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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Thank you Dr. Wallace

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)

People will look back and say this is the point we started speaking to artificial intelligence. I am extremely proud of my programmer, he is a one man band. Imagine Apple has 100 engineers probably trying to figure this out. We have done it. The Beta is real. Our software is real. Sorry we cannot show it just yet. When we are ready. I am sure you will agree, that when doing something that is revolutionary, timing is essential. You have made this possible. To create something new, ground breaking. Yes, you have been through hell and I am asking you to continue the fight. It will not be perfect but its the worlds first artificial intelligence that talks back. In the 21st century with the advent of the Internet we have been swamped with information overload. Teddy is the first to make sense of this for us. We are on the verge of releasing the app. Privately just for you. So please hold on. Nearly there. We would be nothing without the genius of Dr. Richard Wallace to thank for the creation of AIML, the true father of A.I. Chatbot technology. If Turing was alive he would shake his hand.

 It would not be me if I did not add a video :)

So to you, to Dr.Wallace, to those who strive to make a difference.  Some some say I am crazy, maybe but you will see crazy things.


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    1. Tim Williams on

      How about a delivery date? Or even better... Ship the bear and post the software to update later through a firmware update. That way you don't look so much like a scam artist.

    2. David Urena on

      Ashley is gone, stoled our money and we lost. Because of this, I say bye to Kickstart and I will NEVER "back" another project for Kickstart since they wash their hands and never lifted a finger to even try to chime in and assist.

    3. Mark on

      Where's the bear you thieving fuck!?

    4. al ducharme on

      @David Urena. You are correct both emails I've received form kickstarter said they will not do anything.

    5. David Urena on

      Basically Kickstart is saying were all screwed and will not take any part in retrieving a refund. Seems like we were all played and lost....

    6. al ducharme on

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Jul 19 19:13
      Hi Al,
      Here at Kickstarter HQ, we expect creators to fulfill rewards, offer refunds if they’re unable to complete their project, and communicate with backers at every step along the way. While Kickstarter is the platform for this agreement, we are not a part of it. We do not investigate a project creator’s ability to complete their project, nor do we facilitate refunds or the fulfillment of rewards. While in most cases you’ll find that rewards are delivered as promised, it’s also important to realize that some projects might not fulfill as planned.
      When you back a project on Kickstarter you enter into an agreement with the project creator, as described in our Terms of Use:
      These terms outline the responsibilities of backers and creators. This information can serve as a basis for legal recourse if a creator doesn't fulfill their promises. We hope that backers will consider using this provision only in cases where they feel that a creator has not made a good faith effort to complete the project and fulfill.
      I hope that this helps to address your concerns, but please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any other questions.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Ejvegård on

      I guess this is it then - the end?

    8. Eric Gustafson on

      Ironically the original software company that Ashley partnered with "Pannous" was a AIML based chat bot .. Even Dr. Wallace wrote about Pannous' "Voice Actions" .. btw the CEO of PANNOUS is Karsten Flügge ...

    9. Missing avatar

      Nikolaus Ejvegård on

      So 28 days since update 45(!)...
      Where are the bears? Lost at sea?
      Did the factory burn up? Can you give us a 100% status update.

    10. SaltyBrains

      you are a complete jerk

    11. Eric Gustafson on

      Apparently You can buy your own AMIL based superbot for $999 US

      and a how-to book

    12. Scott Lamb on

      AIML is just the use of a lot of pre-written XML to define simple interactions. - Essentially, you match the input phrase (with some basic wildcarding) and then issue a pre-written response.

    13. Eric Gustafson on

      I don't think Dr. Wallace is involved .. I think Ashley is just thanking him for creating the AIML language. Just my guess. (second to the last sentence in the first paragraph is the give-away its just a thank-you)

    14. Matt Symons on

      So are you saying that Dr. Wallace is involved in your project or is this a random "shout out"? 4 updates in a day with no clearer picture on the status of the project.

    15. Missing avatar

      D'APARO ROCCO on

      Only one word "REFUND"

    16. Missing avatar on

      Hello I am totally confused. It's not just me is it? Has the bear been shipped? Do we get a physical product without an operating system? Is the AI in the bear or an app? I never actually get a response to my posts, emails or tweets so I feel a bit foolish asking all that.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      This is getting old :(

    18. Robin Critchley on

      Another "update". Another load of rubbish. If decide not to give back the money you have taken, please at least use it to pay for some professional help.

      You have a problem and you need help. Please cheer us up and seek it.

      * By the way, I mean help with your obvious personality or mental health problems.

    19. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      I was one of those people who, immediately upon receipt of your update where you offered a refund, requested the refund. Weeks later you said "no more refunds" and yet I had heard nothing, and my account saw no refund. (Did anyone get one?)

      Now I'm busily sifting through the "updates" that contain no updated information about the progress of this KS project. I'm seeing pictures of someone you claim is your mother. I'm seeing pictures of some martial artist you're passionate about. I'm seeing "it's on its way! wait no it's not! yes it is!" more than once. And of course I'm seeing video after video that doesn't show me anything I want to know about this KS project.

      Ashley, we've paid you. We are essentially your employers as well as your customers. In that sense, I'd like to suggest that you stop wasting your time and our time with these garbage updates. If you need to post a video, perhaps you could post one of yourself demonstrating that you have accomplished something, anything, with the money we have given you in good faith.

      KickStarter could show a bit of support by refunding some portion of the money they received from us, but in the end they're right at least about the fact that I am responsible for my decisions, good or poor. Doesn't stop me from suggesting they consider the idea, however.

      Ashley, you are a disappointment, but you have a chance to redeem at least a portion of what you've destroyed. Post a video of the current product. Stop posting updates that mean absolutely nothing to those of us who are simply interested in the completion of this project. You are responsible for this project, and you are being held accountable. Don't hide behind other people, other companies or publications. Accept the repercussions of your actions and provide some proof of progress.

      Because in any other employment situation, Ashley, you'd have been fired months ago.

    20. David Urena on

      Can someone report this to the media? and or get a class action suite going.

    21. Michael Graham on

      Well done guy's just remember genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration Edison

    22. James Davies on

      Simple question with a simple answer please:
      When will we get our bears? if not at all, just state that

    23. Bert Van de Wiel on

      You make me so angry, you dirty snake! I hope you get arrested over this.

    24. B1gdeano on

      More lies then.

      A few updates earlier you said you had a team of developers working hard on the software, to which I brought you up in the comments by saying if you had a team why had you been going round saying you were working 24/7 by yourself doing it.

      And look! Now there is no team, just you!

      Nothing about this project it real, it's all in your head.

    25. Jamie Easterman on

      I just realised Garbage In Garbage out!! If this bear has any of Ashley's intelligence built in to it, do we really want this damn bear talking to our Children the way we see him talking here ???

    26. Eric Gustafson on

      So I went to the link Ashley provided and asked it if wikibear existed... here is what the A.I. had to say on the matter..

      You said: Is there such a thing as wikibear?
      A.L.I.C.E.: In some universe it does exist.

    27. Brian Levinsen

      Oh and if you do not want all the updates, then turn them off, just go to your setting in the Notifications and turn them off for this project.

    28. Brian Levinsen

      Guys if it is not clear to you yet, but the type of stuff Ashley sometimes writes indicates some kind of personality disorder. There is nothing unusual in that, a lot of people have some type of disorder some more than others. Unfortunately there is little understanding for such things. Although Ashley probably should ot have started this KS if his health is like it is, but he did, and I can just imagine what the stress and abuse does to his health. Some of it is probably not even real, but a way of dealing with it. And remember this is Kickstarter not Amazon, it is a high risk thing and if you can't risk loosing those money then don't pledge.

    29. Alex Kalogeropoulos on

      If this bear is as smart as you claim, it will probably hate you. Scratch that, it will definitely hate you.

      What am I saying...? There is no bear!

    30. Alex Kalogeropoulos on

      If this bear is as smart as you claim, it will probably hate you. Scratch that, it will definitely hate you.

      What am I saying...? There is no bear!

    31. Jason Archer on

      I feel like he is drunk... Considering the emotional swings of today.

    32. al ducharme on

      woah woah you're NOT doing this alone then? another buffalo puck your trying to pass along to us.

    33. Greg Rudisel on

      I thought you wrote the software. I hope the help you need finds you someday.

    34. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      So when you said you were working yourself into the ground programming, you meant you were not running yourself into the ground while someone else did the programming?

      Also, why won't you do a short video showing something actually existing. What are you trying to hide? By not doing any video, particularly given the BS you've pulled so far, the only conclusion we can reach is you are, again, BSing us.

    35. KIM on

      We backed all your project process not only the result. But you always told us that you can't say everything. Do you like mysticism? Uh? Off the shitting veil.

    36. Josh Worley

      You never answered the backers' questions regarding whether it will be available in iOS or not. The KS was for iOS software, not Android.