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Finally, a toy you can have a real conversation with!
1,226 backers pledged £68,121 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Michael Faries on

      Interesting, as NO ONE I know at Google can verify this event occurred.

    2. Kaylan Lily on

      Everyone knows what Teddy is supposed to do. Everyone knows what wikibear can do. You cannot justify not clearly and openly demonstrating to your backers where the product being created is currently at. "People might steal your idea" is not a viable excuse. Your idea became widely known when you first created the kickstarter. Show us the bear in action in its current form, and give us progress updates on the physical item, too.

    3. Chris Osborne on

      @supertoy. I understand the software is in development but you have people here that have already chosen to believe in you and invest capital. Use that resourse for software development. I assume the firmware can be updated on the bear... send it out to developers and let us work together to get it running. I'm certain many people on here including myself have the experience to finish it. Also keep in mind this would go a long way toward investor relations having a team of developers confirming the progress of the product.

      I understand product development. I understand the stress and Iunderstand the politics. Unfortunately, you will find no sympathy from clients and investors. All that matters is that a prpduct is delivered. Enlist a small team of devs and Imagine being able to post without a hundred people calling you a liar.

    4. al ducharme on

      @TK yeah it's ANOTHER slap in the face with this KS

    5. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Yeah, kinda sucks that he'll demo for Google and other inventors, but not his backers. Ouch. Video please.

    6. al ducharme on

      I really don't think it's too much for you to show a video of the toy running your software. these updates are just for backers so no one else will see them besides us.

      OR release the beta software for us to test.

      this proves nothing.

    7. Alex Johnson on

      @Tk, that's what I was going to ask. Surely Google loved the backpack and all the outfits. I bet the fez was a big hit as well!

    8. Brian Levinsen

      Craig Dunn: I also tried to find something on this. Although it says Private event, one would think that someone else would have written about it. I found a tweet by GoogleUKBiz about startups, but nothing about Teddy.
      But Ashley for credibility, please do share some more information about this event.

    9. Missing avatar

      TK on

      I wonder what Google thought of all the different outfits and role playing software? Wonder if Google loved those features, as well?

    10. Missing avatar

      TK on

      Seriously guys, Google loved it. Why would anyone doubt this? Just look at those pictures. Proof enough for me. Congratulations Ashley, this is great news! A video or link to something would be nice, but we have no reason to not trust you. Good to hear Supertoy is NOT DEAD after all!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ernst-Jan Bentvelzen on

      I admit, the first thing I tried was Googling for some proof like Craig and also came up empty.
      I also noticed the creator answering lots of people, except Craig.

      So, can and will you answer my following question Ashley?
      Besides the hardware it is indeed the software that counts as you said. So, when will we be able to start beta testing as promised a couple of updates ago?

      If Google is truely impressed as you stated, the software should be about beta-ready by now, right?

    12. Brian Levinsen

      Hey Ashley, I have mentioned this before. But have you had a look at the IBM Watson API? The cognative computer from IBM that won in Jeopardy. I think this would be awesome for something like Teddy. I would even think that the makers of Watson would help you if you reached out.

    13. Supertoy Robotics Creator on

      @Frank yes they were
      @David its been HELL for me. I cant write here the truth. The backstabbing, the failure of others, I had to create the software from scratch, I have done 12 months software development in 3 months, my programmer has been working 7 day weeks 14 hour days, no kidding. I WOULD LOVE TO TELL YOU BUT I CANT.
      @Chris the software is holding it up I have given so many promises its ready only to find out we were not. Lets be clear the hardware anyone can do, a teenager could put together, the magic is in the software. Its HUGE. I will post another update to give you some ideas. I should have started this KS as a software project, its also as someone once said extremely ambitious. Yeh they were right. BUT we are close now. Whats the point of you having the physical bear without the brilliant software to run on it? its like owning a sports car with no petrol. We are making progress. There was also a problem with the sewn on label fitting European standards, we have sorted that. Please hang in there. Seriously guys Google loved it. Hold on.
      @Mark LOL OK yes I know how you feel, please hold on, miracles do happen. And when Teddy comes it will change the world forever and kick butt :-) worth waiting.
      @Al Sorry no. I have too many competitors. FACT. Too may watching this space. Have you seen the Conan O Brian show, THATS my invention. They are making fun of. But it was renamed by the toy distributor I was in talks with, Look I cannot go into detail, things will end in a court case possibly. People STEAL inventions off inventors ALL the time. This ONE stands up to them :-)
      Look I got to go back to work will post another update in a minute.
      Seriously Thank You Google. At least someone see's the potential.

    14. Missing avatar

      Kenny Lee on

      Aren't you supposed to be busy fulfilling the pledges?

    15. Craig Dunn

      It's interesting that there is ZERO mention of any of this online...Google itself doesn't have a single link mentioning this event at Saatchi and even the pictures provided in the update are suspect....there is no picture of the Supertoy anywhere. The picture with the terribly unprofessional text overlaid (listing the new and old items) on top was likely added by Ashley. Whatever happened to "Supertoy is no more?"

      If a Siri/Wikipedia mash-up app is the "future," please just send me a Gameboy in lieu of the Futuretoy Bear....

    16. Dan Francis on

      Why would you show Google and not the 1,225 backers?

    17. B1gdeano on

      If you gave a demonstration of the bear with working software, surely there is a video of it?

      How about uploading it to show everyone the product works?

    18. Gareth Nelson on

      Nice for google, now where are our bears?

    19. Simon Burfield on

      Have you sent us the bear yet?

    20. Frank Spencer on

      Ashley were google impressed with the bear once they had seen it ?

    21. David Urena on

      I can only assume Google has no clue in what you have put your backers here on Kickstart through....through the countless complaints and no product after almost a year now...I'm sure someone will advise them. Where's my bear!?

    22. Chris Southam on

      Annddddd we're going to get our version when exactly?
      It's not a difficult question.

    23. Mark Cairn on

      Where is the bear? Any chance it may arrive before the second coming?

    24. al ducharme on

      Lets see some video of this thing in action

      Videos or it did not happen