back and you'll never see another post from me. Go post another crazy update that has NOTHING to do with this project.

    26. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      Lol after all that's gone on we've now had a sane update promising the world. Now I'm cringing for the 3 or 4 rambling ones filled with nonsense, threats, insults and more empty promises. Just don't swear this time round ok?

    27. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Alex YOU are exactly why I am logging off kickstarter this minute before I lose my patience, you make people feel like SHIT. Does it MAKE YOUR DAY to do so? YOU WILL NOT GET A BEAR. YOU ARE A GOD DAMNED SIC PERSON. BYE TROLL.

      I have stated in previous updates that it FIRST comes out on android THEN iphone (you perfect FIRST on one platform before porting to another). Its extremely difficult if not impossible to release both at the same time (unless you have huge amounts of money to hire a huge development team).

    28. Alex Johnson on

      The software is free because it is supposed to come with the bear that we all paid for not because it's a beta you tool.

    29. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Matthew Your right with the Siri mention, although I do state we have no association with Apple etc. anyway if Apple drop me an email then I will edit it. The bears have not shipped because I did not have the software until today. Anyway, you will be pleased to know I have found a cheaper carrier (shipper) and they go by Air, much faster in 2 weeks. Yes, you can use the App without the physical bear. But bear in mind its BETA and therefore free.

    30. Alex Johnson on

      Where's the fucking app for the Apple store? One of the reasons I backed this sham project was because you said it would work with both Android and Apple devices. I don't own an Android device, and NEVER would have wasted my money on this if it was only for Android. You are a God damned crook. Give me my damn money back thief.

    31. Matthew Muir on

      Also, I noticed you called the App "super toy (Siri for kids)". Siri is a registered Apple trademark - I'd hate you to lose more money :)

    32. Matthew Muir on

      Hi. Did I miss something? Did the bears ship, or can you use the app without the bear?
      If I have missed my bears, how do I arrange to get them now?