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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
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Posted by Supertoy Robotics (Creator)
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Its my/our toy.

Our creation under another name.

Please if anyone knows the Show or please comment on YouTubes. Thank you.




The good news to this our software DOES talk back like in the Conan Show,

But ours is obviously kid friendly. 

No blood, gore, massacres or Cannibalism in our App.

Thats for the adult version :-)

If someone from the Conan show reads this please the genius voice can we use.

A huge Love you from the REAL creators.

Anyway my message to Conan (by the way we share Irish ancestry I am Conlan).

I think your amazing, this is me.


Teddy said if he could paint a painting of it would look like this.

 But after talking with Teddy (the REAL Teddy) you may look like this

Thats cool. Its a natural photo.

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    1. SaltyBrains

      how can it be your bear ?

      1. that bear exists
      2. your bear does NOT exist
      3. your bear has NEVER existed
      4. your bear will NEVER exist

      you are full of shit, a scammer, a spammer and a complete idiot.
      stop wasting our time, just shut up and go quietly (with our money) already... stop this crap.

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Anyone else notice that the bears displayed on these shows look really nice, have a good solid shape and stand out as cute enough to buy for your kid, but pictures of the bears that are allegedly being created and shipped look *almost* good enough to go into a claw machine at the local convenient store? So far, if the bear ever does materialize, I have a feeling I'll need to gut the bear and place the electronics in something that doesn't look like Dr. Frankenstein put together different-sized bears (ugh, that head - hope I bought the one with a paper bag over it) and forgot to include all the stuffing.

    3. james dantow on

      To add to Franks post: "What happened to that reporter that was sniffing around. Its about time people knew the truth about this man and his bear !" --> Who can help us? Kickstarter won't touch this. Maybe these types of fund sites need to be regulated to protect unsuspecting consumers from con men like this project? Maybe there is a tax angle here?

    4. james dantow on

      I love how kickstarter has washed their hands of this train wreck project full of lies and false promises. Maybe there is a BBB or some type of agency that can assist our efforts to get our product or our refunds. it makes sense someone out there will catch up (reverse engineer) and copy this idea (maybe some smart Koreans) and deliver a product to market as the current project will never materialize as it never intended to.

      That to me would be the ultimate feat here. Someones else actually got it to market and kept their promises.

      Kick starter auditors if you are tracking this project, shame on you (really!!!) for hiding this mess as warning to other investors in other projects on how people can get swindled.

    5. Emma Bergh-Apton on

      I'm reluctantly coming realise that Supertoy will never materialise. I've tried to be understanding of all the various problems and disasters that have apparently happened, but now that the story keeps changing and even contradicting itself I am highly sceptical and really sad that such a great-sounding idea is doomed to remain just that.

    6. Frank Spencer on

      More smoke and mirrors from Ashley.

      What happened to that reporter that was sniffing around. Its about time people knew the truth about this man and his bear !

    7. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Train wreck. Add misspelling "you're" to the list of unforgivables.

      "I think your amazing, this is me." HA! What the hell?

    8. Timmy Time on

      I am really sorry to say this, but I highly doubt there has been a Entrepreneur ,ever in existence that whines more then Ashley..
      You think you win and become succesful, by whining and crying about other people mocking your idea, copying your idea and so on?

      Please get a grip and get back into reality Ashley! I truly support you and this idea, but enough with the F***ing whining, get your spine straight again, and lets finish this mission we have set out to fulfill!!!
      <3 from Norway

    9. Amanda Gentzel

      Though now he's modified the post to be very pro-Conan?

    10. Missing avatar

      Connor on

      The bear is obviously a fake and is mocking the invention not copying it. I'm assuming this is what Ashley is upset about.

    11. Simon Burfield on

      FFS, how has he got a bear and we dont, sort it out!

    12. David Urena on

      For the love of GOD....can you refund my pledge back so that I can buy one of these Wiki Bears from Emote Robotics Ltd..

    13. Missing avatar

      TK on

      I thought we had an option of receiving a WikiBear?

      Having a hard time keeping your stories straight?

    14. al ducharme on

      @alex re: update 23

      The global toy distributor signed with Emote Robotics Ltd. Upon successful delivery of my own software which was shown at the New York Toy Fair. You, my Supertroopers deserve a choice. Either a free Beta WikiBear released 1-2 months from now or the original bear or money back. If you choose to wait for WikiBear then your original bear will go to charity. I will honour ALL my obligations even though Supertoy is sadly no more.

    15. Amanda Gentzel

      Yeah...and I see that you commented on the first video 3 weeks ago, so it's not like you just found these videos. Not sure what your point is.

    16. al ducharme on

      @ ALex

      you are right update #23

      Update #23 Feb 24 2014
      232 comments Like 15 likes

      You may have heard about WikiBear. It is my invention. I signed with a global toy distributor Commonwealth and they now have total rights and control.

      I am so proud :-) he has won TWO awards at the New York Toy Fair,

    17. Missing avatar

      Danny Silberman on

      Yeah I thought you said Wikibear was buying Supertoy, even to the point you were going to give us all wikibears. Besides I'd rather have a wikibear anytime of the day at this point, I'm sure I can even go and buy one off the shelf before I get my Supertoy.

    18. Alex Johnson on

      Wait I thought you said wiki bear was your toy from that toy company you made a deal with? Are you now saying you didn't make a deal with them and they are stealing your idea?