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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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App is up on Google Store (at last)

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

Its been a long, still a long road to go. First off its a Beta we have a 1,000 things to add. Please all in good time :) so if the feature is not there yet, it will be. The voice I am sure some will mention is not like the Kickstarter video. I found out to create the custom voice costs $60,000 so I think it will be a little while before we do that, but I guarantee you its possible just need the extra money. In the mean time there are some excellent free and paid voices (technical term its called TTS) on Google store, two companies that stand out.

I actually use myself, one of the best voices in my opinion.

It takes a minute to install a voice, go to settings => language&input => Text-to-speech output then select the voice you have downloaded from Google store.

I can now start organizing sending the physical toy, as it would have been useless without software. 

Please download the App, sorry its only for Android at the moment and in English, again next on my to do list is the iphone version and multilingual versions.

Please email me via the app software bugs! I really appreciate your help to make this the best app ever.

When you run the app you will see 3 icons at the top of the screen

A circle with a line - Thats the ban list of adult themes, use the same password to access as you registered the app

A circle that looks like a clock - Thats the history error report, please send this when reporting bugs, simply press the arrow icon (top right) select and add a nice message :) then click the arrow icon again.

A Spanner - Thats the settings

OK, that's it.

Please if you are pleased to finally see some progress (we are getting there) then spread the word, many thanks to my true supporters.

Lastly, as you know as CEO I am doing lots of things by myself, technical, marketing, sales etc. I need HELP! if by chance anyone knows someone interested and qualified in being a non executive director or director let me know, experience of running ones own business, start ups, tech, contacts etc. would be great, just email me at

Thanks to my team, my family and thanks to you for your patience.

It would not be me if I did not have a music video :)

This sums up how I feel...


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    1. SaltyBrains

      i wish this guy would just stop bothering us already, whats the point, its all BS never is never going to be any bear!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      No bear? When is the apple software?

    3. Matthew Muir on

      Hi. Have I missed something? When did the bears ship? Or can you use the app without the bear?
      If I haven't received my bears, how do I arrange to do that now?
      Thanks :)