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The Betrayal now the Truth Comes Out

Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)
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These People

I will gladly see you in court in how you FUCK inventors., Steal their inventions, and pass it off as their own. I was warned stay away from Commonwealth Toys. His farther embezzled see above.

Steven Greenfield ; Steven Greenfield <>;

Alec Kessler ;Alec Kessler <>;


Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Co., Inc. 45 West 25th Steet, 7th Floor New York, NY 10010 Phone: 212.242.4070 Fax: 212.645.4279 Email:

Their demands became every more increasing and unworkable. 

Their bullshit promises. 



But its my fault for listening to them in the first place, they promised 100's thousands of  toys, to the world. 

But in TRUTH THEY WANTED TO STEAL, to run down the inventor into the GROUND.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Allen Pentecost on

      Here is a question. Does any one know if Ashley applied for any Copyrights or Patents in regards to the tech behind Supertoy?

      Because in my, admittedly limited understanding of the law, without such protection then anyone can make there own version of Supertoy and Ashley doesn't have a leg to stand on in regards to Commonwealth Toy & Novelty Co. making there own version.

      And i bet they have Copyrights or Patents pending.

    2. SaltyBrains

      your an insult to everything kickstarter and we (the backers) stand for

    3. Scott Lamb on

      On top of every other dimension to your unprofessional behaviour, this language is absolutely inappropriate. When you address the people who believed in you enough to fund your dream project, I would thank you to at least keep a civil tongue in your head.

    4. Missing avatar

      Michelle Stapleton on

      I do think Kickstarter should have a clause for such issues.

    5. David Urena on

      We all need to work on this and contact the media and or setup a class action suite. My 4 year old daughter was waiting for this bear and now her hopes are done.....I'm ready for payback!

    6. Sionainn Karlssen

      Kickstarter won't take responsibility. I've had a few conversations with them about it. They say we are the character judges on who we pick to back or not. They told me that the can do nothing. But have reached out to Ashley in the hopes it will prompt him to fulfill our project. I paid with Amex and am unable to get a refund since it was so long ago. Here is info on someone sued because of kick starter.

      I think a law suit would work if everyone banded together.

    7. james dantow on

      I believe kickstarter have hand in taking responsibility here. They hosted and promoted this scam. How do we create a media blitz via social to let the general public know these portals take a portion of revenues but offer no consumer assurances.

      There should be some basic vendor standards and or accreditation when being allowed to ACCESS a gated community of consumers.

      There is liability all over this thing, and it starts at the point of entry with the hosting vendor.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Johnston-Cree on

      I'm with Greg here, but don't kickstarter have some responsibility here? They are the ones who invited me to pay for this con. I'd like my cash back from them!!!

    9. Missing avatar

      Greg Truman on

      Sorry damn thing posted. As I was saying my cousin and I both backed this "invention" thinking we could pass it on to our future kids. Now we've been scammed by the looks of it. Thanks for a great kickstarter experience. You've made us wait way to long and I'm up for class action.

    10. Missing avatar

      Greg Truman on

      My cousin and I both backed and it was on

    11. RonF

      Teddy Bear spam - AGAIN!

    12. Johan Bortz on

      Again for the single purpose of having something to show to my bank that Im trying to get my money back, I will ask again, give me a refund or my product asap!

    13. Alex Johnson on

      @Daniel, I just posted this at that site-

      Anyone want to do a follow up story on this? You could cover the fact that as of today we still have no bear, no working software to checkout, no costumes that were promised, nothing. This guy lied multiple times to all the people that put up their hard earned money to help him. You could do a story about how backers are feeling scammed because there is always one delay after another, then promises of the product shipping, then weeks with no update, then an update saying there was an issue with something then followed buy 5 updates immediately afterward that have NOTHING to do with the project. This guy is a loon and the backers are fed up.

    14. Missing avatar

      Edmund Harkin on

      Ashley you are a most offensive little stain on humanity. Curb your language. It's enough you are a thief without being insulted by your half hearted attempt to, once again, pass the buck. I'm in Wales next month so perhaps I might get my money back from you directly as you seem not to respond on here? Thoughts?

      Has anyone else been wondering why this moron's software partner got the hell out of this project, or why in fact Ashley then thought he was capable of writing the software himself. This project was doomed from the day he obviously pissed off the other guy (sorry dont remember his name and cba to look back through the dribblings of an idiot to find out).

      I have asked for a refund, along with many others, and got no response. Does anyone here know if a class action would be beneficial? Is it an expensive process? Is it even possible? I pledged £65 I could bearly afford (humour just about in tact) and would be very keen to find a way of getting it back. Its a shame Kickstarter won't take any responsibility, but I guess they made their money out of this too!

    15. David Urena on

      @Craig, I would buy a copy as well

    16. Robin Critchley on

      Ashley, I don't believe you were responsible for the development of the bear at all. If I'm wrong, it should be easy for you to prove.

      I believe that you are a con artist, who has created this Kickstarter project to make an easy bit of money. I bet you figure that if you keep it going for a year and end up walking away with nearly £70,000, then that's an easy living.

      Again, please feel free to prove me wrong. We gave you money and you have so far only given us empty promises and personal meltdowns.

    17. Eric Gustafson on

      Craig I would buy your book.. I love your comments.

    18. Craig Dunn

      So now you are pushing off the fault of your POOR DECISIONS onto us? This investigation you point out was completed in 2008...that's SIX YEARS AGO! You obviously did ZERO due diligence before shacking up with these folks. Quit making excuses for your total lack of qualifications. Own up to the delays YOU are responsible for. We, as backers, are not required to dig you out of messes you created. In reading through the investigative report, I don't see anything about stealing inventions or inventors. It seems to be about tax evasion, tax havens, and all sorts of currency transactions that were not above quit cherry picking ancient reports and trying to manipulate them to suit your purposes. You basically are a naive, fragile little man and should never have taken on a project you are ill-qualified to execute.

      I used to catch hell from all the Ashley Koolaid drinkers when I began to cast doubt on this project. While I'm sad for all of us backers (and our kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, etc) that this project has been a sham, it's gratifying to see that many folks that originally blindly followed and believed Ashley's every word, called me a troll, and so forth are FINALLY seeing what I had concluded so long ago. Out of 600 projects backed, this one is definitely in the top 3 WORST PROJECTS EVER.

      (And, yes, this will be a core chapter in MY book on crowdfunding....maybe I can get Ashley to write the Forward)

    19. Missing avatar

      Don on

      Why should we email a company we didn't fund? YOU are the one responsible. YOU are the one who took people's money and didn't deliver on a promise YOU made. All this back and forth of false promises and we're to believe you? Oh, our bears are ready for shipment in 5 weeks... 5 months later.... the bears are ready for shipment in 5 weeks.... and now this? You can't even keep your BS lies straight. You want us to believe this is all someone else's fault. But in TRUTH YOU WANTED TO STEAL. I hope you get what you deserve YOU FRAUD.

    20. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Do you know that this has been going on for almost a year now, I was really annoyed but now I find it all hilarious, I literally rocked back in my chair and laughed my head off as the 4 nonsensical updates appeared one after the other in my email this afternoon.

      I originally expected my bear for LAST xmas, but now I doubt I'll see it THIS xmas.

      Keep going Ashley, I want to see how many more ways you can ignore everyone and offer ever more outlandish reasons as to why we can't all see what we backed.

      My personal favourite was update 45 saying that finally - FINALLY - our bears were actually shipping, but NO - you now seem to say that they are not (again)


    21. Missing avatar

      Mike Haydon on

      You gonna cry coz someone actually delivered on what they promised?

    22. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Always blaming somebody else. No wonder you are a pathetic failure.

    23. Missing avatar

      Edwin Carr on

      F*%k you; you got what you deserved. You are nothing but a liar and a thief. I'm just saying out loud what most everybody actually thinks of you. If you overnighted me a working bear right now, you are still and will always be a liar and a thief. I feel sorry for your family. Oh, and someone doesn't like my comment, I don't give a s*%t. 50 updates, and still nothing but nonsense and worthless words. I won't post anymore after this because I believe you are not worth another letter of anyone's time and I see now that you feed off of these types of comments like a parasite. To everyone else, I wish you the best of luck, and don't feed the parasites'.

    24. Dan Francis on

      For those in the UK, particularly if you backed one of the more expensive options, AND your credit card / debit card issuers has refused chargeback or claim, then you may wish to try the Small Claims Court or better still Money Claim Online (the online version).

    25. Emma Bergh-Apton on

      I agree - I don't want to read your foul language, whatever's happened it's unnecessary and offensive to the people who've provided you with so much support and ALSO have put their money where their mouths are. Do please stop this. The vast majority of us have been extremely patient and waited an additional six months for some serious and reliable news. I'm sorry but it's time to send us our bears - no more dramatic newsflashes, swear-words or blaming third parties we've never heard of and have no interest in.

    26. David Urena on

      I agree Jamie, is any of the backers a lawyer or can get us on a media outlet? I have try going to Kickstart, my bank and Ashley and have not rcvd a refund, at this point we should start a class action.

    27. Jamie Moore on

      It stop comments David. We want either the product or our money back. Is there no way we can all launch a massive complaint or go to the media about this? I'm sick of receiving these updates its never ending rubbish. I was a supporter and a believer in Ashley and slowly the hope has faded and am very upset that someone has taken my money our money and has given nothing in return! Its a shame because I thought at one stage Ashley was going to prove us all wrong and still wish it would happen but can't see it! If I was Ashley I'd read these comments and prove us wrong.

    28. al ducharme on

      You shluld never push a caring man to the point they dont care anymore..ashley F*** You buddy just F*** you and your drama I want a refund

    29. David Urena on

      @Helge good idea

    30. David Urena on

      Don't worry guys, update#51 will be an apology about how stress out he was hence the language and so on.... Just be completely honest, our money is gone and there is no product to be delivered, this will stop many comments...

    31. Josh Worley

      @Helge I'm in.

    32. Missing avatar

      Helge Rønning on

      Maybe we can make i KS campaign, to hire a good lawyer, and get our money back from Ashley? Anyone in on that idea?

    33. Virginia

      Dude, give me my f$#@%*! money back. I don't care WHY I don't have the toy...that's your problem, not mine. I paid you through Paypal and I expect my refund back through Paypal as soon as possible.

    34. Julia Burke on

      Oi - PLEASE watch your language! We are funding a teddy bear with children anxious for updates - can we at least try to keep them family friendly.
      Very offensive.
      Ive been supportive from the beginning and I'm sorry you have to deal with this but please don't drag us into it. You go from a post about how to live your life to this - bit confused!